Astrospirit, Jacqueline Lasahn: Libra New Moon ~ September 30, 2016 5:11 pm PDT

If you don’t know Jacqueline, perhaps you should! ~PB

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Libra New Moon   September 30, 2016   5:11 pm PDT

Jacqueline Lasahn
shared Astrospirit, Jacqueline Lasahn‘s photo.

I am feeling this… are you with me?

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Astrospirit, Jacqueline Lasahn

Dear New Moon in Libra,

May I be wise and find the beauty in every moment.

My plea is threaded together into a string of prayer flags,
spelling out kindness, justice and peace.

May my heartfelt intentions be carried by the winds of change.

My hopes and prayers are folded into origami cranes
and are released into the turbulence.

May I surrender my fears into the sky breath of life.

My anger gives me strength to stand for justice, truth and the power of love.

May I foster kindness within myself and be generous with kindness to others.

My seeds of loving intention are imbued with this fertile prayer.

May all our heartfelt intentions, prayers of peace and loving kindness be magnified, empowered and manifest!

Gratitude. Truth. Blessed Be

© Jacqueline Lasahn
photo by Edmund Lowe

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