Eliza – Moving Beyond Blame | Blue Dragon Journal



Eliza – Moving Beyond Blame | Blue Dragon Journal


Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I feel a generalized anxiety rumbling away in my solar plexus chakra.  Fortunately, being aware that I am empathic and pick up on the feelings of others, I can discount most of the feelings and consciously work to release what I can for myself.

Every day it is more and more apparent that the chaos and confusion is increasing exponentially in our world.  Most people do not have the tools to work with or the knowledge to clear their own bodies.  Most people are not aware that they, themselves, are responsible for some of the effects that they are feeling.  Few receive training in the basic laws of Universal Law, including the Law of Cause and Effect.

Cause and Effect has been called “karma” by some, but whatever name it goes by, this law affects all people on the planet, although a few have escaped its effects until recently through the manipulation of energies, largely unseen and unfelt by the majority of humanity.  We have been taught to blame others for our circumstances and pain.  Everything that “happens” to us is someone else’s fault… when actually it is not.

In Lisa Renee’s, of Energetic Synthesis (a website), most recent article, she explains that when the starseeds and Indigo souls agreed to incarnate here, we agree to experience and clear the negative energies that were burdening the planetary body and humanity.  We agree to take on challenging birth families and circumstances, without the knowledge of our own divine inheritance.  Upon birth, we forgot who and what we were, and had to deal with the negative alien agenda present here to the best of our innate abilities.  Many of us have suffered abuse at the hands of family members, “friends”, mentors and others.  And yet, some of us have managed to emerge from these experiences and have arrived at a growing sense of self-love, acceptance and neutrality within our own hearts.

As a teenager, I was a target for sexual abuse by my own father.  It took me years to realize that I wasn’t to blame for what had happened to me… and more years beyond that to understand that neither was my father, entirely.  The systems here have been rigged to suppress the ascension energies in starseeds, Indigos and indigenous human souls.

As Lisa Renee describes it so succinctly in her lengthy articles, Archonic energies using artificial intelligence constructs emanating from 4D have been used against humanity for centuries.  Lately, these energies have been turned up with the design to stave off the inevitable ascension cycle that the planetary body is undergoing.  Unfortunately for our erstwhile controllers, those who have thrived under the now crumbling and mostly unseen regime of the Archons, are finally meeting up with the effects of putting off their personal “karma” upon others… namely the rest of humanity, the so-called “98%”.

Still, it is the job of every awake person to take responsibility for clearing up their own energy fields and to deal with the emotions that arise due to rising frequency levels.  Rather than continuing to wallow in emotional pain, it is up to us to utilize the tools that have been given to us to clear our own bodies or to obtain the assistance of qualified energetic healers and spiritual mentors who can guide our first faltering footsteps towards individual freedom.  Yet, each person is ultimately responsible for discovering the first faint markings of our own individual path to freedom… the path that will lead us to the ability to integrate the dark and light within, to heal and release the pain, to acknowledge our own responsibility for whatever befalls us and the ability to deal with circumstances in a neutral manner.

As we gain in personal self-awareness, we can rise above the chaos and confusion and observe it from a place of neutrality.  We can also teach others through our own example, as we maintain a steady course through the rough waters of emotional outbursts and acting out emanating from those who have not done any personal clearing.  Life will happen to you; regardless of the amount of personal clearing that you do as we are also immersed in a sea of collective energies as the whole of humanity undergoes its collective Dark Night of the Soul.  You can only control or moderate your response to whatever comes upon you.

Those persons who have chosen to numb their feelings through the use of stimulants, alcohol and recreational drugs will no longer be able to run away from dealing with the ever-increasing sense of inner tension and anxiety.  Pain unacknowledged will not go away.  Personal or collective karmic burdens will not dissolve without there being consequences for those who have not striven to clear their own energetic fields and to arrive at a point of neutrality, compassion and forgiveness for all that has come forth through their personal experiences.

I was fortunate to be able to forgive my parent before he passed.  He asked for forgiveness, too, even though he was in the process of losing his mental faculties.  We had always communicated at a certain level that went beyond being father and daughter in one lifetime.  We were soul family.  And when he finally passed beyond the Veil, I felt the presence of his Soul thanking me for taking care of him in his last days.  Since then, I have striven to forgive myself for what happened, what I allowed to happen to me.  You see, it is most often self-forgiveness that we need to work on, not forgiving others.

Recent events in my life have brought forth much self-examination as the deeply buried pain of far older experiences, from this lifetime and others, again came to the surface for clearing.  Yes, I blamed another, at least initially for what was occurring and that I had to make adjustments, but now I find myself moving swiftly into an ongoing process of forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love for whatever emerges in my world.  I have chosen to forgive myself for whatever has and will emerge for review, clearing and integration.  I have chosen to take responsibility and to extend forgiveness towards any who have attempted to manipulate or harm me in the past or future… in the ever present Now.

While I choose now to live now outside of any close interpersonal relationship, I have the ability to swiftly clear my own energies and to arrive at a place of neutral observation.  My health has improved greatly in a matter of a few short months and I feel at greater ease within my own being.  As I continue to heal, I hope to expand my activities to join others and make new friends while continuing to explore my new surroundings.

Each morning I take into consideration how I feel within and take a reading on what is flowing through me from the collective.  I fully understand that to move into true self-mastery and to expand my consciousness beyond 3D, I need to come into full acceptance and understanding of the part that the dark forces have taken in my life and that of the planet.  While acting in their own interests, these entities have given humanity the needed drive to break through the manipulations and evil intent towards world domination and slavery or destruction of the majority of humanity.  These beings, believing themselves to be inherently superior to the rest of humanity sought to control and manipulate the human collective through any means possible.  Their vaunted efforts are of no avail; their centuries-long plans are being thwarted by the growing self-awareness of human souls of what has been perpetrated upon them and their ancestors for thousands of years, through genetic manipulation, wars, pestilence, famine and cruelties.  Yet… at some level, we, as humanity, agreed to these experiences.


Whether you call the experiences of the last several thousand years a game or a lengthy plot to conquer a planet, the cycles no longer support the efforts of the dark forces.  The Light is overcoming the dark.  Cosmic energies are cleansing the planet of the ill-effects of centuries of abuse.  The planet herself is rising in frequency and as she adjusts, there are changes in climate, an uptick in volcanic and earthquake activity and a rise in human reaction and acting out as more unbalanced individuals use aggression and violence directed towards others in a misguided attempt to redirect deeply seated feelings of confusion and stress.  The volcanic and tectonic stresses now taking place across the planetary body are echoed in the violence and aggression of persons unawakened and unaware of their own unresolved emotional issues… as well as their desire to escape the consequences of past actions and as well as desiring to place the blame on others for whatever has befallen themselves in recent days.

The more resistant you are to becoming responsible for changing and adjusting your own emotional responses to stimuli and circumstances, the more likely that events will, at some point, overtake that same resistance and crush it.  Therefore, there is a compelling need for each person to be willing to go within, acknowledge whatever pain or unbalance is found and to proceed to do whatever can be done to release, transform or integrate the energies so balance can be restored.  This is an ongoing process, as the underlying energetic signature is constantly changing.

As an emphatic, ultra-sensitive being, I am aware that I easily pick up the energies of others.  Where I used to do that when I was a child in my family situation, I am now aware that I do not need to cling onto these same energies, but can let them flow through me… or I can clear the energies through the use of the Violet Flame, the flame of forgiveness and compassion.  With these compassionate energies now being sent forth, I can affect others in a more positive and uplifting fashion than before, yet that is not to release these others, who are mirrors into my own soul, from the responsibility of how they react to the same energies.

Those who are still asleep and unaware of the effects of energy upon them might react with great offense in feeling the energies of compassion being directed towards them as it brings to the surface any unresolved issues that require clearing by that particular individual.  In short, if the individual in question feels any lack of self-worth and is still locked into a victim / aggressor mode of emotional patterning, they will blame you for whatever discomfort arises.  It is in their refusal to move beyond self-afflicted pain that they will continue to recreate circumstances within their own experience that will continue to support and bring forth great suffering… primarily due to their belief that others are to blame.

The belief that others are responsible for anything negative happening in one’s own life is to resist the need to clean up your own act.  Yes, we are part of a collective hologram; we do affect each other in very intimate ways.  However, each individual has the ability to come into awareness and control over their “reaction” to whatever circumstance arrives at their front door or in their face.  And acceptance that your own emotional reaction simply is that, a reaction, to an outside stimulus, as the labeling of your emotions as “good” or “bad” tends to create even more confusion, self-blame and potential projection of this blame upon others.

Arriving at a place of inner balance does not mean that you become an emotional eunuch, cut off from your emotional center and intuition.  While you can maintain a certain amount of neutrality in the view of observing the reactions of other people to events, it is more demanding of your abilities to adapt to circumstance when something challenging arrives upon your doorstep.  This is where constant inner scanning, meditation, clearing and transforming are required.  This is where self-mastery is a 24/7 “job”, one that never ceases while you remain embodied in this rapidly changing and demanding environment.

It is our “job” to open our hearts, to become more vulnerable and open to the world around us, to continually strive to expand our heart flame and ability to extend compassion and forgiveness towards all that enters our individual world of experience.  It is for this we came to this world and have striven long, arduous life-journeys through numerous lifetimes, both as holders of the light within and as light beacons for those who are now just awakening to what is truly going on upon our planet, a total destruction and de-construction of the old way of doing things, while simultaneously there is a deep intuitive creation of a “new” world of doing and being emanating from a widely diverse portion of newly awakened humanity.

A willingness to release the conditional response of blaming others and projecting our inner pain outward is now required of every one who is committed to walking the path of return, the “Way”, the path of ascension.  Our planet is ascending and while we may be able to a certain extent ascend with her, sooner or later; at some point personal responsibility for continued ascension becomes our own duty.  There is a choice here, one that most persons have already made from a soul level.  And now those who are aware of this choice can also stop blaming those who have chosen to remain asleep during this ascension cycle and go on with our own work.  Moving beyond judgment, of self and of others, is now required of all who will venture farther upon the Way.  Self-blame or the act of blaming others, will no longer excuse us from having to deal with our own “karma”.

When we were deeply immersed in the lower densities of 3D, there was a lengthy time lapse before karma returned, before the imbalance of energies had to be addressed by any individual or group.  Now, as the planet emerges into the higher vibratory levels of 4D, that time lapse is rapidly diminishing.  For awakened individuals, the energetic return is immediate and depending on the degree of energy put forth directed to others, the intensity of return will be heightened.  Instant karma is now very real and that is what is occurring to those who sought to control humanity.  While they understand and have used the Law of Cause and Effect in the past, now they are experiencing the effects of what they have put forth in ill-will towards the planet and the rest of humanity.  And this is also the same for any individual who is still in resistance to the rapid changes and breakdown in human society, from one that of being controlled, dominated and manipulated through “systems” and corporate and religious entities, to one of being individually self-directed from within.  It doesn’t which “path” or how long you take to get there, as ascension is a continuous evolutionary drive that will carry you forward when the timing is right for you.

Be kind to yourself and others during these chaotic times.  Seek inner peace and understanding and learn to respond in a neutral fashion to your own emotional reactions as well as those of others.  Listen to your intuition and act accordingly, to the best of your abilities.  Learn to adapt, adjust and let go of all that no longer serves you and move on and through, with grace and ease, whatever life serves up.

I send blessings and love to all.

Eliza Ayres

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, www.bluedragonjournal.com


Suggested Reading:  Energetic Synthesis, Lisa Renee; the recently published book, “The Sophia Code” by Kaia Ra; the books by R. McKenzie, “Metatron: This is the Clarion Call” and “Metatron: This is the Healing Book”.  The ascension teachings of Jim Self, Sandra Walters, and Lisa Transcendence Brown are good resources, as well.  There are many other mentors and teachers who have websites available via the Internet.  Use your own discernment to determine what material resonates for you now.  This whole process is learning to open and response to the guidance from within; in short, you are re-learning to trust and to open to love as you integrate the Wholeness of your divine Self into your human vessel.


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