THE ORACLE REPORT: Saturday, August 6 – Sunday, August 7, 2016



THE ORACLE REPORT: Saturday, August 6 – Sunday, August 7, 2016


Crescent Moon Phase

Moon in Virgo/Libra (Saturday 12:57 pm ET/4:57 pm UT)

The primary dynamic in effect through the weekend is Venus making a square with Mars.  Exact square occurs Saturday, August 6 at 8:00 pm ET/midnight UT.  Venus at 02 Virgo shows us something important in relationships with “a large white cross – dominating the landscape – stands alone on top of a high hill.”  Mars at 02 Sagittarius shows us what has been hidden and brings things to the surface with  “the ocean covered with whitecaps.”

When Venus is in Virgo, both the beauty of life and the pain of life can be keenly felt.  We can be very critical of ourselves and the places where we feel we have failed or where we feel others have failed us.  These things are in hyper focus this weekend with the Venus-Mars square in combination with the Jupiter-Chiron opposition that is in effect.  Jupiter expands all that it contacts.  Chiron takes us on personal journeys of pain, healing, and wisdom.

As Venus makes the square with Mars this weekend, it is also activating Chiron (which is already amplified by Jupiter).  Venus is making a trine with the Chiron Point – the most powerful expression of Chiron’s nature to wound, heal, and teach.

These dynamics are a recipe for discerning truth and coming to a place of healing, particularly within relationships (and particularly for those with the Sun in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces – the mutable signs).

To balance the energies this weekend, here are some suggestions:

  • significantly increase water intake
  • eliminate sugar (especially if intake increased Friday when Venus moved into Virgo)
  • connect with your physical body in some way (merely stretching will work wonders.  Moving the body is important when a Mars aspect is in play)
  • make a list if your mind is caught in a loop of what you need to accomplish.  Writing it down will stop the mind feed.
  • choose to do something that would make your inner child happy
  • perform an act of self care (care for/about appearance is dramatically heightened with Venus in Virgo)
  • GO OUTSIDE AND COMMUNE WITH THE GODDESS OF THE EARTH, GAIA SOPHIA.  Take in the beauty.  This is the best advice for anything and everything.

And of course, if you capture a snapshot of nature, please send it in to share with the parliament of wise owls.  Photos can be emailed to

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

(Note:  This Thursday, August 11, 2016, I will join Phoenix once again on Phoenix Rising Radio from 7-9 pm ET on Truth Frequency Radio.  Hope you can tune in.)

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