Real Authenticity!

WHOA! This woman is PISSED!

“We need to clean house, and I hope everybody understands the seriousness of this. If We the People do not get behind Democracy harder than we ever have in our entire lives, we’re not going to have ANY Democracy!” ~ “What I remember is that by the thousands, and hundreds of thousands, in THIS election, people were wiped off the voter rolls, people’s affiliation with prime party was swept to another. Did we hear the leaders of the Democratic Party, including President Obama, get out and try to do anything about it? NO, we’ve got to STOP it, we’ve got to clean house! We’ve gotta DEMAND it!”.

Then she goes off on Hillary, and into an emotional rant about why she is there, “My heart’s broken! I want my grandchildren to live in a Democracy! I’m 63 years old, I could be out working in my garden! I could be crotcheting for the next little great-grandchild I got coming! But I’m here because I really want this earth to LIVE! I want my babies to live, I want my grandchildren to go to college, and I don’t give a shit who says we can’t afford it, because this is about priority spending! Are the people that pull that lever for Hillary Clinton going to be able to answer one question…Is is OK for people to cheat and lie? Is that what we want in the the most important office in our world? Because that’s what you’re going to be voting for!”

She brought me near to tears with her passion!

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