Weekly Forecast for 27- July 3, 2016 ~contributed by Hillory Skott

The planet of Umph is about to change directions. Your engines are revving, but keep your foot on the brake and take time this week to really review your plans. Allow new awareness to settle into consciousness. Wait to leap until Mid July- Then you will find some magical wind beneath those new wings of yours.
Mars has been back tracking since April 17 and started slowing down mid February for an unusually long pass through Scorpio. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio so it is effective in Scorpio. There are many sides to Scorpio energy. It’s often the dark side stuff that comes up in one way or another. Scorpio rules death, but also birth. It rules Abandonment, but also adoption. It rules sweeping devastation and fantastical rebirth. It rules degeneration and regeneration. It’s deep and likely heavy. Scorpio energy reminds us that we have no control while we desperately grasp at control in all circumstances.

While Mars has been in Scorpio it is likely that your energy has been off. Old circumstances appearing as new are occupying your attention. With the tricky Neptune Saturn square energy we may not know what to do or how to behave. One minute, certainty strikes the next minute you are standing in the laundry room not knowing why you are in there. A fuzzy kind of clarity has been creating a much needed change in direction.
This will all change soon. You will certainly feel a big shift on Wednesday when Mars goes direct again. By mid August it is free and clear to really roll. The beginning of August it will re-enter unencumbered Sagittarius, which is where it went retrograde in April. Sagittarius and Scorpio like the truth in their own special way. Both are relentlessly in pursuit of it. It’s likely this has been a very revealing time for all us -with opportunity to clear deep-seated issues that caused recurring problems. This is the final scrub. You are gonna be so sparkly and new by August.
This week keep as clear as possible and plan your plans. Be open for opportunities, as Uranus is going to keep us on our toes with the unexpected. Though no one likes to be caught off guard, it is what we didn’t see coming that often changes our life for the better. There is a reason for everything.
Be brave, even ruthless if necessary. Follow your instincts. You are poised. You are powerful. You are magnetic to all the blessings of the Universe.
~ contributed by Hillory Skott
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