Weekly Forecast for May 30- June 5, 2016 ~contributed by Hillory Skott

Weekly Forecast for May 30- June 5, 2016
~contributed by Hillory Skott

Make Note of this week. It’s a swirling mass of potential, but you have about as much
control as Dorothy did tornadoing through the sky with Toto. Be present and poised but
wait to leap. The New Moon in Gemini is ushering in an in between time for all of us.
A time between the future and the past. We can feel expansion and contraction- we
want to move forward, but are pulled back. Needed changes are happening and we
need a little patience with the process. Relax. Trust.

This week grand trine is exact on Thursday. Earth energy can get cozy staying the
same. It was probably an earth sign that said “It’s better the devil you do know than the
devil you don’t” But, maybe that’s just lazy. Maybe it’s worth the risk to turn away from
the familiar devil and trust that you are done with devils altogether.

You grasp on what it takes to create a stable foundation is spot on during this trine. we
are getting glimpses of new ways to go. But to get there we have to leave the past
behind. Getting from one foundation to the next scares us. Remember, Leap and the
net will appear. Saturn is assuring that your feet are on the ground, even with your
head in the clouds. It can work. Follow your impulses.

Friday is the really complicated day. Our energy is pulled in at least four different directions.
The Sun and Venus in adaptable Gemini opposite logical Saturn in higher thinking Sagittarius
is confusing to say the least. Add to that fuzzy headed Neptune in Pisces is in opposition to
professional expert Jupiter in Virgo, and it’s hardly even worth trying to articulate. We
can’t explain the unexplainable, but we can try.

I think we would all be doing our very best to just make notes about what is occurring around
us in our personal world. We are all affected by this in some way. You might be all gung ho
and social and commit to a bowling league on a whim. Then Saturn will come in and remind
you that you think bowling is dumb and a waste of valuable time. Jupiter in Virgo thinks that
bowling is a boring idea and the shoes are germy. It’s really just Neptune on board and once
she shows up to bowl he realizes she was idealizing what it would be like to actually bowl
based on his love of the hit musical grease. The Sun and Venus in restless Gemini, with the
best intentions, started this whole ball rolling, but really were more interested in the chit chat
than the actual act of rolling a big ball on the floor.

So be careful- Your concerns are likely much weightier than bowling now. It’s a complicated
energy to negotiate, don’t commit to anything just yet and keep you sweet self in motion- which
helps this mutable energy flow freely. Don’t let yourself get pent up. Stretch, swing, twirl, roll,
walk. Be deliberate and move. Once we are past this snarl we will start to see more clearly.

The New Moon in Gemini is full of potential on June 4th. It’s pushing for us to realize something
new. Real -ize. Venus and the Sun are a blessing here. What do you find valuable? Get clear
about what you really choose for your life. Leave behind what you ‘think’ is possible.

Reach your mind, survey the land. There is more to the story. There are exciting opportunities
all around us so don’t be afraid to think big and ask for what you want. Your ability to
communicate is enhanced now. Get it down on paper.

As always, I love hearing how the planetary energy is showing up in your life. I appreciate
the expanded perspective each unique story offers. Many blessings for a rich and rewarding
week. Love is all around us.

—contributed by Hillory Skott

Enjoy your week ahead!

Many Blessings,

Karen & Salma

Be more…Love more…Live more
Never Settle for Less
Go Beyond!

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