Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: Summer 2016

Summer 2016

This summer many planets are bass-ackwards making all of us jump thru emotional hoops, as if we have not already been doing that for months. Understand this dear ones, as you walk forward toward the three eclipses of 999 you will be at a juncture of soul.  The past months/ years for some/ have left many faltering dangerously close to leaving the earth, and some are ready to ditch the light. Many are so emotionally consumed they are one step away from falling into a very large all consuming black hole. The human biology listens to every single word and inner thought you have. On the outside you are Pollyanna, on the inside you are Eleanor Rigby ‘wearing a face you keep by the door.” Every thought is either a blessing or a curse. By your words you shall be known.

Love yourself for doing the very best you could in any given situation and forgive your self for everything else. Do not carry guilt’s from any time frame.  They burden you, and weigh you down keeping you from flight.  They block you from feeling, they keep you from loving, and they limit you from seeing your true light. Stand in these energies of Light as you walk through the shadowed corridors of your own mind.  Every instruct, every failure, every guilt ridden thought comes and points its finger out. The guilt outweighs the good and the soul grows heavy.

There has been so much sadness and disappointment that the human heart is weary and just cannot consume one more morsel of bad news. As you walk through your own inner thoughts that are cloaked in fear realize that they too are trying hard to become light. The only way you can move ahead is with the vibration of love.

Everything is changing and becoming very demanding. The universe is pulling your ear and twisting your arm trying to get your attention.   It is demanding that you listen with your true one heart.  You are so afraid to look at your beautiful self.  You busy yourself in relationships, in cleaning; you busy yourself in everything and anything just so you do not have to spend time in the inner sanctuary of your own soul. The secret place the silent witness lives. That which echoes  loudly, bouncing off old hurts and hates.

When one hears the beating of ones own heart a cadence is created bringing a library of cosmic truths that wish to be seen from a different angle of thinking. As we all dimensionally shift everything we knew as truth also shifts causing great havoc in our souls. For what was our truth is like quicksand as it sinks to the bottom of what seemed so structured and powerful.


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