Selacia: April Here We Are: Tips for Navigating Energies and Moving Forward

April Here We Are: Tips for Navigating Energies and Moving Forward

April is here, full of some new opportunities to shine your light and rediscover your passion for being alive. You can breathe a sigh of relief now that we’ve come out of the March eclipse cycle and some bumpy times. The world public arena remains volatile, chaotic, and just plain messy – an underlying sign of these times of unprecedented revolutionary change.

Auspicious Two-Week Window

We now sit in an auspicious two-week window of time, however, when energies are quite supportive of making the changes you want and having results when you act on your heart’s wisdom. As you are present to this opportunity and take actions, you may feel like the universe hears your deep longings and supports you with initiation of key steps. One step at a time is the idea – that will build momentum.

Factors in our current two-week window of opportunity include:

(1) the action take-charge planet Mars is now direct until April 17. When Mars goes retrograde as it does once every two years, you may feel like your productivity juice isn’t as easy to access. Time warps are common. In these cycles, it becomes vital to manage your inner fire and to process anger before acting. It doesn’t help to become impatient or have arguments to settle scores during this cycle – these backfire. Instead, stay grounded and connected to spirit. This will help you keep a steady pace and avoid side-trips until June 29 when Mars goes direct.

(2) our April 7 New Moon can be a huge boost to your forward movement! This Aries New Moon is perhaps the best one so far in 2016 for new starts. This beneficial cycle lasts two weeks, giving a nice momentum to things you are actively and consciously doing or changing.

Helpful Reflection and Focus for April

Given these factors and other energies of April, this is a wonderful month to get yourself back on track. That idea likely means something quite different to you now. Keep in mind that the world is quite different this April than a year ago. You are quite different too! Have you noticed that you want different things than you did last year?

The more aware you become and the more you become a conscious participant in life, the more you are noticing subtle shifts in energy. Similarly, you are noticing big opportunities that show up at your door – quite often suddenly and unannounced. At the same time, when we have up-and-down cycles, you are learning to master your energies so you step back from time to time and just reflect. You are developing the wisdom to know when it’s truly time for something and when to hold off until you get clear signs.

April is a perfect time to readjust your compass and rethink what you have to offer the world. The direction you have been heading may need some shifting. Be open to that.

This is a good time to reassess a number of things about how you live your life.

Ask spirit to reveal what to pay attention to in this regard. With that input, you may have a general sense of what could use a rethink or entire overhaul. If you aren’t sure about the “how” or what might be blocking you from success, keep in mind that oftentimes it’s more challenging to get to the crux of your own issues. You are simply too close to them, and it’s you after all, so your subconscious can be giving you mixed messages. If that happens to you, consider working with a trusted healer to get to the root of things.

Energy Points to Factor In

Set your intention now to be open to new inspirations and new approaches. Every day this month can be an opportunity to connect with ideas, people, and projects related in some way to your overall purpose for being alive during these momentous times.

Scorpio Full Moon April 21-22: leading up to this month’s powerful Full Moon will be abundant energy in the air supportive of taking action and getting your life moving. Action is best combined with contemplation. Therefore, regularly take time to go deeper within to determine your best next steps. Use what you know and your intuition to make significant new steps towards goals of all kinds.

Mercury Retrograde April 28: with Mercury Retrograde starting late this month, do what you can now to factor in that cycle. Sensitives likely will begin feeling it several days before it begins, perhaps noticing warps in communications or timelines. Keep in mind that your life need not come to a halt the three weeks of the retrograde. You may need to slow down though and take extra care with timed activities and contracts.

Come back daily to the bigger picture of why you are alive now. It’s no accident. Your wise inner self is at home with this adventure. It remembers why you came. It knows beyond a doubt that you came equipped for the journey, and that an abundance of help is always there. Trust that. Trust in your own light.

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