The nagging feeling that there must be more to life. 03/27/2016 by John Smallman

Saul audio Blog for Easter Sunday


The Easter celebration is a reminder of your oneness with God, and therefore with one another, an annual commemoration of the Resurrection which was a major step in moving all of humanity forward toward awakening from the dream of separation.  The Resurrection brought into humanity’s awareness the possibility of remembering the knowledge, hidden for eons beneath a cloak or veil of indifference and self-imposed ignorance, that you are One with God.

That memory is now arising into humanity’s collective consciousness and leading to an intense collective desire to return to Reality, to awaken from the dream or nightmare in which you have been ensconced since the moment you chose to experience separation from your divine Source.  Truly that moment of choice was but a moment ago, but the environment of separation you invented in which to play your games had rules that had to be observed or, if you prefer, natural laws that appeared to control the environment that the game had established, and one of those was linear time.

So the brief moment that has passed since you chose to separate from God appears to have been going on for vast eons.  Most of you feel as though you always have been and always will be separate individual beings – in fact for most of you even the thought of being one with millions or billions of others seems quite repulsive.  Meanwhile a small minority of humans, who have remembered their true state of oneness, are attempting to bring this memory into the collective awareness.  Modern scientific studies are also confirming the connectedness of absolutely everything, that there truly is no separation.

At the same time the game that is the illusion seems to demonstrate very clearly to you the reality of separation as humanity engages in a multitude of conflicts of intellectually or physically violent natures – religious, political, economic, racial, cultural, and, of course, military – that causes untold suffering to many just to prove that one side is right and that the other side, those in opposition, are wrong.  And, of course, the whole point of constructing the illusion was to make it seem utterly real, and linear time, with its unalterable one way progression, seems to confirm that reality.

You make plans all the time – plans for your career, plans for intimate relationships, plans for your children, plans for your business, plans to manipulate others, plans for your vacations, plans for your retirement – all the time looking to the future and not seeing the now moment in which all occurs.  And frequently, as you get older, you begin to feel that life has passed you by, that you have missed something important, and you most certainly have!  But even that is often not apparent and so you engage in a new relationship, or go back to school to train for a new career to alleviate the nagging feeling that there must be more to life than your experiences demonstrate.

This nagging feeling that life has passed you by is a call from your higher Self, the Real You, attempting to remind you of your purpose, of why you incarnated on Earth at this point in your evolution.  Some of you try to understand what is disturbing you by going into therapy, and that can help if you can find a therapist who deals with spiritual awakening.  But what you are actually being called to do is to do nothing!  The call is from within asking you to go within and be quiet and allow yourself to open to and own your spiritual nature, who you really are.  It means dropping the masks that you present to others, even to your nearest and dearest, the masks you present to the world to hide your feelings of inadequacy, of not being good enough.

Everyone does it because everyone suffers from this sense of inadequacy that they need to hide or disguise, and the front that develops over a lifetime becomes the persona you wear to hide your seeming nakedness or inadequacy.  As a result most relationships, even your most intimate ones, are masks relating to masks – illusions to illusions!  There is no-one home!  No wonder you feel unsettled.

The way home is via your inner sanctuary, that place of peace within where you feel safe and where you are safe.  Everyone needs to spend time there daily doing nothing.  There has been much talk of meditation, and of the various methods or types in which you can engage, over the last few decades in the western world, because it has been found that those who meditate regularly are far better able to cope with the stresses that daily life imposes.  Doctors recommend it.

But generally what is suggested is a twenty minute period of sitting quietly each day just watching your thoughts and not engaging with them.  That is indeed good, but the nagging sensation will remain if that is all you do.  So instead of setting a time limit for your meditative or contemplative practice, just sit until your thoughts start to dissolve, until your mind becomes quieter, almost empty, and then you will feel the loving Presence of the Real You.  When that happens you can ask Yourself a question about the nagging sense of dissatisfaction that you are experiencing and which, if you are honest with yourselves, frightens you.  Then if you can continue to sit quietly for a little longer and offer Yourself thanks for listening your peace will intensify.

Later, an answer to your question may arise or a situation may occur that provides an answer.  Very likely it will be an unexpected answer, an answer that is wise and loving because it comes from the Real You, the You that is eternally One with God.  It will undoubtedly surprise you, but when you experience that kind of wise and informed guidance or answer a few times you will come to trust yourself to trust Yourself, and your life will flow more smoothly and peacefully.  So avail of this inner wisdom that is always with you, and go within daily to practice listening and enjoy the results.

With so very much love, Saul.

NorthPoint Astrology Journal:  Your guide to planetary energies for March 28 to April 3, 2016 By Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Astrology Journal
Your guide to planetary energies for March 28 to April 3, 2016
By Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects This Week
TUE: Mercury quincunx Jupiter, Venus conjunct South Node, Mercury trine Saturn
WED: Venus conjunct Chiron, Mercury square Pluto
THU: Mercury conjunct Uranus
FRI: Venus conjunct Ceres, Mercury sesquiquadrate Mars
SUN: Mercury semisquare Neptune

AS WE EMERGE from eclipse season, we are still assimilating the experiences and energies we’ve been moving through. We’ve done some profound completion work — the task now is to bring into conscious awareness what we are called to embrace and integrate next, given the void created by what we have released.

Mercury — as planetary representative of our conscious, thinking mind — always plays an important role in helping us ponder what we’ve experienced so that we can get clearer on our plan going forward. Appropriately, Mercury appears many times in our list of highlighted aspects for the coming week.

WE BEGIN the week with a sense that we need to adjust our thinking and our trajectory (Mercury quincunx Jupiter), but we may stumble a bit before we land on what feels “right.” Thankfully we have some help in gaining some clarity about what is most important to us (Mercury trine Saturn).

There’s a pull to the past and a need to further forgive and resolve old wounds on Tuesday and Wednesday. Venus aligns with the karmic South Node and Chiron on those days, sensitizing us to our memories of what has been.

AT THE SAME TIME, we are aware of a powerful need to move beyond the patterns and memories of the past. Mercury squares Pluto on Wednesday, urging us to transform our old ways of thinking, and making it clear where our toes are still caught in the snares of patterns we have outgrown.

By Thursday, when Mercury aligns with Uranus, we’re ready to break free, to shake off the remnants of the ropes that have bound us. There’s a restlessness involved, but also an increased ability to tap into higher levels of our consciousness. If we can calm our minds on Thursday, we may find new ideas flooding in that have the potential to be life-changing.

IT WOULD BE IDEAL if we could gradually ease into the day on Friday, simply because it’s a good morning for self-nurturing and for allowing ourselves to reconnect with family and loved ones (Venus conjunct Ceres). It will also be more difficult to find a meeting of the minds in the evening hours, due to an uncomfortable Mercury-Mars aspect. We can tend to be overly defensive about our ideas if they’re not readily accepted by others. It may be best to wait a day before sharing our insights from the week.

The weekend is quieter as far as planetary aspects are concerned. Saturday morning is somewhat energized by the Aquarius Moon that helps us be open to new activities and ideas — but Sunday dawns with the Moon in laid-back Pisces, more conducive to sleeping in than jumping out of bed at the crack of dawn. Plus, a Mercury-Neptune semisquare cloaks the day in a gentle fog, making it harder to think clearly. We’re less discerning and more easily swayed, so keep that in mind if you need to make any important decisions.

In peace,


Copyright Pam Younghans 2016. All rights reserved.

THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, March 28, 2016



THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, March 28, 2016


Disseminating Moon Phase:  communicate, share

Moon in Sagittarius

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom):  Kamala, Goddess of Desire

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Seth, God of the North, God of Enlightenment

Skill:  witness the mastery and mystery

True Alignments:  solutions, heightened empathy, simplicity, gaining awareness, identifying and interpreting signs, cohesive, straight on, heartwarming, respect, tensions released, new opportunities, appreciation for art and form

Catalysts for Change:  loss of independence, feelings of vulnerability, not compatible, lost in details, avoidance, need for values assessment, rejection, feelings of meaninglessness, issues with honesty, waiting around, divide and conquer tactics, trying to fool or fake out

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a table set for an evening meal” (re-ordering, re-arranging, re-setting)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres” (the recalibration of consciousness)

Flames and all things “fiery” fuel the air today, as the Moon enters Sagittarius and later makes conjunction with Mars at 3:11 pm ET/7:11 pm UT.  The Earth at “three old masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery” gives us three themes for “mastery” today:

1- MAGNIFICATION – With the Sun located at the degree of “a crystal gazer,” something comes into larger focus today.  We see what is “refined” (purified or matured) and what is “coarse” (rough or crude).  Things can quickly become overblown or exaggerated, especially where people’s perceptions clash.  What do you see?  At what dream do you gaze?  What is true for you?  It may not be the same for another.  It is, however, important to identify it for ourselves.  We are able to read people, places, and things better with this energetic, which means we should be able to get at least a quick gaze at the future.

2-  MYSTERY – The Black Moon moves to 25 Libra and the Sabian symbol of “the sight of an autumn leaf brings to a pilgrim the sudden revelation of the mystery of life and death.”  A pilgrim is a person on a long journey, sometimes as an act of devotion.  Pilgrims are sometimes newcomers.  Regardless, something that has been mysterious or elusive is brought to our attention today.  It is common to feel a certain “prescience” of the traveling hands of time.  We need to make hay while the Sun shines.  Solutions to something that has plagued or perplexed can come with this energy.  Rebirth, the Black Moon’s specialty, is highlighted.  Note also the key term “sudden revelation,” indicating that things may come about quickly.

3- MATERIALIZATION – Chiron has just moved to 23 Pisces and the Sabian symbol of “a ‘materializing medium’ giving a séance.”  What this energetic is really about is sensitivity, spiritual awareness, and “sitting” or contemplating before taking action.  Materialization means something is demonstrated in reality.  Signs and synchronicities (especially three-peats today) materialize or show up today to make progress for the future.

Three masters, the Moon, Mercury, and Mars are active today.  The Moon will conjunct (come to the same place in the sky as) Mars at the degree of “Cupid knocking at the door of a human heart.”  This is about opening the doors of the heart’s desires.  It asks us about our choices.  It wants to remove barriers.  I love this symbol for obvious reasons, but to me, the singularity of the image of “a human heart” poetically reinforces the notion of what the love of one person can do.

Adding its effect, Mercury is at the degree of “a serpent coiling near an man and a woman.”  This is about wisdom, confusion, tension, or something coming between things or people.  There is every reason to take the initiative today, and every reason to keep an even temper.  If we feel like we are not getting closer to what we want, we are more prone to be angry (and to project it onto others or direct it inward as sadness and depression).

These symbols involving love and relationships are setting the stage (the “table for an evening meal”) for Venus’ conjunction with Chiron on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Do you remember when Mercury made conjunction with Chiron back on March 17?  Remember I said Chiron is no joke?  Well, with Venus the source of wounding, healing, and teaching involves love, relationships and money (not necessarily together, but sometimes very much related).

Recall above that Chiron is at “a materializing medium giving a séance.”  The energy just may tip the table set for the evening meal!  Be aware of the tendency for people to be hyper-sensitive over the next couple of days.  People will want demonstrations of commitment, actions out of words, and proof of love.  The TANGIBLE is most sought.

All in all today, things are trying to become crystal clear.  We gaze in wonderment at the mastery.

(Note:  I will join Phoenix on Phoenix Rising Radio this Thursday, March 31 at 7 pm ET – Phoenix’s new time.  Hope you can join us.  And many thanks and much love to all of the wise owls who “joined wings” for the group meditation last week.  How beautiful!)


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Here are your Angel Messages for March 28 – April 3, 2016 with Doreen Virtue

Here are your Angel Messages for March 28 – April 3, 2016 with Doreen Virtue 

Published on Mar 27, 2016

This week, there’s more breathing room for you and burdens are lifted, as you receive help from other people AND you accept the help that’s offered to you.

It’s a week where you feel more supported, allowing you some free time for self-care and working upon your priority. You are learning to ask for help and to delegate, and the results are positive. This is a good week for forming new partnerships, business and romantic.

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Breaking Free – It’s Time for Liftoff by D.L. Zeta | Celestial Vision

Breaking Free – It’s Time for Liftoff by D.L. Zeta | Celestial Vision

It’s time for souls to break free of denser energies and achieve liftoff by aligning with the vibration of unconditional love, the highest vibration in the universe. It’s through love that we chart a course in life that allows us to live more fully in the new time on planet Earth.

The new time is here. It’s a location alive and well in its own timeline. We’re free at any moment to step into the new time and begin living the visions we’ve experienced time and again. Many of you have experienced periods of heightened perception, expanded consciousness and peak states. These moments keep you moving forward on your path as you seek to experience more high-vibrational frequencies.

Higher Frequencies are your Natural State

These higher frequencies are your natural state. These are the frequencies where your higher self exists. It’s not that your higher self resides in a remote, lofty location in consciousness, but that you exist in isolation and separation – a condition derived from physical-based programming, mind control and parasitical influences. The moment we adopt physical-based perceptions (what we see is all there is) we are weakened, our frequency is lowered and we are easier prey for parasitical thought viruses that convince us we are small, separate, weak, victimized, poor, and disempowered – all variations on the same theme included in the programming of free-floating thought viruses. These keep us enslaved in a world of seeming endless pitfalls where we are shut off from our intuitive knowing, our impeccable guidance, and the synchronistic flow that comes from constant telepathic communion with our higher self.

You are able to transcend anything that pulls you down, holds you back or limits your connection with your soul. History is full of those who have accomplished amazing feats. These come from communion with one’s soul.

When you move through life awake and aware, you naturally make choices that lead you to experience high-vibrational realities. It’s through awareness and conscious choices that you are able to exist along timelines of the New Earth.

You Came Here with a Blueprint for this Lifetime

You came here with a blueprint that reflected your lesson format, the karma you came here to heal and resolve, and visions for what you will do in this lifetime. You brought with you gifts, talents and abilities. You came here to share these and to continue to hone them. You came here to once again face down limitations and programming and step beyond a purely physical-based perspective so you can move through your earthly existence here as spirit incarnated on earth. It is through the growth of your consciousness that you help unite heaven and earth. You came here to join with others to anchor the higher frequencies of love to the earth plane in order to help shift all life and all consciousness to the next level.

Love is the Highest Frequency

The New Earth is being anchored into collective consciousness by a record number of souls incarnating who hold the blueprint to transcend the limiting beliefs of physical-based realities while in physical form. These souls shine a bright light on the Earth plane. They bring awareness to old, outdated beliefs and ways of being. Human rights, animal rights, and care of the environment are at the top of their agenda for this timeframe. Understanding of these issues will undergo quantum leaps as higher frequencies of love are anchored to the Earth plane. This has been taking place in recent decades and is now accelerating. You might point to the brutality and violence that is still prevalent on planet Earth. It seems that as the vibration of love expands and casts a wider influence so does the frequency of hatred and abuse. This is the hastening of the shadow, the resistance, the obstacle field that naturally arises in response to higher frequencies. Love is the strongest and most powerful force on the planet. As you remain in the frequency of love, you help anchor higher and more powerful frequencies to the Earth plane. These frequencies trump all lower vibrations.

Love, Kindness and Compassion are Soul Qualities

Love for ourselves, love for all humans, all animals, and all life forms is a reflection of our connection to our soul and higher self. The person who radiates love, kindness and compassion is expressing the nature and the qualities of their soul. Those who harm others, those who harm animals, the environment or any form of life, are acting from an impulse that disconnects them from the radiant life force connection with their soul.

Ascension is the Movement Back to your Soul

The person who awakens to the harm they have inflicted on others is blessed with the opportunity to heal themselves and others. The state of healing and forgiveness is the turning point for all souls as they begin their movement back toward spirit. Awakening is the movement toward ascension.

Achieving Liftoff

Love is stronger than hate. Those who follow the path of hate weaken themselves and lower their frequency, cutting themselves off from the guidance, wisdom and assistance from their higher self. Love brings us in communion with the most powerful part of our being. Love empowers and strengthens and sustains us. Love raises our vibration and helps us break free of limitation and all that keeps us from existing more fully along timelines of the New Earth. With love and only love can we break free of density and achieve the liftoff that transports us into the new time.

©2010-2016 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.

Posted on Sunday, March 27, 2016 at 08:29PM by Registered CommenterCelestial Vision

John Smallman: The nightmare of worldwide poverty, conflict, and suffering will cease.

The nightmare of worldwide poverty, conflict, and suffering will cease.

March 25, 2016 by John Smallman

Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday March 26th

We are all evolving spiritually because Creation, Reality is ever ongoing, there is no final destination, just a continual growth in joy and happiness that continuously uplifts and inspires. God, our Father, the Source, All That Is wills our happiness and joy and so it will be accomplished. Life within God, where all Life occurs, is an ever-expanding journey of joy. In contrast the human life experience is one in which you strive to accomplish something and on achieving what you intended soon find it unsatisfying, and so you seek something new to replace or supersede it. Satisfaction is impossible within the illusion, because nothing there is Real. Temporary pleasure or satisfaction does of course occur, but the pleasure or satisfaction cannot and does not last. Life is eternal, but human life is a very limited experience in which there is great striving to prevent, avoid, or deny the inevitable – death – that is driven by fear. But death is just a releasing of limitation and an opening into Reality – fully conscious awareness of eternal existence within the Oneness that is All That Is. Reality is what all are seeking, but cannot find because they look outside themselves instead of within.

Lasting joy and happiness, where you know and experience yourself as One with Source, and therefore with all of Creation, can only be found within. That is why all your guides and mentors from the spiritual realms keep on stressing the absolute essentiality of taking time out daily, and also throughout the day, to go within and be in peace there with the inextinguishable divine Light that dwells there – the Real You. You will not find it elsewhere, as many self-help books might suggest, because there is no “elsewhere.” Within is Reality, without is illusion or dream.

However, you are so engaged with the illusion and with the distractions with which it constantly tempts you – and that includes anxieties, worries, accidents, illnesses, as well as the hoped for but short-lived joys that you are constantly seeking – that you have great difficulty just spending “down-time,” that is quiet time alone and undisturbed by the noise of daily living. You actively seek distraction – on your computer, your phone, texting, listening to the radio, watching television, having upsetting arguments – and what you seek you find!

Even when you decide to spend time in meditation, contemplation, chanting, praying, etc., you are still very much open to whatever distractions may arise because you expect nothing of note or importance to arise when you are alone, quiet and feeling bored, fearful. In fact you mostly expect to be disappointed because alone by yourself you imagine yourself as nothing, a small and insignificant being, even worthless, and you feel that you need the continual presence others to even feel alive! Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

When you allow yourselves to be quiet and allow your thoughts to flow unmolested, unengaged with, peace occurs. Initially it can be rather difficult to reach that state because your egoic mind, the mind that you use constantly in everyday living, keeps demanding your attention, or so it seems. It’s just that you are so accustomed to responding, or rather reacting instantly to the distractions with which it presents you, that it has become an ingrained habit out of which you need to be trained.

That ability to be aware of all input and to react instantly is very valuable at times – driving the car, watching a small child in the swimming pool – it’s the “fight or flight” instinct that has served you well for eons. But now, as you evolve spiritually, it is essential to be able to distance yourself from instant reaction and judgment.

To be in a meditative state is to be fully alert, you miss nothing, you just do not engage. It is the difference between fishing in a quiet river, totally relaxed and at peace as you watch the water flow past, or taking part in or watching a competitive sport where you are fully engaged in every moment and aware only of the game. Both states are fine but you need to be able to choose which one you wish to be in and then be there.

From childhood, as you become ever more aware of what is going on around you, up into adulthood, that reactive state of awareness becomes ever more efficient, so much so that you have to make a very positive effort, and practice constantly, to reach the meditative state of quiet alertness which offers tremendous benefits both in terms of reduced stress and anxiety, and in seeing things with greater clarity as your emotions cease to control you. Emotions are very useful because they give you a very individual sense of who you are and what you like or dislike as a human.

In Reality there is only Love, which is all-encompassing and which brings you untold joy. Emotions are limiting, but often feel like incredibly powerful driving forces, which can seem to be utterly beyond your control. And many are controlled by their emotions; you see evidence of this all around you, from temper tantrum driven infants to suicide bombers. Emotions, when you allow them to be your sole motivating intent, narrow your focus, often with laser-like intensity, so that you see only a very small part of the situation in which you are involved instead of the bigger picture, and so you react, frequently most unwisely, which leads to suffering and regret.

To take time out daily to be quiet and alone, that is separated from human interactions and other worldly distractions, is an essential part of your spiritual evolution. All of humanity is evolving spiritually, even when it is unseen and unacknowledged, because that is the purpose of human existence. You chose to experience separation from your Source, but you have also chosen to return to Oneness, and, as humans, most of you remain unaware of either of those choices!

However, a great awakening is underway, the Love of God, the energy field of infinite power in which all that exists is eternally enveloped, has flooded the planet and everyone has wet feet! Wet feet cannot be ignored, you have to do something about them, and changing your socks is not enough. You have to deal with the Source of that Wetness, and you do so by coming to the awareness that in fact you do not have wet feet, you do not have feet at all, because you are One with the Wetness, You and the Wetness are One, the divine Source from which Creation is flowing eternally, and from which you have never been separated.

Separation from God, the Source of all that exists is impossible, it can only be imagined. To be separated would be to cease to exist, you know that, and so to even imagine it, which you do as humans, is indeed terrifying. But that terror is also unreal, an imagined state that seems very real to you, especially as you look around and see the intense pain that many are suffering throughout the world. Humans attacking one another in fear; preemptive attacks in the hope of saving self by destroying another. But, as deep within you all truly know, an attack on another is an attack on oneself.

It is the growing awareness of this that is leading you forward toward wakening from the dream. And in your growing awareness you see more clearly the insanity of the world and the violence and hatred it appears to encourage. The dichotomy between the hatred that you see demonstrated and the love that you want to share and experience is very confusing and unsettling for you. It seems that there is nothing you, as individuals, can do to change the world. And, if you view it like that – a need to change the world – there is no answer. Everyone has a different idea of who and what needs to be changed and how, and consequently harmonious cooperation to achieve peace on Earth is impossible. You cannot change another!

The only way forward, and many are now realizing this, is to change yourselves by claiming your true nature and living it. Yes, in the world you see the innocent and unarmed abused, tortured, and killed, and it has always been like this. But where love and reconciliation have been tried they have worked. Do not allow yourselves to be persuaded that Love does not work. It is the only thing that works. Refuse to engage in attack or defense, it is utterly against and in opposition to your divine nature, and you know it and feel intensely uncomfortable when you do. You may attempt to justify yourselves by telling yourselves that there was no other option, that violence has to be opposed by violence otherwise intense suffering occurs, but deep within you know this is not true, and that violence inevitably leads to more violence.

There is no such thing as a just war! You all know this! To deny it does not make it just.

Uncountable numbers have acknowledged this, and although violence and suffering persist, the Tsunami of Love is opening hearts all across the planet to bring an end to the nightmare in which you have been seemingly enveloped for so long.

Open your hearts if you have not already done so, and intend with all your heart to extend and intensify the Tsunami of Love that envelops you in every moment, and watch in joy as conflicts wind down and terminate. You are making it happen by your own intent to be only loving whatever the situation, and you have infinite assistance from those in the spiritual realms, in Reality. The nightmare of worldwide poverty, conflict, and suffering will cease.

Avoid all temptation to express anger violently. When you feel uncomfortable emotionally, upset, angry, resentful, or hateful you are coming from ego which enjoys chaos and confusion and the discomfort it causes. So when you feel it, instead of acting on it, just let it go or wash over you and move on out, it will. In your intense awareness of anger be strong and instead of engaging with it intend to expand your energy fields of Love to integrate with the Tsunami of Love so that you can love what has angered you and forgive it.

Doing this brings you peace, although your ego may well attempt to persuade you not to be at peace but to express your righteous anger because you have been wronged. However, when you operate from your real Self, from your quiet inner temple, peace and love flow through you calming the storms that are arising within you and smoothing the troubled waters of your emotions. That is why I keep stressing the importance of going within daily to be quietly at one with your real or higher Self and with God.

That is your task on Earth at this critical moment in humanity’s evolution because that is what is bringing humanity to wakefulness. You cannot fail, because it is God’s Will and yours that humanity awakens, but your loving input from your inner temple is essential to dissolve the remaining foundations on which the illusion depends.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

GAIAPORTAL: Warmths of Higher Energetics imbue Hue-manity’s essence at this moment by ÉirePort


Warmths of Higher Energetics imbue Hue-manity’s essence at this moment.

Freestyle collaborations form within, and without.

Gaia patterns adjust to Cosmic Emergence.

Forms of Light are made visible… to all.


Happy Easter

Since it is Easter, let’s think back to Cobra’s post from 2 years ago (when his blog was fairly new to me)

Eostre’s gift

Here is part of my comment in that thread, on the symbolism of the third image in his post, of the Goddess Eostre (Eostar):
“Ah, but the third image: The lovely maiden is the Goddess Eostar, or Eostre, who bestows a gift: The Dawn of a New Day, a lovely “Springtime” and New Beginning or Ascension for all of humanity, A time of Abundance, Joy, Celebration, and Rebirth, but she also represents all aspects of Balance, winter/summer, birth/death.

She has Enchanted the magical white Unicorn, an elusive, magnificent and sweet creature who is drawn to the maiden’s Open Heart, and as such, represents Purity, Magic (think Multi-dimensional Time Traveler), Miracles and the word of God. (When Jesus Ascended, he stated “This, and greater things ye shall do.”) I see it as the purification of our DNA through upgrades, and restored senses such as Intuition, Trust and Open Hearts, and Elevation of Consciousness, all of which will facilitate our ability for Magical Co-Creation. The Two-horned beasts are symbols of dualism, but the Unicorn’s single horn represents Unity, and thus Unity Consciousness.

The egg is Fertility, the Potential for New Life but also represents the Universe itself, and all of Life and Creation, as well as Transcendence, Immortality, and the Manifested Word. It’s form suggests the Elliptical Motion of Celestial Bodies, as well as the Sphere of Light surrounding all living things: an Aura. Luck, Wealth, Promise and Blessings are her gifts. It is held carefully and with reverence by Eostar, representing our Spiritual Awakening and Reverence for Life. However, the egg also can undergo cell division, and thus represent the birth of the Universe, as in creation mythology, where a flash of light divides the egg into 2 eggs, or a splitting off of worlds, representing Earth and New Earth, Ascending.

The white Lilies symbolize purity, modesty, sweetness, that “Heaven on Earth” quality. The Crocus represents the awakening of nature, resurrection, and rebirth. Thus I see the purification and restoral of the Earth and her own Ascension. Crocus also implies Abundance. Could this be NESARA?

The rabbit is acutely sensitive to vibrations and unseen threats, and also symbolizes intuition, an ability to get around in the dark, as they live underground and close to the Earth. Rabbit can be a Trickster, zig-zagging away to stay one step ahead of predators, outsmarting them. Victory of Light!”

Happy Easter everyone.
Make it a sweet one. ❤

Victory of the Light!

THE ORACLE REPORT: Saturday, March 26 – Sunday, March 27, 2016



THE ORACLE REPORT: Saturday, March 26 – Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Oracle Report will return Monday, March 28, 2016.


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