Soulstice Rising ~ Ascension Notes: Post Eclipse Gateway – 29-Mar-2016 by Kara Schallock

Soulstice Rising ~ Ascension Notes: Post Eclipse Gateway

29-Mar-2016 by Kara Schallock

Even though we have moved beyond the Eclipse Gateway, we are still feeling its effects. If new pathways have not yet opened, they will, so be patient. The reason for this is because rarely do things shift on the particular date of a cosmic event because we are in timelessness, regardless of what our calendars and clocks say. It is always important to do Ceremony on the day of the event, for that aligns our energies with the event. Most don’t experience the shift on that particular day, but when a person is ready as decided by Soul. As an illustration of this, last night (March 28-29), I had an ongoing dream in which I released some old behaviors and attitudes that were most limiting and these were transformed into Strength and Power. I kept having a continuation of the dream until I consciously claimed the Transformation. I was continuously awakened after each segment of the dream to do this. When I finally claimed them, the dream stopped. If you are still experiencing the Power of the Gateway, trust that all is in Divine Order.

The energy we have received during and after the Gateway has propelled us forward in the New. Even though we can see the old 3D world is going through some challenging times, we view the worldly events rather dispassionately…being in the world, but not of it. We potentially have detached in a huge way from the old world and our focus is more on seeing the strides we have made and continue to make as we are operating in a higher consciousness and vibrational reality. Whether your passage has been challenging (when you resist) or gentle (when you flow), the result is the same. It’s all how we choose to perceive the changes. We can see the world as broken or we can see it transforming. Much of how we view the world is an indication of how we view ourselves. When one is Love and whole, it is impossible not to see the world through those eyes and see that all is occurring in Divine Order. Of course, it is each being’s choice as to how they perceive themselves as well as the world.

We do not know what is coming next and this is because we are guided to stay in the Moment. For me, when I see predictions of “doom and gloom,” I roll my eyes and see those predictions as fear-producing. I choose not to promote fear, but to promote Love. What occurs in the future is not our concern. Fear-producing blogs or videos do nothing more than take us out of the Moment and fill us with more fear and the desire to save the Earth, which, as we know, is fruitless, because the Earth does not need saving, for She and we are going through a metamorphosis and I for one do not want to interfere with that, as I wouldn’t want anyone to “save” me from my own metamorphosis.

When we are in the Moment, we can address anything that comes our way in Strength, Love and Wisdom. And from this, we take an action step to what we’re guided to do, if anything. Whatever a person is guided to do comes directly from wherever their consciousness is. When we are worried about what may happen in the future, we stop the Creative Flow and become frozen in fear. As one’s consciousness expands, their choices shift. What one may have chosen to do before the Gateway is probably much different now. In the New, there is constant Expansion and growth. There are barriers to dissolve and self-imposed rules to let go of and this empowers our Awareness and consciousness. Based on this Expansion, we make different choices than we would have made before.

As your consciousness grows, your merging with Soul strengthens and from here you are more aware and your choices reflect the strengthening, as do your thoughts and feelings. You step into being more of who you are and this is the Opportunity the Eclipse Gateway brought to us, if we were ready and willing. From this place of being more you, it is easier to surrender to the unknown and easier to trust that you are not alone, yet sovereign. You see that you have chosen to be on Earth, leaving your high dimensional Home in order to help the Earth transform to a higher consciousness and dimension. As you know, coming to Earth at this time, we have stepped into 3D life. We lost our memory of who we are and yet, in the New we begin to remember in order to help all of life remember who they really are as well.

With more Awareness, you may see more clearly into yourself. What may be revealed is where you are still attached. Attachment really is a subset of fear. It is the fear of loss. Attachment brings up issues of controlling outcomes as well as fixing and saving. Attachment may be related to a person, a pet, a way of being, an outcome or the way you think things should be, including what the New should look like. So be aware of where you are attached, infuse it with Love and gently let go and trust all is in Divine Order. When we let go of attachments, we actually are able to love more. There truly is no loss. It is a perception based in separation.

With an expanded consciousness, there is an Opportunity to drop the old separative view of “us and them.” The homeless person, the person in prison and others you perceive as less or more than you, are all aspects of you. This is Oneness. There is no separation in the New; there is only the recognition that we are all a part of each other. We are One. We are connected through Love; the one Truth. While you may make different choices than others do and each being has unique gifts and experiences, we are One. Being One does not carry judgment or fear; it is recognizing that while each person has their own path in life, we are all connected in the One Love.

This Eclipse Gateway has shown us also that there is a perception of a large expanse between the old and the New. We may perceive the old world as being polarized and yet that is a perception. Your perceptions shift, while beliefs that you are attached to do not. As you expand, your perceptions change. All perceptions really are an extension of what you hold within you. As you expand, so do your perceptions. Be an observer; detached and view all in Love. What one may claim to be true, may not be true for all. It depends on each one’s consciousness, Awareness, perceptions and attachments. Realize that sometimes a person may feel they must be right in order to win. The evolving person realizes that there is no such thing as “being right” and that there is no such thing as winning; for to win, there must be a loser; and to be right, someone must be wrong. However a person chooses to be is for them and not necessarily for you, except to see what is within to release and transform. Having to be right in order to win is indeed of the old separate ego. The only goal for the evolving one is Love and to continue to evolve as more Love. That is all.

Our physical bodies are being upgraded by New Codes of Light. Our physical bodies reflect what is in our emotional and mental bodies, and yet our physical bodies seem to be experiencing the shift more dramatically. This may be because for eons we believed that we were not much more than our physical bodies and many still carry that belief in their cells. We are so much more than our physical bodies; much more than our emotional and mental bodies too. We are complete universes! We are the stars and the planets. Everything in the universe is us. Everything in the universe is Love; that is who we are. As we honor this, our very Presence shifts others. Knowing who we are in Truth brings Balance to the world. Being authentic is being all of who we are without shame or judgment. Being authentic shines our Divine Presence onto everything and everyone.

Since we are still transitioning, take care of yourself as best you can. Meditate, rest and eat and drink as healthily as you know how. Remember to be outdoors and breathe deeply into your Heart. Surround yourself in Inspiration. This can be lighting candles, having your crystals around you, as well as creating an Altar in your home, or anything that inspires you. My main Altar has each of the elements: water, fire, earth and air. For water, I have a small earthen vessel with crystals and purified water in it; for fire, I have a candle; for Earth, I have sage and for air I have feathers. My Altar is a place of worship and focus.

As beings of the New, we are Divine Creators. Every thought and feeling creates. We hold more Light and are more powerful now. We know Abundance is who we are; it is not outside of us. Nothing is outside of us, for we create what is within us. As we grow In Awareness, our thoughts and feelings are refined and so goes our world. “As above, so below; as within, so without.” As we expand as Love, our self-esteem rises and we shine in our Authenticity. Being Love affects every aspect of us and as we grow, our Light shines forth, touching all. We don’t do this through mental projection, but by being who we are. The rest happens spontaneously and naturally. As we recognize ourselves as Essence, we need not continue to seek outer tools in order to grow, for all we need is within.

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

~ ~ ~

If so guided, your continued tithes are graciously and gratefully accepted. And thank you to those of you who consistently tithe to support this body of work. Tithing is giving from the Heart; creating a consciousness of Prosperity. I am blessed and grateful for each of you!

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