Forecast for March 28-April 3, 2016 ~ contributed by Hillory Skott

Forecast for March 28-April 3, 2016
~ contributed by Hillory Skott

Mental mercury is a busy bee this week. Clear inspired thinking is a great big blessing when you can bring the vision down to earth. Empire building Saturn is dropping beats with clever Mercury. Mercury is in Aries, big, bold, and brave.  Take a deep breath this week- breathe in the buoyancy this mix of energy is feeding us. It’s nice to relax while you are getting things done.

Tuesday is a productive day in the Cosmos. Brave new moves are possible now. The trine between Saturn and Mercury creates a great opportunity for our ideas to make themselves real in our lives.  Uranus is adding the energy of your individualism to the mix too. Let yourself loose.  You have a plan.  Lay it down. Speak it, write it, sing it, and wing it!

But before you do consider the consequences.  Because the very next day is a complicated square between soul seeking Pluto in serious Capricorn and willful Mercury. Two energies at cross purposes. The thinking you and the deep real get to the bottom of this you have different agendas.

We meet our shit squarely when our planets square each other. Perhaps there is something that needs facing. Something that needs ritual burning. Maybe cords need cutting.  Pluto will ensure you do. Mercury might throw a tantrum.  No biggie, sometimes you need to stomp your foot when your plans are thwarted. Sometimes you need to slam that door on your way out.

There is really rebellious energy that will hit full swing by Thursday when Mercury joins Uranus and the moon and Pluto fuse in Capricorn. This is a great liberating energy combined with a serious concern for the ancestors type vibe.  This tricky mix of energy is perfect for laying down new ways of doing things.

We live in an age of constant marvels, magic is happening all around us. We fly through the sky. We beam our thoughts instantly through time and space. In less than a hundred years we went to from black and white TV to YouTube. And all this has really just been happening in the last 20 years. Evolution is racing.

This energy helps us hop up to join a higher frequency while laying the foundation of new traditions. Consider that is the work you are doing now.  Important foundation laying work. Legacy leaving business is at hand.  Your soul has a song and it is time to sing it.  Clear your throat and go.

Saturn and Jupiter are both in retrograde. Which speaks to things going kind of slow on one level. On other levels things are going fast. Life is assisting us in ways we cannot really see, but are likely to feel. Your depth of knowledge will take you places, no rush. Hurry up, but go slow.  Godspeed

~ contributed by Hillory Skott

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