Happy Easter

Since it is Easter, let’s think back to Cobra’s post from 2 years ago (when his blog was fairly new to me)

Eostre’s gift


Here is part of my comment in that thread, on the symbolism of the third image in his post, of the Goddess Eostre (Eostar):
“Ah, but the third image: The lovely maiden is the Goddess Eostar, or Eostre, who bestows a gift: The Dawn of a New Day, a lovely “Springtime” and New Beginning or Ascension for all of humanity, A time of Abundance, Joy, Celebration, and Rebirth, but she also represents all aspects of Balance, winter/summer, birth/death.

She has Enchanted the magical white Unicorn, an elusive, magnificent and sweet creature who is drawn to the maiden’s Open Heart, and as such, represents Purity, Magic (think Multi-dimensional Time Traveler), Miracles and the word of God. (When Jesus Ascended, he stated “This, and greater things ye shall do.”) I see it as the purification of our DNA through upgrades, and restored senses such as Intuition, Trust and Open Hearts, and Elevation of Consciousness, all of which will facilitate our ability for Magical Co-Creation. The Two-horned beasts are symbols of dualism, but the Unicorn’s single horn represents Unity, and thus Unity Consciousness.

The egg is Fertility, the Potential for New Life but also represents the Universe itself, and all of Life and Creation, as well as Transcendence, Immortality, and the Manifested Word. It’s form suggests the Elliptical Motion of Celestial Bodies, as well as the Sphere of Light surrounding all living things: an Aura. Luck, Wealth, Promise and Blessings are her gifts. It is held carefully and with reverence by Eostar, representing our Spiritual Awakening and Reverence for Life. However, the egg also can undergo cell division, and thus represent the birth of the Universe, as in creation mythology, where a flash of light divides the egg into 2 eggs, or a splitting off of worlds, representing Earth and New Earth, Ascending.

The white Lilies symbolize purity, modesty, sweetness, that “Heaven on Earth” quality. The Crocus represents the awakening of nature, resurrection, and rebirth. Thus I see the purification and restoral of the Earth and her own Ascension. Crocus also implies Abundance. Could this be NESARA?

The rabbit is acutely sensitive to vibrations and unseen threats, and also symbolizes intuition, an ability to get around in the dark, as they live underground and close to the Earth. Rabbit can be a Trickster, zig-zagging away to stay one step ahead of predators, outsmarting them. Victory of Light!”

Happy Easter everyone.
Make it a sweet one. ❤

Victory of the Light!

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