Things are Shakin’, So Beware; Cosmic Voice Radio
Feb. 24, 2016 (DRAKE)

This will be a rambling missive as I’ve a lot of ground to cover. Now that I can type again on a regular keyboard, there is much to say.

I would say that there has been a significant shift in energies, and some of those major initiatives unfolding in the background are coming to the fore.

The obvious things we see every day are the American election circus, the assassinations by the cabal, the ceasefire in Syria and the push for disclosure—and of course the ever-present predictions of the imminent financial collapse.

On a personal level, I’ve been extra busy minding the fort while Hubby’s in Norway, finishing up Mica’s obedience classes, and still working more hours than I anticipated I would be at this point at the store so I could use another 40 hours in my day.

There hasn’t been much time for blogging or anything of a personal nature, but some things demand attention. I suspect it’s the cintamani stone, but I have been very angry lately, anxious and on edge. I chalk it up to repressed anger—whether from past lives or earlier stages of the current one—or even just the crap that bugs me on a daily basis which largely is about my feelings of being trapped and not having choices and the pressure of schedules and deadlines.

And that leads me to Drake’s Cosmic Voice show tonight, which was a real bell-ringer. So much of it resonated with me. Thomas Williams warned the second hour—his portion—would be a roller coaster, and it was.

He spent 21 hours over three days last weekend in meetings with people who updated him on what is happening on a global scale. Thomas revealed many things tonight, which I have neither the time nor the energy to repeat here, so I strongly suggest you listen for yourself. He dropped some real zingers—but not nearly everything he ‘s been told.

He said it’s time for the incarnates to put the petty differences aside, to do their inner work, and to step up and BE who we came here to be. Lately I have wondered why I’m doing what I’m doing. It doesn’t seem like enough; more like a merry-go-round.

He says we must address our shadow side. We ALL have to step up to the plate and take part in what is unfolding.

Thomas had good news and not-so-good news about many things. It will have you thinking.

If you are pressed for time, he began his revelations in the second hour. Unfortunately I missed most of Drake’s first hour, so I’m going to listen to that now.

We’ve been so wrapped up in all the (dis)information on the Internet, and much of the time feeling like we know the truth about many things while the sheep will be shocked. This is something else I have been contemplating of late—and I have felt that when Disclosure with a capital “D” as Thomas refers to it happens, we will ALL be reeling with disbelief. We do NOT know the truth.

A few “whistleblowers” let out of the pen does not mean we have been told the truth. We only know what “they” want us to know. Some factions allow us to learn certain things; that is all. We are controlled, and that is why there have been negotiations as to when Disclosure will take place. Fifty years from now is out of the question, but I have wondered just how “ready” Humanity is for such revelations as the Extraterrestrials, their part in our evolution, the fact they have lived here for EVER, and how manipulated and insignificant we have been in the big scheme of things; barely a paramecium in the cosmic Petri dish.

And then there is Religion, as Thomas acknowledges. Deeply religious people will be hardest hit. They don’t want to hear it, and estimates are that millions of people would commit suicide if this is not done properly.

I am not satisfied with the David Wilcock/Corey Good/James Corey/Michael Salla version of disclosure (little ‘d’) from the military. Thomas alluded to this tonight, I believe, in his cryptic way, as he doesn’t want to stoop to 3D bashing behaviour.

I was surprised and dismayed to hear David Wilcock write recently that he is enjoying the last of his anonymity before he can no longer walk down the street without being recognized. Our post-disclosure future is not about “celebrities” and “heroes”, but if Thomas was saying what I think he was saying, it could explain the remarks David made.

When we are warned “all is not what it seems”, we need to take that very seriously. I urge everyone to put aside the distractions and listen to what Thomas shared. It affects all of Humanity, and it starts with us.

Many of the Galactics consider us “stupid savages”, as Thomas was told. I was thinking about that this past week, as well. I envisioned meeting the Galactics face to face, and seeing some of them turn away and refuse to shake our hands—like we have cooties. I hope we will rise to the occasion and mature into the sort of Beings that deserve the immeasurable assistance we have had from the Star Nations for so long—and their respect. Now it is time for us to “save ourselves” and our planet and do what no one else can do for us.

To listen to the Cosmic Voice radio show from tonight, Feb. 24, 2016, click the link below. May the Force be with you.   ~ BP


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