The Core Of All Truths ~ Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The Core Of All Truths

a message from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Wednesday, 27 January, 2016

The core of all Truths are non-denominational, simultaneous and multi-dimensional. They are not attached to any one-person place or time. They actively avoid all need for ownership sidestepping permission. The multidimensional components of all thoughts are always stirring seeking to become more. The influx of solar particles coming to Earth via a hundred different modalities (CME, Solar storms. Meteors, Weather, Auroras etc) will change human DNA like a software program that needs a hardwired upgrade.

As man aligns more and more with the earth elements he will learn how to blend with them to befriend them. In days of old and wizard-hood one was taught to command the elements of earth and make them obey. In this time cycle one is asked to befriend the elements and at that point of friendship they will do for you as a friend would kindly ask. But know this, ‘all demands’ will be escorted out the back door.

Each person on earth has a mental projector which fills their holographic bubble of choice with a maze of thoughts fears worries and what ifs. One may carry an umbrella for their rainy day hologram, one may carry a picnic basket for their sunny day hologram. Within each choice is a possibility for a diverse outcome as they enter new avenues of thought and creation. As more and more wires are crossed on the planet Earth via electronic and virtual means earth will become more dimensionally flux as the crossed wires of several universes come together.

Every choice humanity makes leads to a different outcome. Multiple timelines exist as different branches on the same tree housing different versions of ourselves. Meeting oneself in a daily occurrence will not be out of the norm as all parts of our original light and soul fragments come together in a central point, a centro-plex of personalities and multiple lives.

All of these dimensional fissures allow mankind to heal through time and space but also allows one the gift of going back and revisiting, healing, correcting, and embracing what had come undone thru our own efforts. How many times have people said ‘if I could only do it over again’ And hence they have actually accessed a planetary time door to allow them to do such. They each will have the opportunity to go within their heart and see with their human eyes that which needs healing or be pushed to the ground like a lassoed bull. Each time sculpted aspect of yourself as humans will learn from itself as the multiple choices of one’s life become animated to the point of believability.

The fractured mirror effect does not bring bad luck but bring the opportunity to see one is a multi-faceted gem. The good the bad and the ugly of humaneness sees itself, and makes choices from that point. Every little particle of life is reused recycled and held sacred no matter what form. Every tear every whim every wish is recycled into another octave of the face of God.

2016 will bring Time storms from an undetermined source. Time storms are one of the side effects of disrupting the flow of time itself, caused by something altering the time stream. (scientific experiments, extraterrestrials, time travelers etc ) a Time storm appears as light patterns moving erratically in the air, accompanied by lightning and swirling energies. All of earth will directly affecting and causing a shifting of time, as one phases in and out of their current time lines (via wishes, whims, portals, thoughts).

A Time storm is a method of time/space transportation that can be experienced in many forms. In the past it was experienced by the people being taken through time as a swirl of light, took them into unknown time zones to see and be taught usually by a higher aspect of self. When a wormhole travels close enough to a star or planet its time-path may be altered. Objects sent through a wormhole will reach a destination but always in another time period. Time dilation technology has been used to slow down time, to advance the speed of time, or to reverse time in a localized field in order to retrieve what was sent into the time field.

“Time vortals” which are private portals that allow the higher light aspects of your being to travel upon to consciously connect with extended parts of your self that exist in other times-dimensions. They allow one to be released from the illusion of temporal time and travel to and within all dimensions of reality. you can tune into all aspects of yourself from the past and into the future. You can transmit healing energy to your past releasing any emotional or karmic trauma and baggage that you still have with your past. Finally releasing the ongoing need to drag it back into the now where it does not belong.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – PO box 217 – Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 –

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