Here Are Your Angel Messages for December 7 – 13, 2015 with Doreen Virtue​

Here Are Your Angel Messages for December 7 – 13, 2015
with Doreen Virtue​

A powerful and positive week, because you’ve made the decision to take great care of yourself! Your new spiritual awareness is making big contributions to world peace.

It’s a week where you’ll lift above negativity, and pull up the energy for everyone around you. This is a purposeful week for you, where you step into spiritual leadership. You’re a role model of how to be peaceful in the midst of stressful energy.

This is a week where you put your spiritual wisdom and divine guidance into action. It’s a week where you get to experience yourself as your true authentic and spiritually powerful self.

You truly turn lemons into lemonade!

Doreen is working with the Angel Tarot Cards with Radleigh Valentine, available at bookstores and app stores worldwide, including at:

This week’s video was filmed at night, so the lighting looks different than the other videos which are normally filmed in the afternoons.

To watch the entire reading, or to sign-up for a free subscription to Doreen’s 4AngelTherapy YouTube channel, where you’ll be notified via email when each week’s reading is posted, please click here:

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