The Great Work: Healing the World with Collective Meditation | Starship Earth: The Big Picture (source: Wake Up World)

The Great Work: Healing the World with Collective Meditation

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Here’s a timely piece from ‘Wake Up World’ complete with the research behind mass meditations. We are far more powerful when uniting and working together than we are separately. Hence, the Illuminati’s efforts to divide us—even as to whether meditation or stating our intention is effective or not.

The manipulation of energy usually requires some degree of belief. If you’ve read the book or watched the video for Dr. Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief”, you understand how powerful our thoughts and programming can be, and once we have our DNA repaired, we will be godly creators.

Many people use visualization to cure cancer—and what is visualization? It’s a form of meditation with intention.

Below you will see the research and real results organized meditations have had in our world—and it doesn’t require being together physically—just mentally, with intention and belief. 

Perhaps there should be collective meditations to eliminate chemtrails and other worthwhile causes. Perhaps there already are. Facebook pages for meditations have been instrumental in bringing people of like mind together to effect change. 

It helps to understand that our negative thoughts and intentions can work against us, of course. We can be our own worst enemies, and need to learn to effectively manipulate energy.

The “hive mind” has already partially created our dismal reality. Can you imagine what we could do if we could lay claim to a “world mind”? 

Our greatest obstacle might be getting everyone to agree on the most important task to tackle.  ~ BP

intention energy flows23rd November 2015

By Roger Taylor BSc, BVSc, PhD

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Collective meditation does have effects in the ‘real world’.

We are living now in the age of Kali Yuga. According to Indo-Tibetan mythology, this is a time when iron birds fly in the air, and the life of the spirit falls to its nadir. The evidence for this can be seen all around us: terrorism, alienation, crime, drugs, degradation of the environment. It is not hard to see how the age of Kali Yuga has arisen necessarily along with the rise of the predominant materialist world-view. This view, of the world being made up of particles, which we envisage as material, could in principle be overturned if we would really take on the implications of quantum theory, which sees the world as made up of insubstantial inter-penetrating waves.

It is now often stated that the basic tenets of quantum theory have never come under serious question. Thus we must accept one of these: that, at some level, faster than-light, or non-local connections can exist. Further, there is much recent evidence that this can be true not only for the particles studied by physicists but for human minds. Further to the thousands of anecdotes of telepathy there are now two very convincing lines of objective evidence. The first concerns brain waves: at least three groups of scientists have shown first (and as expected) there is usually a degree of synchrony between the two halves of a single person’s brain. But what is new and exciting is the finding of synchrony between separate individuals. This occurs principally where there is a close relationship, as with lovers, or mother and child — e.g. [1][2].

Synchrony may also occur between brain waves and other physiological rhythms, such as heart-beat and breathing. This becomes much more marked during meditation — as if this activity serves to harmonise bodily functions. In addition, studies on long-term meditators have shown that the brain does undergo real permanent change as a result [3].

The second line of evidence concerns a much more general phenomenon whereby the minds of millions of people all over the world can be seen to be linked together. This work began some 30 years ago, at Princeton University, with the finding that people could, with their minds, influence (albeit to a very small degree) the behaviour of a simple electronic device called a random event generator (REG) [4]. Unavoidably, all electronic components generate noise. This noise is generally thought to be completely random, but obviously a mental influence means a departure from randomness. Later experiments led the researchers to believe that conscious intention was not necessary, since the REG was responding to large groups of people who did not even know the device was in the room with them. Working with situations such as theatres or religious meetings, observers were sent in to record the times when there was simultaneous focus of emotion, such as when the audience laughed together, or held their breath at some dramatic scene. When later these records were compared with the record of noise from the REG, significant correlations were often found.

Thinking already that this effect might be non-local, they set up the Global Consciousness Project, whose objective was to look for correlations between REG behaviour and major world events which would be likely to focus the emotions of millions of people. The procedure now is, whenever a major world event takes place, to make a “formal prediction” that it will significantly affect the REGs. (There are now over 50 of these operating in various parts of the world). Then, whether the result is, or is not significant, it is still included in the calculation of overall significance. These results are available for anyone to see on the inspiring website [5]). A particularly large deviation was found in response to the events of 9/11 (Fig. 1).
The Great Work – Healing the World with Collective Meditation – Figure 1


Figure 1: The combined statistical significance of all the results accumulated over several years is now extremely high. Have these subtle connections among human beings been increasing in recent years – perhaps with the help of the rapidly increasing network of communications by radio, telephone and the internet? It is too early to say. But the scientists running the Global Consciousness Project suggest that they have, and that they are leading us towards the “Omega Point,” as foreseen by Pierre Theilhard de Chardin, when the human race becomes in effect a single organism [6]. In this case, it might be suggested, a high proportion of people’s brain waves might come into synch with the Schumann resonance much of the time, and perhaps lead them to identify with Gaia and the natural world.

Collective meditation and prayer have effects in the real world.

If this is so, then we already have a basis for belief that prayer might, after all, be effective. Indeed a number of scientific studies have been carried out to test the efficacy of prayer in aiding the recovery of patients in hospital. Some of these have achieved a modest degree of statistical significance. Much more impressive, however, are the results obtained by scientists at the Maharishi International University’s Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy. Based on his theory of the unified field, the Maharishi advanced the hypothesis that meditation itself, and especially the transcendental meditation he was teaching, should have an effect in the real world, and that this effect might be greatly magnified when large numbers meditate together. This hypothesis has been tested now in over 40 studies on a variety of social indicators, with violent crime rates showing the biggest effect. Many of these have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

The Experiment and Studies:

A very large and well-planned experiment took place in Washington in 1993 [7]. Every stage of the experiment was overseen by a 27-member review board including sociologists, criminologists, and representatives from the Police and Local Government. It was decided, as the dependent variable, to monitor figures for violent crime. Over a period of two months, TM practitioners gathered at several locations in the city, and practised the TM-Sidhi programme together twice daily at pre-arranged times.

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