Shekina Rose / Blue Ray: 10:10 Gateway Ascension Symptoms: New Forerunners Leaving the Matrix

10:10 Gateway Ascension Symptoms: New Forerunners Leaving the Matrix

Many of the Star Seeds, Blue Rays and the New Forerunners, who have been on the trailblazing ascension path for a long time, will be the first to be experiencing this vibrational shift.

As you are leaving the old matrix, this time-space may feel very different from anything you have experienced before. First to experience this are the New Forerunners—the first wave frequency anchors, and Blue Rays and Star Seeds, who have been on the ascension path for many years, even decades. Coming to this place you may feel that your mission is over. There may be such a sense of completion for some, it may feel you could cross over and leave the planet. 888

What is occurring is you are leaving the old matrix and crossing over from a lower density to a higher frequency where the 10:10 gateway arrives. Many will enter a lull period or incubation place where it will seem that much is coming to a stop before the new time-space fully begins.

Your arrival and period of this incubation place will be in waves or groups and at different times. The Star Beings who entered this resting period first have already moved into the new space as others are entering.

Metamorphosis Ascension Cavern

In this metamorphosis ascension cavern, you’re bringing all your parts into integration as the Soul presence is anchoring within the higher dimension Earth. You also are awaiting the arrival of your light family’s soul song assembly that will create a perfect harmonic code. This harmonic code will open a gateway that anchors the New Man of Light and New Earth resonances. 333

This space can feel foreign to the first wave frequency holders as you have been on the trailblazing path of intensity for so long to get the mission done that you may not have known any other way to be.

Your Sovereign Existence and Leaving The Old Domain

Now, the breath is getting you in touch with your full self of integration. Who are you now? Decide through your sovereignty person power how you wish to play and be, and that you are here and have arrived. Know you are more of the true essence that you came here to be in this lifetime.

For the empathic Star Beings, New Forerunners, as you come to this gateway on your journey, know you have come a very long way. You have maintained and deepened your empathic and intuitive senses. These are powerful divine tools of connection to the unity heart of humanity, to all life, and to the multi-dimensional universes. 444

New Forerunners Mission Vibrational Bridge For The New Human Species

You are the Way Showers and New Forerunners of your genetic and ancestor DNA and a vibrational bridge for the new human species. You activate the divine blueprint through clearing damaged genetics and anchoring a higher frequency on the planet. This would assist humanity in a major evolutionary step. Many soul contracts and alignment activations with Gaia and the land have been completed and others to a degree that you can decide how to proceed.

The 10:10 Ascension gateway endings, rebirth, new life in a higher frequency

The 10:10 Ascension gateway means a full cycle is complete and whole. Once you reach this level you may experience a higher frequency and choose your next course of activation. You do not need to cross over and come back—the painful process of dying and rebirth and taking a whole life to remember what the soul is and has learned. You can do this within this life. You are living many lifetimes in one now. Through this gateway into your new lifetime, you can bring the greatest aspects—empowerment of soul wisdom, love and what you have acquired. You cannot bring through the gateway what does not serve your new life and purpose, relationships and ties to the past.

It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for ascension symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process. These are suggestions; trust your own intuition.

  • From feeling vacant and thinking your not connected to experiencing deep powerful heart emotions. Times where you suddenly feel you heart space open up with crying and weepy. These a deep powerful intergrations where the energies need to be so
  • Feeling bloated not being able to lose weight even though you maybe not eating as much. Your body is anchoring deeply and responding differently now.
  • Not wanting to work like before and or experiencing a lull time space where projects have are been put on hold. During these lull times it may be challenging to do your work as your body and being wants to enjoy life’s simple things and pleasures. This is an integration place. There may have been a time space where you were very driven in work and in the mission and as you hit the lull 10 10 your body and being wish to anchor and be rejuvenated. You are keeping up with what needs to be for life though with resting, relaxing and
  • Frequency vibration Dietary changes
  • Periods where if feels challenging just to be in the body.
  • Heavy in the body for the Angelic Blue Rays who tend to be a being of ethical nature you have gotten used to living in this space of the Crossover time may feel uncomfortable. As you are adjusting the body may feel heavy. You are going deeper in to integrating the angelic frequencies to your nature.
  • Resolving and the resolution of relationships and ending of soul contracts. There maybe times when you want to bring some of the relationships and people with you through the 10 10 gateway, that are not in harmonic resonances to who you are now and your path. As you try to make it happen your true being will rise up and action will occur the discordances in the frequencies. That will end the relationship and or you will see you just do not fit and resonate any more and it doesn’t feel in alignment with you and there is nothing than can be done other to honor and accept this in the both of you and allow each other freedom.
  • Exhaustion.
  • Not being able to handle the normal stress of life normally you life can bring you the normal delays standing lines, computer issues, These are times that your body energy field is doing heavy integration downloading into deep self where all your energies are being used for this. Listen and trust your intuition to guide you at these time.
  • Seeing the new sights.
  • Call for joy realization and renewal of Life Being soul focus on the path for so long may at some level limited your focused on the mission this steered your life.

Now that you are here where some of the New Forerunners have been on spiritual-driven missions, be open to be replenished on a new level and in new ways. Celebrate the small and the big rewards. Acknowledge your ascension journey by enjoying all the blessings that have brought you here, no matter where you think you need to be. It is the place that the Universe has conspired together in love to lead you. Allow yourself the joy of being in human form that has given you the instrument for the inter-connectedness of all of Creation. A gateway that you’re spiritual credentials have created of a new alignment within the forces of light and divine power awaits you now.

Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose by Spirit to activate this transmission.

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