Journal Entry 10.02.2015 by Eliza Ayres | Blue Dragon Journal

Oh, yes, I am seeing much of this kind of thing, people flipping out or getting angry and punitive, as I go through life change upheaval…but now that I’ve had some rest, I know it is true, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. We have all been aligned with the dark or the light in various lifetimes, so sometimes there is a resonance or recognition in bad behavior that we see in others and now abhor. Behind most of it is fear. We were all once little innocent babes, and we can choose to reconnect with our divinity, although they do sometimes see this as a threat. Thanks for reminding us that we can stand in our personal power in these situations.

Blue Dragon Journal

"Lake Jubilee" “Lake Jubilee”

Journal Entry 10.02.2015 – Shadow Play

Wow! It’s been another tough week at work. The environment has been toxic where I work due to friction between staff members. How or why doesn’t matter; what does matter is the Shift is hitting the fan. The two worlds are noticeably separating. I managed to make another co-worker angry to the point of attempting to retaliate against me, which will, in the long run just serve to bring her own short-comings into sharp focus.

This came in from my team this past week:

“You are presently in the midst of a tremendous transition. It would appear that you are being rebellious and obstinate, but in actuality, you are finally standing in your power. You have drawn a line in the sand and the entities that live within those with whom you work will not be able to cross it. They are currently in the process…

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