energy update Super Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse by Meredith Murphy | Expect Wonderful

energy update
Super Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse
by Meredith Murphy | Expect Wonderful

The energies of the coming super moon and a total lunar eclipse are intensifying.

You may feel this as pressure to make change. Pressure to do something differently and make it happen now. This intensifying energy is propelling you into more clear, direct expression and is highly beneficial. Let yourself relax, knowing, the Divine Self that is your Source, has got this. It’s all good.

It may help to give yourself permission to not act or make decisions now, but to simply do what helps physically, to allow the energy to flow. That might be moving more to give it an outlet. Resting more if you’re tired. Using singing or breathing exercises to relax. Using preferred methods of clearing and release if particular energies feel like they’re clearing. It can be challenging, even very challenging, to let the energy flow through us and also to stay open and let go. But that’s what’s most graceful and will give us the greatest ease.


The pics here are of the moving walkway in O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. I was thinking of this incredible passageway today and it feels very apt for this time. The lights in it change all the the time, and it reminds me of how we too, are moving through a passageway, with dynamic light activations and cosmic codes unique to each of us.

The fullness of your being knows exactly how to do this. How to raise your vibration, expand your awareness, and guide and support your conscious evolution. Your physical body too, has infinite intelligence orchestrating it all.

You can rely on this and let go.

Trust that all this is, is working for you, and with you.

With tremendous love and appreciation for all you are and all you are becoming.

We are One!

P.S. If you’d like some cosmic support and collaboration, you can still get the Equinox Event which includes a guided channeled meditation from the Galactic Dragons, that supports us for this coming Super Moon/Eclipse as well as working with the energy of this whole cycle. It’s available through the end of the month as an immediate download Get it Here.

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