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Wake Up Call July 23, 2015: St. Germain via Nancy Tate

Wake up Call: St. Germain, July 23, 2015
via Nancy Tate

I am here today to let you know that there is much going on behind the scenes that will lead to a very familiar way of being on this planet. The way of living that I am referring to is from the historical pieces of information and data from the records and books that have been not only in storage and discovered, but in the memories of those who are able to tune in to the past. As we go forward in the revealing of these pieces of the earth history, we will feel very familiar to them, as if they just happened yesterday, or tomorrow. Yes, I say tomorrow, for as many of you have been feeling, the idea of time is irrelevant. It is a concept of time that is no longer what it was even a week ago. It is the placement of the events and experiences in our lives that is the deciding factor for how it is, or will affect us in the moment that we are feeling or living it.

I realize that some people may not be able to tune in to these words, however they will at some point in their lives say, “Oh, that was what he was saying. St Germain was telling me what my future will feel like, and I thought he was crazy. But now I understand.” This, my dear ones is what is taking place in many ways around this globe.

Another piece of information that I’m sure you want to hear is that the funds that will be being distributed around the world are in the process right now of being sent through the various pathways to the ones who will be finding them in their accounts. They will be deciding any changes that might take place for them to be used to welcome comfort into their lives, and for others as well. It is something that I have been seeing is in the works and has gone through countless diversions. Now I see what I was projecting would come about in the early stages of the creation of the instant wealth that would bring to the people a different idea of what money means to them. So many of them have felt that the power of money is the most powerful energy on the planet. That is because they have not had what they consider to be enough for the kind of life that they know they desire and deserve. Now is the coming situation for that all to change. With the huge amount of money in their accounts they will have a whole different slant on what it means to them and to others. Every individual will experience what that says to them. It is not for me to say it, or even feel that I know what it would mean. We can speak from our own experience and interpretation of it.

One more idea that has been rolling around the planet is that there is no end to the dangers and dilemma that we all will be facing. That too is in the process of changing. That too is evolving into a different way of looking at what we are being gifted with. This gift is our own gift of seeing the procedures of our lives in a different way than was the usual for us. That is what it takes to bring about the changes that we are already feeling come about. I have seen where even within me, there are many instances where we awaken in the morning feeling so out of sorts, then in the next moment we feel at ease and in peace. It is a matter of transforming what is real to us, and what we no longer associate with what we are experiencing now.

As the energy changes we too find that our changes are instantaneous. It is an experience that is coming because of the togetherness that we all are right now. We are feeling the energies of us all as the wholeness that we are, and it is something that can bring us much confusion, if we don’t understand it. That is why I felt to come through this one, who as well has been feeling this. I saw to let you know that it is something that we all are experiencing and it is our blessed road to our eternal bliss, clarity, peace, joy and Love. So I suggest that you see this as living in the moment and allowing yourself to tune in to the peace, joy and Love that you are. Allow any feelings, thoughts and ideas to resound as the answer for what you know to be your power to create that which you find to be the essence of the Mushaba energy within all of you.

Yes, I bring this up now because I am sitting here next to Porda and Benedictine, and we are seeing that you are ready to see that the Mushaba energy is a part of the energy of what you are to be experiencing, as well as what has led you to this point in your evolution. I wanted to remind you of this when I saw that you are at the status of being able to relate to it because it is part of who you are and how your evolution has been created by you,  and the whole of life. It has always been with you and it always will be, for as the Christ energy has been a segment of your beingness, so too has the Mushaba energy. This is the point in your evolution when it was meant to be brought to your consciousness, for it is the seed of it, and of your ability to create anything that you desire and intend.

I feel now that I have shared enough with you for this day. I go now and thank you all for being who you are, for showing me what you are capable of doing, and for living it. Love is All Of Us. We present it forward, and create our lives through eternity.

Thank you so much dear St. Germain, Porda and Benedictine,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

Your Angel Messages for July 27 – Aug 2 from Doreen Virtue

Your Angel Messages for July 27 – Aug 2 from Doreen Virtue

Here are your Angel Messages for this week:

It’s a week where you clearly decide to make your life more fun and joyful. No more drudgery — you are determined to have a career and home life that’s pleasurable and meaningful.

Although the full moon energy and Venus, Saturn and Uranus in retrograde may trigger feelings of tiredness in you, you still have the mental energy to make important decisions. You will now lead with your Higher Self instead of listening to fear-based or lack-based beliefs.

Although the energies may be harsh around you, you’re able to gather your strength this week to make personal decisions that are healthful . . . and you don’t let anything pull you down. You take your life into your own hands, instead of worrying about others’ opinions. It’s definitely a week of strong independence which moves your life purpose forward in important ways.

Note: In this video, Doreen is working with the Daily Guidance From Your Angels Oracle Cards, which are available at bookstores worldwide, as well as in App stores, and at:

Pam Younghans: NorthPoint Astrology Journal ~ Your guide to planetary energies for July 27- August 2, 2015

NorthPoint Astrology Journal

Highlighted Aspects this Week:

MON: Mercury quincunx Neptune
WED: Sun sesquiquadrate Chiron, Mercury quincunx Pluto
THU: Mars sesquiquadrate Neptune
FRI: Full Moon 3:42am PDT, Venus retrogrades into Leo
SAT: Sun quincunx Neptune, Saturn goes direct 10:52pm PDT
SUN: Mercury trine Uranus, Mercury quincunx Chiron

WE BEGIN the week adjusting to recent events and new information that has challenged our thinking, our plans, and our perceptions. With Mercury currently in the fixed sign Leo, it may be hard to let go of our attachment to how we had thought life was going to unfold. But a Mercury-Neptune quincunx on Monday tells us that we need to move beyond wishful thinking and instead move into a place of trust and allowing.

Two days later, we have another aspect requiring us to make mental adjustments. A Mercury-Pluto quincunx on Wednesday challenges the Leonine desire for immediate answers, as things may turn out to be more complicated than we thought. We may need to do more research or delve more deeply into the mystery as we seek the solutions to current issues.

ON THURSDAY, we’ll be working with a Mars-Neptune aspect that asks us to see beyond our emotional reactions. Mars is currently in Cancer, so we are naturally predisposed to a certain amount of defensiveness, especially if we feel our security is threatened in some way.

Cancer the Crab doesn’t usually like to feel uncomfortable emotions like anger, and so can sit on its feelings until they build to a boiling point. But Neptune, representing the spiritual/heart-centered perspective, teaches that being assertive doesn’t have to mean being aggressive. As we work with the Mars-Neptune sesquiquadrate on Thursday, we’ll get best results if we can be both direct and caring.

THE AQUARIUS FULL MOON occurs early Friday morning in the Pacific time zone (at 3:42am PDT). This is the second Full Moon in July, which makes it a “blue moon” by modern definition. It’s somewhat rare to have two Full Moons in the same calendar month — hence the saying “once in a blue moon” when something occurs infrequently. Over the next 20 years, we’ll have about 15 blue moons, which is an average of one every 16 months.

The Sabian symbol for the location of this Full Moon (at 8 degrees of Aquarius) provides this image for us to meditate upon:

“Beautifully gowned wax figures on display: The inspiration one may derive from the appearance of Exemplars who present to us the archetypes of a new culture.”

This theme is reinforced by the Mercury-Uranus trine that is a part of the Full Moon chart and is exact next Sunday.

BY NEXT WEEKEND, we may be feeling in a very different place than we are right now. As I write this on Sunday, July 26, the influence of Uranus is very strong, due to the planet starting its retrograde (backward-motion) phase today.

When a planet changes direction, we are usually more aware of its effect in our lives. Uranus, as the Great Liberator, brings unexpected changes and the opportunity to choose greater freedom and flexibility.

Right now, we may be able to relate well to what Jim Maynard writes in his yearly astrology calendar about Uranus: “The old must be shattered before the new can come, but we are often fearful of new, unknown ways and reluctant to let go. Uranus makes us let go. It shakes us loose!”

OVER THE COMING WEEK, there is a “changing of the guard,” as Saturn takes over as the planet in charge. After being retrograde since March 14, Saturn comes to a standstill next Saturday and then begins its forward-motion phase.

Saturn is quite different from Uranus in influence. Where Uranus liberates and shakes up existing forms, Saturn consolidates, brings something into form, and requires us to take responsibility for our manifestations.

If we’ve done our work during this five-month Saturn retrograde phase — if we’ve examined our deepest needs and the fears that have been holding us back — we can use this week and next to gain clarity on what we need to do next, in real-world terms. We can also use Saturn’s influence, as the planet picks up speed over the coming weeks, to concentrate our efforts and let go of activities or commitments that do not support our higher long-term goals.
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Sarah Varcus: 25th July – 6th September 2015: Venus Retrograde (mostly) in Leo: Independently Entwined

25th July – 6th September 2015:
Venus Retrograde (mostly) in Leo: Independently Entwined
by Sarah Varcus

 25th July – 6th September 2015: Venus Retrograde (mostly) in Leo. The challenge of this Venus retrograde is to bridge the gap between isolated self-reliance and nourishing interdependence.

Whilst Venus spends the vast majority of this retrograde period in Leo, she actually shifts direction in Virgo. In this detail lies hidden the key to her entire retrograde journey: it’s all about the nuances, not the bigger picture. Venus in Leo is flamboyant and demonstrative, passionate and radiant, but in the subtle shaping hands of Virgo she knows that the most reliable self-confidence is born of detailed self-knowledge: familiarity with the twists and turns of one’s psyche and their influence upon our well-being and relationships. When retrograde, Venus reveals the underbelly of those relationships, inviting us to see what may otherwise be hidden. She uncovers the subtle dynamics which shape our interactions with each other whilst reminding us the most important relationship is with the self.

Venus retrograde in Leo needs little from the external world. She is sure of her inherent worth, requiring no external affirmation. This can both help and hinder relationships. We may be so sure of our position that other people pale into insignificance against the backdrop of our self-assuredness. Alternatively, confident self-possession may enable us to willingly give completely to another without in any way diminishing our own sense of self. Knowing that the love of the divine flows through our veins enables us to give of that love as required, confident that our stores are forever replenished by Sacred Source. For those in need of this love and affection our attention comes as a healing force kindling their own self-accepting love.

The challenge of this Venus retrograde is to bridge the gap between isolated self-reliance and nourishing interdependence. We do this by embracing those Virgoan nuances. Venus cannot live only within and remain happy, healthy and whole. She needs connection, comfort, affection and attachment to thrive. Venus fans the flames of love and brings us together to share it. She naturally reaches out to connect, not within to detach. If we find ourselves isolated during this retrograde passage, disconnected from those with whom we seek intimacy, Venus encourages us to consider where we may have become so self-sufficient we believe we need nothing and no one. Such a belief is born not of a sovereign self but a besieged one, shielded by defensive walls built to avoid the vulnerability of need, dependency and desire. Venus invites us to wonder how we secured our isolation and how we could possibly need no one in a world of seven billion interdependent people. She asks us to reflect upon issues of dependency: the labour of strangers which ensures water from our kitchen tap; the endeavours of our ancestors whose legacy we live today; the toil of those who produce the food we need to survive. No person is an island, she reminds us. In an interconnected world dependence is not a failing but a fact, not a weakness but a fundamental truth, the realisation of which may just save us all.

It is time to explore our dependency, to face the thoughts and feelings triggered when we recognise our very life rests in the hands of another. In truth we each hold the other in our hands, nourishing their blossoming or crushing their delicate unfolding petals with our own need to control. We each owe a huge duty of care to the other as much as to ourselves and must be willing to embrace each day the vulnerability of inter-dependency for our own well-being and survival.

Venus reminds us that self-reliance is only a strength when it enables giving and receiving in equal measure. We will need it in the coming months to ride the ups and downs of change and stand firm in the face of challenge which threatens to steer us off course. But we equally need others to ride alongside us, cheering each other on when the going gets tough, sharing supplies for the journey and each other’s dreams. We are not islands in a sea of self-protection but instead one life, living through each of us to nourish and nurture itself. As Venus journeys back through Leo she invites us to know ourselves as each other, to celebrate dependence and to honour the truth that we each hold the life of another in our hearts and in our hands.

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Sarah Varcas

Cobra: Galactic Wave of Love | The Portal

Galactic Wave of Love by Cobra | The Portal

Sunday, July 26, 2015

In the center of our Galaxy, there is a huge double star, the source of Light and life for this Galaxy, the Galactic Goddess, the Pleroma, the Galactic Central Sun. It breathes and pulses with a regular rhythm, each heartbeat taking 26,000 years to complete. Every time the Galactic heart beats, the Galactic center sends a wave of highly charged physical and non-physical particles throughout the Galaxy.

This Galactic heart beat has entrained the precession of the Earth axis to align with the 26,000 year cycle:

We are approaching a Galactic wave right now and it will culminate in the Event.

Previous Galactic pulses have been quite intense, as it has been very accurately described by Paul LaViolette:

He and many other people are expecting the current Galactic pulse to be quite intense:

In reality, there are powerful Light forces present inside our Solar system to ensure that the process will be much more harmonious this time.

There will still be a lot of emotional intensity and some increase in tectonic activity:

But the main aspect of this Galactic pulse will be a wave of cosmic Love. This Love energy is the basis of universal cosmic reality and is now reaching our shores. This energy has Galactic proportions and can not be stopped by the Cabal, no matter what they try to do.

This energy will completely clear the primary anomaly and the plasma octopus entity around the Earth, which was called Yaladaboth in Gnostic teachings:

Gnostic myth clearly states that Yaldabaoth was hidden in the »thick cloud« of plasmatic plane:

Pleromic energy of Galactic Love will dissolve all false teachings of the Archons, as you can read in those two excellent articles:

As we are getting closer to the Event, the energies will trigger human suppressed reactions even more. Therefore it is of the utmost importance for the people to learn how to debate constructively and stop attacking each other. You can find instructions how to do this in the following article:

American Kabuki has put it even more simply:

Many people are expecting the Galactic wave to hit us in September or even before that. This is very unlikely, as complexity wave analysis shows first increased probability peak in October-December timeframe. Complexity wave analysis is a very sophisticated computer model of the Resistance Movement which predicts future trends based on cosmic cycles and free will vector analysis.

It is important to understand that the Event is an active interaction between our global consciousness and the Galactic Center and that Galactic energies are coming to us based on our ability to receive them. This is why it is so important for as many people to awaken as soon as possible.

It is also good for you to have a personal connection with the Galactic Center in your meditations. If the energies flowing through you are too strong, you can communicate to the Galactic Center to tone them down.

Our active communication with the Pleroma, with the Galactic Center, is creating a feedback loop that will trigger the Event when the time is right.

The Breakthrough is near!

Posted by Cobra at 8:05 AM
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THE BLUE AVIANS: THE WORK IS YOURS by Ute Posegga-Rudel | Messages from the Realms of Light

by Ute Posegga-Rudel | Messages from the Realms of Light

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Video (recommended)

Often I feel the presence of the Blue Avians. And with it the slight urge from them to write another message down for humanity.

Today finally I started to listen beyond the first two lines of what they have to tell us:

“We are here to keep your options open.
The work is yours.

This is the teaching of every true spiritual path on your earth.
It is about spiritual evolution, evolution in consciousness, evolution to a higher state of being, and not about material advantages.

We love in the same way as you all could love.

Love is a presence that every human being is able to participate in.

Love is not an emotion but rather a state of freedom from attachment and limited identification with any kind of form and appearance in creation. Therefore love is freedom.

Love can be realized by releasing your identification with the details of your mind.

Love is where nothing is being explained. Because Love is as much as existence is.

We are not here to teach you details, we are here to remind you of your state of mere being.

We are therefore minimalists. We do not need the many gears you employ to navigate through life.

We are simplicity and we convey  to you that simplicity to get out of your multiple ties that connect you with millions of lives and beings and things to keep you in your illusions.

All these things that you created are just time filling content that is not needed to live a contented, meaningful life, a honorable life, a divinely guided life.

You are too much intertwined with needless trivia.

You true essence is One without a second.

Remember this and you will naturally forgive and love and forget what seems to be important to you, but what is in reality only another blocking element in your evolution.”
Here ended the transmission. I asked:

Q: Recently there has been published an image how you look like. Could it be that you appear in the form of a human being because you show your intent to serve humanity? And that the birdlike head and feathered skin is the reminder that you also might appear in other dimension as birds, the wings being an energy expression of expanded consciousness?

A: Form does not matter.

Q: Could you please confirm whether my perception of your answer is correct?

A: Why not trust?

I am left with a heart, empty of content and filled with radiant space.

Written by Ute Posegga-Rudel



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SaLuSa 24 July 2015 via Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa 24 July 2015 via Mike Quinsey

As always so much is taking place on Earth of which you are not directly aware. The outer signs are around you and in general people sense the changes that are taking place. They may not know what they are at this time but they feel the subtle difference in the energies around you. With them is a feeling of the changes that are verging on manifestation, and felt as being very positive. Matters will continue like this and continue to grow until eventually there will be an upliftment that can be felt. Some will nevertheless be unaware, but those of you who have been working to raise your vibrations will without doubt do so. It may well be your first positive feeling of the changes, and we know that many will feel uplifted by what takes place. They shall continue and there will be no going back to the old lower vibrations.

You can hardly have not noticed that many regimes are having difficulty in maintaining their hold over the people. This will continue until the old ways have broken up and then new ones can be introduced. Many souls have incarnated at this time for that very reason, and simply wait their opportunity to lead the people into the New Age. Much has already been planned and awaits the right time to be introduced. Be assured that once the changes start in earnest, they will come very quickly. All around you are increasing signs that clearly show the inadequacy of the old systems and the breakdown of your economies that cannot continue in their present form. The solutions have been found and when the right opportunity arises for them to be introduced, you will find that progress will suddenly take a quantum leap forward.

Those who have a vested interest in keeping to the old ways will fight change, but to no avail as the plan is for changes that will lead you ever onwards. Some will perceive that the new can only come into being when the old has been removed, and will try to delay progress. They can only have a limited effect on the issues in hand, as the mould has been set. So much is on hold just waiting for the moment it can be introduced. Because they lack understanding many are distressed by what they happening as the old breaks up. However, when they can see further ahead they will grasp the significance of what is taking place. The changes will be more far reaching than you could have imagined, but are necessary to speed up your upliftment into the higher vibrations.

Some ask what they are supposed to do during the period of changes, and we suggest live as normal as possible allowing for some hardships. These should be short-lived as the ultimate reason for them is to so to say “clear the decks” and allow the new to manifest. It will be quite an event when we can at last safely and openly land on Earth, but that time is far away given that we need to be completely clear of any possible interference from the old hierarchy. Whilst time passes we will back up our representatives who are on Earth at the ready waiting to play their part in bringing the changes about. Everyone can eventually become involved to some degree as there will be much to do. However, not as much as you may imagine, as you shall have the advantages of knowledge and equipment that will set you many years ahead of where you are at present. We can help you make light of many tasks that would otherwise seem impossible.

We hope that you are beginning to get a feel of the new energies and can set your expectations much higher than previously. There is much that has been deliberately kept from you that would have greatly lifted up the quality of your lives way beyond the present. You will easily adapt to the new ways of living that will be revealed to you all. You already know through ideas that have been placed before you the potential for change. In fact it will undoubtedly surpass your expectations, and you may feel that the greatest changes are those that release you from literally being slaves with little free time to follow your own pursuits. Given time that will all change but first you will experience life without the need for money as you understand it. It is probably asking too much for you to grasp how you can survive without it, but it does require a different understanding and approach compared to how you live now. The main difference is that everyone will have their needs supplied and no one will be without.

Now you are becoming aware of the purpose of life on Earth, and what the future holds you should be more at ease and able to cope with whatever experiences you have. For many the present is still a challenge and karma is being cleared, and sometimes it is unfinished tasks that may go back further than your last life. These are times for finishing up all old problems, but as with all previous lives you will have agreed to a plan that covers your needs and helps your evolution. In reality nothing of importance happens by chance even although it would seem that way. You all have life plans that are purposely meant to further your evolution and usually do so, as you have Guides who make sure you follow them. Freewill is something that is usually exercised before you come into a life, although it is true to say that the final word is yours.

You can look back over the Earth’s history knowing that you had a input into it through your many lives. Indeed, Humanity has largely been given a free hand to create for their own future and what you are experiencing today is the result. In the beginning that was the purpose of you dropping down through the different dimensions, and having lost touch with your true selves you set about creating your own laws and rules for living. The challenge was to see if you could still find the Light and your way back to God. We feel that many of you have risen to the task and been successful and today you are helping others to also find their way back home. You have been toughened in the fires of human experience, and are now well equipped to help others who are travelling the same path.

Dear Ones, there are so many different explanations put forward to explain what life is about and its purpose. It can be confusing, but at any given time follow your intuition and you will not go far wrong. Also bear in mind that your Guides are always trying to help, but that is of course difficult if a soul has not yet acknowledged their existence. Eventually you will find the Truth, because in the end that is all that will exist.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, enjoying these times with you knowing that many of you have awakened to the truth and are assured of leaving your lower dimension behind. You have learnt the lessons it has had to offer and are now ready if it be your wish, to help others who struggle to find the truth. The Galactic Federation looks forward to the day that approaches when we can meet as one, and work together in the Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Saturday, July 25 – Sunday, July 26, 2015