Lynda Hill: Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures While Venus Retrogrades: The Aquarian Full Moon

Lynda Hill: Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures While Venus Retrogrades:
The Aquarian Full Moon

“…This Aquarian full Moon occurs on July 31. This is a rather remarkable full Moon as it is smack on when Venus goes retrograde for 40 days (and 40 nights). Venus just touches into Virgo ever so slightly and then retrogrades back into Leo. We then have the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in Leo, making this period one that’s largely focused on the idea of love, generosity, kindness, open hearts, creativity, along with the need to put yourself at the centre of your own universe – now is a great time to align with the things you’re wanting to do, wanting to concentrate on, wanting to achieve.
One of the big tests we’ve been facing these last few weeks and will be continuing over the next few weeks is Venus moving very, very slowly as it’s going retrograde square Saturn moving very, very slowly in it’s own retrograde motion. This can feel like trying to swim in glue – or molasses – and it can be a very trying time around issues to do with relationships (of all kinds), money and motivation. Saturn can be a hard task master and it can ask for a pound or two of flesh in exchange for getting your life more organised and under your control. Sometimes we have to submit and let go of things we really don’t want to let go of, even if they are really not good for us. Sometimes, the world closes in and we have no choice but to just do a deep, big let-go.

On top of that, we have Jupiter in the mix – Venus and Jupiter will soon conjunct, both still squaring Saturn. This can bring about maximum feelings of dissatisfaction or frustration (or both), however, it can also bring to the fore the ability, or the necessity, of getting one’s ducks in a row. This can bring about the need to get organised, to release things from the past, to move past obstructions that are tying you down and to get your life sorted out….”


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