Victory of the Light Blog 2015 June 24 – Q & A with Cobra by Rob Potter | The Promise Revealed

2015 June 24 – Q & A w/ Cobra by Rob Potter | The Promise Revealed

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Rob – Hello ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to another special Cobra interview on the Victory of the Light radio show.  I’m your host Rob Potter.  My producer is Bob Charles of  Of course my other producer, the magic man in the land down under John Allen, I thank you for your time and patience.  I want to thank Rique Seraphico, DaNell Glade, Sam Ritchie, Stephen Smally and everyone else who contributed to the show, especially Cobra.  Rique does a great job, does a lot of work.  Sam does some editing and DaNell does the transcribing.  It’s a team effort here.  I want to thank all of them for helping to support this mission at the victory of the light.

I want to thank all of you who sent me so many nice kind letters and positive support for my work and for what I’m doing here.  I apologize folks, this show has been a little bit late and I apologize to Cobra as well.  We did have a MP3 file form a previous interview attempt, I listened to a couple of minutes and it seemed to be ok.  However we did have some Skype connection issues.  Unfortunately, the Skype was dropping out so we had to rerecord this month.  I apologize for the lateness of the show.  And I apologize to Cobra. We’re going to be re-asking some questions here.  Cobra

Everyone knows who listens here to this show please enjoy my web site;  We do appreciate you being in touch with us and connecting with us and supporting us in our work.  We work very hard and we thank you for that.  My conference this summer is going to be great. Michael Salla, Omnec Onec The emissary from Venus, Anja Schaefer, James Gilliland, Scott Lemriel, Craig Campobasso the brother from Dr Franks inner circle who created the short movie trailer Stranger at the Pentagon. The we have Ted Mahr and Alex Collier, with whom I just finished an interview and you can see part one on my website under victory of light radio show.  Please be aware we have 3 day tickets available so if you cannot come for all 5 days be sure to sign up for at least the 3 day weekend and see the schedule and other amazing information on my Shasta Facebook page here Facebook Network Page

I believe this Cobra interview is going to come right around the same time as the first interview with the Ambassador of the Red Dragon society.  I have a two-part interview with Alex Collier coming out, which I’m sure you folks are going to enjoy.  Without further Ado, reminding you about my Mt. Shasta conference.  There’s still tickets available if you want to get that on the website.  Click on the upcoming events for the Mt. Shasta conference August 19-23, (2015).  We’ll be very happy and appreciative to see you there.

In the meantime we’re going to get right to business here.  As I started the last show I have spoken to, I haven’t announced this yet, but I have spoken to Corey GoodET for 3 hours.  He seems like a really nice and sincere guy.  He’s shared some experiences with me.  I feel he’s sincere and honest.  You know, anytime you’re dealing with these military stuff and that whole mind set and the secret space program (SSP) with all the different view points of this group and that group, a lot of information for us to wade through.

And of course we have my emissary of life, my friend Cobra here, who everyone knows I support and love.  There is a lot of information out there.  Cobra is absolutely, in my opinion, of high integrity, very well intended, a sincere individual and is consciously working for the light.  Does all this information match with everyone else, no?  We talked about this. I talked about this with Corey and Cobra.  I’ve been trying to get them together on an interview to talk to each other at least.  They have both indicated to me both separately, that they wanted to acknowledge to me, no matter what the differences are, it sounds like, we take both of them on face vale.  I’ll play the reporter here, the sympathetic reporter.  The information that they are giving is both intended for the liberation of the planet.  We all have to use discernment and to look within and I think Corey has stated it.  My interview with the Ambassador also stated it.  People need to look within and find the answers and realize their power and Cobra has stated it many times that we need to raise the vibrations.  Cobra’s information is empowering to us to understand the whole truth.  It is with that little preamble here, it is with great honor and respect Cobra, and I welcome you once again to the Victory of light Radio show.

COBRA – Thank you again for your invitation.

Rob – Cobra, I’m so sorry for the delay last week.  We started off talking again about Corey Goode and the ET thing and the little differences and people attacking each other.  We’re going to recommend Cobra followers, Tolec followers, anyone who disagrees with Corey or anyone who disagrees with Cobra; he’s already been through the mill of being attacked.  He knows what Corey is going through.  It’s important that we keep the light workers together and focused and just in a kind of a patient neutral mode to absorb this information.  Would you agree?

COBRA – Yes, absolutely.  Attacking any of the light warriors or light workers doesn’t make any sense.  It is, especially now, it is time to unify forces and support each other because we have the same goal and that is the planetary liberation.

Rob – Thank you very much for that.  We’ve had a lot of questions about the Corey GoodET information and your views on it.  We have spoken privately and I think you’ve mentioned several times, though you can’t confirm certain things he’s said, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.  I think Corey’s information; he certainly seems to be very compartmentalized.  He was a super soldier type of character, spending time in outer space for allegedly 20 years and then coming back to earth and not really having the kind of spiritual back-ground and then he is working with the blue sphere alliance.

I’d like you to just, on your own, whatever you feel is important about our information in regards to what he’s talking about, you know obviously you’ve been very highly ethical in your comments when you comment on other information, you never comment on another person and that’s, I really respect you for that.  It’s one of the wonderful parts of being Cobra is your neutrality and you’re not stirring the pot.  But is there anything you can comment on that you feel is important in regards to the new revelations of Corey Goode.  Obviously it’s all-positive, but if you want to just talk as long as you want about any particular incidences that he has.  Just on your own, anything you’d have to say about his information.

COBRA – Ok.  First I would like to say that I completely support his basic direction in forgiveness, unification, self growth and all that is something that I can only support and I can only say yes to this, so this is something that I would like to support completely.  Regarding his intel, from my sources I can confirm that he was involved in the secret space program and there are many parts of his intel that I agree completely.  So I would say that he has some real gems in there if you know where to find them, but I couldn’t confirm through my sources that he’s actually having those out of the planet conferences.  So you’re going to have to use your own inner guidance and inner discernment about that part.  Actually it’s very wise to use inner guidance and discernment about any intel that is out there, including mine.  Because I can also sometimes make mistakes.  I’m not perfect.  I have very good intel sources but mistakes can be made by anybody on this planet who is not yet ascended, who is not yet completely and absolutely enlightened.  So it’s always good to use your own discernment and one more thing, people have different intel sources.  I have my sources.  Corey has his sources.  Other people have their own sources.  Fulford has his own sources and information does not always correlate completely simply because there is a larger picture and we are all part of that larger picture.  So, as we come closer to the planetary liberation this larger picture will become more and more detailed and more and more clear.  And I would like to invite everybody just to use their own discernment and to make some deep research in that larger picture and do not attack anybody just because their intel is a little bit different from what you believe.

Rob – That’s really good Cobra and I really appreciate that.  I’m glad we’re doing the second interview that was better than the first one.  It’s a wonderful start and It’s one of the reasons I love you and support you so much.  I just have to say it’s an ethical position and I do like to be open to different positions.  When something goes against what I’ve learned, I like to think that it’s my own inner guidance, but sometimes it’s my own ego on what I though I knew and I get a little tenacious in holding on to what I want to believe.  I may stamp my little feet.  I want the whole truth and I will amend my understanding as the truth is presented to me.  Those are wonderful words of wisdom and I appreciate that.  The Cintimani stones . . .

COBRA – OK.  I would like to say something more.  If we have conflicting information it just means that we do not have the whole picture and there is some part of intel missing.   There are various reasons for this.  One of the reasons is that some intel, if it is released too early could be dangerous for the operations of the light force, so certain things are withheld for a reason.  The 2nd reason is that some intel is simply not yet present on the surface of the planet and as we come closer to the event, more and more of this will be released and the picture will become clearer and clearer for everybody.

Rob – OK Cobra, thank you for that.  That is some very good points.  There is security issues and that this information just isn’t available to us down here.  With that in mind folks, I guess we’re going to go into the next series of questions.  There is lots of interest and not much information on the Cintamani stone coming out these days.  I wasn’t really involved in that and someone came forward and donated some funds to me to help people out.  I’ve been sharing those stones and getting a lot of questions Cobra.  I did receive some Cintamani stones which are getting ready to those who have paid for them and I may have more stones but I will not know exactly how many until Wednesday the 1st of July.

I’ve been processing a lot of orders for those to the people who need them at half prices as well as to other people who wanted those stones.  I personally put one on my 3rd eye and I used a violet wand and a laser at the same time and you know, they’re quite small stones and they’re very rare.  I was very surprised the next day I had tremendous changes and it was more powerful than a crystal.  Can you talk a little bit about the effects on the light body of the Cintamani?  Esoterically what’s happening with the Cintamani stone?

COBRA – Actually, what this stone does, I will not go very much into deep detail because it’s very sensitive right now, but Cintamani stone actually influences the plasma plane and it does influence the implants.  There is a certain technology of the light forces that they can use and they can transmit certain energies directly from the galactic center to the Cintamani stones.  Cintamani stones serve as a sense for that energy which then dissolves plasma.  It is not just another pretty stone.  It is much more than that.  There is certain unique energetic signature of that stone because #1) it came from Sirius star system and #2) it was infused with energy directly from the galactic center many cycles ago, millions of years ago when the planet in the Sirius star system exploded.  It actually exploded because of the galactic super-wave.  There are many sub-atomic particles, which were traveling throughout the galaxy as a result of the galactic super wave, and it keeps that planet and every fragment of Cintamani stone has those particles inside.  And the light forces can use those to dissolve plasma in a certain way I will not describe here.  This is not just another new age crystal; it is much more than that.  It is one of the keys to the planetary liberation.  Of course you have the most powerful crystals inside, your higher self.  Using Cintamani stones you can amplify and speed up the process for yourself and for the planet.

Rob – Yes, I have to say and I was very impressed with them.  I was surprised how small they were and I understand that the grade type is more important than the size!  I thought they were larger and bigger and it turns out that there are different grades that affect the prices.  I was quite ignorant of it when I made my post.  The translucent quality had a very nice reflection from the lasers.  I know we talked about this and I know and I know that there was something about where the stone allegedly sits now, that you maybe didn’t disagree with.  It’s different information and it again, doesn’t mean that things don’t happen.  The individual . . .

COBRA – I would just say that there are fragments of that stone in many locations. (Yes) The majority of the stone was in the possession of the positive Agarthan network for thousands of years.  Fragments of that stone were taken to various locations around the planet including Lake Titicaca.  But this is not the only location.  There are many stones especially in underground locations.  On the surface of the planet not many of them are present and now many of those smaller fragments are being distributed to the light workers and light warriors who are creating a planetary network of light.

Rob – Very good and just so you folks know, the conversation I had I did post a little about it.  My friend Louis Maarten, the contactee from So. America who has been inside the inner retreat of the Great White Brotherhood, the Agarthan network, as well as the galactic confederation, has told me that the Cintamani stone, from his understanding, was brought from Sirius by 30 different races, 30 different ascended masters brought it here and was placed in the Gobi desert and according to him, there is only one Cintamani egg.

Cobra has more different information and I don’t see these sources as mutually exclusive.   Both of these gentlemen are very well connected.  They are way above me in the pay grade of contacts.  I defer to both of these brothers and their information coordinates to a certain extent.  I did not tell Louis anything about Cobra’s information and he basically backed up what Cobra said 100% and though cobra was unaware of this Luis did say that there is a pretty large egg shaped piece of the Cintamani stone which exists beneath Lake Titicaca. Very Interesting stuff folks.  Cobra, how would you recommend people use this stone?  They’re quite small.  They can obviously,. I was thinking of making some into necklaces.  I have a guy that can do that.

When people get these stones, how do you recommend how they use these stones?  Is there any particular thing you recommend?  Should they keep them away from other people, should they use them themselves?  How do you think they should be used?

COBRA – I would recommend that people to just have physical contact with these stones during meditation and to have that contact will create an energy flow that can assist you in connecting with your higher self and transmute the plasma field around you.  Those stones or those stones cannot be. .  Actually they maintain their purity regardless of other people, so no need to worry about that.

Rob – OK thank you.  It’s like Fred said with some of his Scalar wave tachyon energy fields, they cannot be mis-used.  It goes back on the person, like the Cintamani stone can cause issues for the bad guys.  Just know folks, that it’s all good there.  We’re going to go into some of the regular questions of people for this month.  We’ve got some interesting and not so interesting stuff.  This is a little late.  Some of these questions may be a little out of line there, but I’m going to start off with. . Some of them are current events and some of them are general meta-physical questions.  We asked them in the first interview, I apologize again Cobra for having to re-state these.  Someone says – will the 3 days of darkness, which have been spoken about for years take place and will you explain it.

COBRA –  OK.  This is part of the old collective memory from the time of Atlantis and this time it will be different.  There will be no 3 days of darkness.  Actually in the last super-wave, galactic super-waves which happened thousand upon thousands of years ago, tens of thousands of years ago, there are days of darkness because there were debris in the atmosphere because of the solar coronal discharge, but this time it is a little bit different for many reasons and when the event happens, and after the event, as we go through this great cosmic transition, there will be very strong light forces present which will transform the whole situation.

Rob – OK.  Another question we have.  We’ll try to get through these for all the people as much as we can this month.  Can you talk about the ancient Indian mounds in the mid-western U.S?  Some people tell me that those were used for prayers and they had some sort of scalar thing to manipulate weather in a good way.  Were these good/bad?  Were these like vortex sights to connect with higher energies.  Can they be used now?  What’s going on with those mounds.

COBRA –  Actually, some of them were burial sites.  Some of them were created for positive rituals to connect with the source and unfortunately some of them were used for sacrifice sights, sights quickened by the negative.  So we have a mixed situation here.

Rob – So same old thing, good guys did something good, bad guys come in and take it away.  Let’s hope that the big changes coming forward in the future can heal that up.  This isn’t so recent, this question.  It’s probably from last month folks.  A lot of people were wondering we had some major solar storms and activities.  Some people were indicating, I got a couple of these that they were feeling unrest.  I don’t know if this affects the plasma scalar field, of people’s etheric bodies and their reaction.  Can you talk a little about solar storms and how that effects implants or people or does that have any effect on people’s consciousness in negative way or destructive way.

COBRA – Actually, this is a 2-sided coin again.  The solar storms part of this is just a discharge of very clear plasma that purifies the plasma anomaly and on the other side there is a purification of this negative plasma around the sun.  So those solar storms are actually being triggered by the galactic central sun activity because everything needs to be purified.  You can view them as part of the global and cosmic purification process.

Rob – Excellent, that is exactly very much in alignment with Dr. Fred Bell’s book Rays of truth and Crystals of light where he talks about the sun creating energy waves which is obviously downloaded by the galactic central sun which is designed to purify and raise the vibration of all life streams on this planet.  So we’re wondering here, someone asks about the12 strand DNA, why we have 2.  Can you talk about were these turned off, will they be turned on again.  Are they crystalline?  There’s some question, can you give us the Cobra information on the 12 strand DNA.

COBRA – OK. 12 strand DNA is not the physical DNA; it’s the etheric DNA.  Everybody is speaking about DNA activation, they are not speaking about physical DNA, and they are speaking about the etheric blueprint.  Of course If you align the etheric blueprint, the physical body will follow sooner or later.  On the physical plane we have 2 strands of DNA as every scientist can confirm as they do analysis of DNA.

Rob – OK, I really like that because obviously people say there are 12 strands of DNA.  They’ve heard about it.  “I have 12 strands”.  Science will back that up obviously.  Science doesn’t have the ability to look in the etheric plane, or the higher frequencies so that absolutely makes sense.  It’s a wonderful explanation.  There is an interesting..  . A lot of people going around now talking about the Archon network, actually a famous person I’m not going to mention said that – the idea that we’re forced into reincarnation as a Cabal trick and all that kind of stuff, it’s very complex.  We’ve talked about this before, but people did get a couple questions last month in regards to clarification because this person is quite famous talking about the Archons in control of the reincarnation process.  They we’re tricked to reincarnate.  Do we have a choice to come into the earth and reincarnation at all or are we kind of have to come back until we achieve a certain frequency or are we literally caught in the ring pass not where we can not exit the incarnation process, only by ascension?

COBRA – OK, initially plus our individual free choice to enter, actually to enter this section of the galaxy which was considered dangerous, so we consciously took a risk of entering this area to assist in the liberation of this area and this sector included planet earth and after you entered, after we entered this area, we got implanted and since then we were trapped in the incarnation loop.  So you couldn’t just change your mind and exit this area.  It was not possible.  It’s very rare for anybody to be able to leave quarantine earth.  It is extremely rare.

Rob – OK, so. .

COBRA – So, no matter what anybody wants to say, if people make claims to the contrary, they need to give supporting evidence to that.

Rob – OK and I’m not going to mention names, but the person who made that statement has no contact.  He’s basically, kind of like me, a reporter.  He does have his own experiences I suppose, but he’s not in direct contact like our emissary here.  I have faith in trust in that information here.  So we have a question, I just interviewed the Red Dragon Ambassador – I’m going to pop in a question here of my own.  Can you talk about, Do you know, we’ve talked about, I’m not sure if I pronounce it, the Lady Dou Wu  (Yes), she is in China.  Obviously that’s a very high spiritual person and there is obviously strongholds of the, I like to call them light forces, not to divide the light and the dark.  In all countries of the world, can you talk about the Chinese elders and the alleged Elder/Emperor he’s called, or the grandfather of the dragon society?  The ambassador I just spoke to, told me that he is an alien/human hybrid and he actually said that from his understanding that he was too he is from the Annunaki.  Is that anything to do with the Gays, the Draco/dragons?  What do you know about the emperor?  The question is (because I ask a lot of questions at once), can you talk about the Dragon Ambassador.

COBRA – I will not talk about the Dragon ambassador.  I will not talk about the emperor.  I will just say that there are various factions of Dragons and even we have the blue Dragons, we have the red dragons, we have the positive Dragons, we have the negative Dragons, we have the mixed groups.  Everything is there, not just in China, also in Japan, in Korea, in Malaysia, and in the Philippines, in Southeast Asia in general.  If you focus more on the positive side, there are many lineages with a lot of spiritual wisdom, many elders that are hundreds and hundreds of years old.  Some of them with direct or indirect connection with the positive Agarthan network and these are the ones that are assisting in the stabilization of the transition process.  So if you want to have a more specific intel about the Dragons, you need to specify which group are you talking about, because there are so many dragon groups out there.

Rob – The ambassador mentioned that.  There is dis-info and posers.  He maintained that the Dragons originated in China and that there are various other Asian groups at least in terms of accounts, called tigers.  Obviously there are Agarthan networks like Louis in South America.  There are many different Agarthan networks that have contact with different people on the surface of the planet acting in various aspects of the planet at this point, would you agree with that.

COBRA – Yes, absolutely

Rob – So each different group is very silent and this financial re-set seems to be that they’re coming out in public.  So that’s interesting.  Can you share any of the other groups, a general plans that you know about.  You don’t have to name names or countries, but other Agarthan networks in different parts working with the surface population for truth and justice.

COBRA – OK.  The Agarthan network is not working directly with the surface population.  They have very few contact with the surface population and I know some of them, but I will not release their plans right now.  They’re working their own way.  Some of the people with indirect contact are visible on the surface they release intel in one-way or the other.  But those who have more direct contact do not work in public.  They work indirectly through some other people.  They guide certain projects indirectly but they are not part of the surface information network.

Rob – OK.  Thank you. That’s a fair answer.  I have a question that someone actually asked this and it’s good to know it kind of coincides with the talk here.  Someone wants to know are Dragons real and do they come from when were they on earth and what happened to them.

COBRA – OK – Dragons as entities were real.  They were living here for, actually for many millions of years, part of the animal evolution.  Some of them evolved beyond animal evolution and many of them were part of the Draconian archetype.  And of course we have the positive Draconian archetype and the negative Draconian archetype. It seems both those were present on the planet It’s quite a complex picture

Rob – Can they actually breathe fire.

COBRA – Not breathe fire, but a strong, I would say a strong, not a physical fire, but etheric fire, yes.  I would put it this way.

Rob – OK, would you say are there any of the positive reptilians out there, of the dragon type, obviously we can’t they get a lot of bad press, like the Grey’s and stuff, and obviously with so many different types of geniuses of the human type bi-pedal, two arm human or whatever that there are many different ones.  Are there positive ones out there?

COBRA – Yes, there are positive reptilians out there.  There are not many but they do exist.

Rob – OK.  Thank you, we are going to other questions away from this now.  Someone asked about Krishna the Indian God.  Is he coming back to earth when the event takes place, where is he now.  Is he still watching over earth?  Can you talk a little bit about that Avatar incarnation from the Indian history?

COBRA – Krishna is the same entity that is known in the West as Christ.  Of course that being is coming back.  That being is coming back along with other ascended masters after the first contact.

Rob – Someone has a question here:  In Japan they do have memorial services for the dead and people do have their mourning and some people celebrate death in some culture like the Irish and have some have a party when they pass over.  The question is, is chanting useful.  I know that in Tibet there is a room in the Potala (Palace) according to Lobsong Rampa books where they have done chanting for literally like 1,000 years and has never ended.  At a certain time of the year . . . with that chanting in Tibet in that ritual they have a ritual that guides wandering souls after death.  The question was again, does chanting Mantra’s or some of these intentions of people to help their loved ones pass over have any effect.

COBRA – Yes of course they can help guide those souls into the light.

Rob – Very well.  OK.  Here’s another question; if after the event, if far advanced technologies open to the public, people are wondering, is it meaningful to study modern science now.  Could it be an obstacle for acquiring new scientific systems of understanding after the event?

COBRA – No.  Knowledge is not an obstacle. If you get better knowledge you are simply replacing the old one, so yes, of course you can study these plans now.

Rob – The follow-up question to that was; can you speak about in particularly in maybe physics, biology, we know history is absolutely going to have to be re-written from the ground up.  A lot of our understanding of certain things.  This person is a scientist, they were wondering if you could talk about any of the laws of basic science, physics, chemistry or biology where some new information will be brought forward.  If you know any of these things that correct us.  In our first interview you mentioned thermodynamics.  I will let you continue.

COBRA – OK.  In physics of course the second law of thermodynamics is flawed because it talks about closed systems.  In nature, in relative we do not have closed systems because always on a quantum level there is a communication between . . . on a quantum level there is a communication, quantum phone.  You can never isolate the particle from its surrounding.  The planet communicates on a quantum level with the rest of the universe.  We do not have a closed system, so the second law of thermodynamics is flawed.  Again, we have two basic modern physics theories.  We have the theory of relativity and we have the quantum mechanics and they don’t go together well simply because there are many parts missing and because the physics doesn’t accept the reality of the ether.  It does not accept the reality of higher dimensions and its still can not explain gravity, so we have may things here which are incomplete or deliberately altered by the Cabal.  Chemistry is quite OK.  I would not have any major things to say about chemistry, but biology we is another thing, Of course we have Darwinist theory of evolution which is flawed, then we have genetics, which is, I would say 60% flawed because it doesn’t take into account higher dimensions, the etheric planes, actually a blueprint for the transmission of the genetic information.  Biology and then if you go towards the field of medicine is very separatists.  It’s very isolationist.  It doesn’t take a look at the whole system, so we have many things that need to be corrected and many approaches that need to be upgraded here.

Rob – OK.  Very Good.  I have another question directed to me by an individual you and I have talked about previously with our friend Eduardo.  It has to do; we’re going to have to go back to the financial question here, he finally sent it to me.  The question is, will you share with us the true and occult history of the global collateral accounts, and specifically it’s origins and the future purpose of it.

COBRA – OK.  We can go far back into history when there were many dynasties, many royal dynasty in various parts of the world, which were gathering wealth as in positive ways and not so positive ways.  And those royal dynasties some of them were connected to the light forces and some of them were connected to the bad guys.  Through the process of cultural exchange and trade, those dynasties got to know each other and they created, slowly were building a planetary network.  I would say in the beginning of the 20th century, they have actually, the beginning of this thing goes to the 18th century, but it was completed in the 20th century when they have decided to inter marry between those people of those of different royal dynasties throughout the planet inter married.  They wanted to create a global system of finance.  Some of them with the agenda for equal and fair distribution of wealth and some of them with the agenda to control the wealth and to control the planet and the bad guys took over as we can see in the modern financial system.  Basic idea was to create a global financial system.  A global financial system can be a good thing if it’s in the hands of the light forces and it can be a very bad thing if it’s not in the hands of the light forces as you can also see in your daily experience.  And through that interbreeding process they have created something that is called M1.  M1 is a person that has in his genetic make-up, genes from all major royal bloodlines on the planet.  The first M1 was born in 1920’s and the period between let’s say 1920 and 1940, those 20 years was the period which defined what is happening in the occult financial system.  This was after the creation of the Federal Reserve as you know, but what was happening behind the scenes is that the global financial infrastructure was being created.  The Bank of International Settlement is one example of this and there were deals behind the scenes between the Dragons, between the western Reptilian bloodlines and other bloodlines.  In fact what happened is the reptilian and Cabal blood lines took over the institute of M1 so they were control M1.  M1 is like a president, a figure like you have the president of the US who doesn’t have any real power but is a public figure that represents an idea.  So M1 is not actually controlling the collateral accounts, M1 is just a figure a symbolic figure, a top hat that is being controlled by the other forces.  The institute of M1 will be dissolved at the time of the financial re-set.  The collateral account will no longer be under control of any world dynasty of any faction.  They will not be in the hands of the Dragons.  They will not be in the hands of any group on the planet.  They will be released to humanity and the only way this can happen is under the guidance of positive forces that are not involved in the system on the surface of the planet.  That means the RM, that means the positive ET races and you can name many of them, but only people or beings who are in complete alignment with their own higher spiritual I AM’s can take charge and can guide the process of taking care of the collateral accounts.

Rob – I heard from the Ambassador, he confirmed what you just told me, so it’s really enlightening for me and I’m sure for many people who are listening to this interview and the Ambassador interview I did.  We’re getting some cross-pollinations of truth and facts and figures.   He did indicate there are other accounts.  He said that the famous St. Germain account was actually from a dynasty that had to do with a Marco Polo wealth and gold and he said that is in the Austrian/Hungarian stronghold there.  Would you know about that, would you confer with that?

COBRA – YES.  Yes, actually the Count St. Germaine did have a banking account that was actually in at that time, it was not Austria/Hungarian it was Austrian empire ___ it was in that region and yes, part of that gold does originate from Marco Polo lore and from other, I would say white nobility families from Florence and from other cities in North Italy.  As you know, the Count St. Germaine got banished many times and he has visited other locations in Italy many times.  He was actually educated by a ___? Family. This is a little bit to think about.  There are deep connections between white nobility families in Italy and Count St. Germaine and he received part of the wealth from them to put it into the bank account.  The bank account was in the region of the Austria/Hasbrouck empire.

Rob – So the Medici family was a white nobility family, they not a part of the (yes)  Orsini’s or Persini’s.  Here’s another question here, do you know the real reason why all the keepers of the global collateral accounts and the individual that I met who’s holding the Santa Romano account, 3375 accounts.  He’s kind of in hiding with a white shadow, as he’s says it.  He wants these funds to go to humanity and he’s a very humble guy.  Very well attended and my hat goes out to you brother, I know who you are.   I met him personally and he lives kind of a very hidden existence, not coming out in the light of day very often.  David, he’s been asked, do you know the real reason why all the keepers of the global collateral accounts were from various nationalities that were spread around the world are being asked by the Red Dragon family, the ambassador talked about today, to surrender their assets to China, especially when most of the gold is not started in china but mostly in Southeast Asian countries.

COBRA – OK.  There are a few things here, again.  The keepers, the so called the real keepers and the so-called poser keepers.  Many people claim to be keepers.  Some of them really are and some of them are not.  They do not possess wealth.  They have certain codes, certain white books, red books, blue books, and black books with certain access codes to the accounts.  It does not mean that the money or the gold is in those accounts any more because the Cabal has stolen the majority of this.  Regarding the gold, the gold is not where people are looking it to be.  The gold has been re-located.  And the other thing is this will not be returned to China.

Rob – Very well.  That was kind of my feeling and the ambassador actually mentioned, listen, they don’t need a piece of paper because he’s under the impression that the Dragons do have the gold, but there is a process with these codes, at least for the interest of these accounts supposedly that the bad guys can’t touch.  I guess that’s going to remain to be in the future.  The final question from Brother Eduardo is:  Some of the keepers of the global collateral accounts have pure intentions and want to help the world.  They follow your blog and listen to your interviews.  Currently the financial system blocks them from releasing these funds to humanity.  Do you have any advice for them at this point on what to do with these assets that they are custodians of that they can finally release to humanity.  You mentioned they are not actually the assets, they are the codes, but utilizing that information.  Do you have any advice for those global collateral account people who are well intentioned and want to release this? divest themselves of this burden of responsibility in holding it for the good of humanity.  What do you think they should do?

COBRA – OK They need to connect with each other because they are isolated on purpose.  The Cabal has isolated some of the key people in various place not to connect with each other and some of this isolation is physical and some of this isolation is psychological.  This is #1.  #2 they need to work on their inner obstacles.  They need to work on their inner reasons why this has not been brought to completion.  And then, It’s like a mandala.  Things click when things are ready.  When they reach the state of inner readiness the outer state will manifest.  I have met some of those people and I have checked their back-grounds and I can say there are many good people out there but they need to continue until they reach a certain level when they can be pure transmitters of light in a way that they can be part of that mandala and then when all this falls together in perfection, it’s like a code that will unlock and it will open.  So each of those keepers have one part of the code, one part of the answer and when this all come together there will be a breakthrough.  And each of those keeper is a potential person that can make this break-through.  It’s like the Cabal has put many shields around the account.  Many ways of how to prevent the light forces for accessing those accounts.  When the right combination of factors and circumstances happens, this wills, there will be a breakthrough.  We just need one breakthrough.  One small victory in this area and then there will be a chain reaction which will be un-stoppable.

Rob – Very well.  I really like that that really cleared it up a lot.  It’s kind of letting us all know.  It seems like cintimani stones and people coming together and the energy can be really good here.  Folks, we’ve dug.  I’ve had a big money day.  Play Pink Floyd “money” I want you to play “can’t buy me love by the Beatles “Money can’t buy me love”.  Were going to move on to other stuff here, some more interesting questions from people around the world who follow you Cobra. Why are the Bask, Finnish and Hungarian languages un-related to all other European languages and to each other.  When and how did they originate.  You gave a really great answer the first time we got scrubbed.

COBRA – OK.  Basically the Bask language comes from old European civilization that was living in Europe before the first Archon invasion.  The first Archon invasion came from the Kazarian area about 5-6000 years ago and most of the European languages originate from that invasion.  Also Finnish and Hungarian languages are not related to those in the European invaders.  This is why they are different from all the other languages.

Rob – OK.  Someone has a question.  They have a friend, and I guess this could be answered after the event.  They have a friend who has some degenerative disease who have lost their memory.  Will they be able to re-coup these.  Is there a technology and a way.  You can’t erase the soul memory but the physical mechanism can be destroyed.  They can’t retrieve them.  Will this happen after the event.

COBRA – Yes.

Rob – OK.  Here’s another question.  Since you’re trying to liberate the human race from the Cabal, the western version of the NWO.  Now the BRICS alliance appears to set up another NWO, Eastern version.  He wants to know how we’re going to know the difference between the old boss and the new boss.

COBRA – There will be no new boss.  The new infrastructure that is being created is not to promote China or Russia or the Eastern countries, it is to serve as a vehicle to defeat the Cabal and this is the big difference.  And you will only know the difference when you experience it, not before.

Rob – Absolutely.  Here’s another financial question – I can’t do it. I’m sorry.  Let’s see – can you talk about the secretary of State, John Kerry.  A Lot of people . . . I saw a picture of him.  He looks pretty, A picture with his arm in a sling, allegedly broke his arm in a car accident.  Some people say that it was actually a French gun battle.  I’m not sure how they kept that out of the public.  Was it an assassination attempt? Was this the Good guys, the bad guys?  Can you talk about what happened to Senator Kerry?

COBRA – It was an assassination attempt, yes.

Rob – Was this by reactionary forces within the earth’s positive military or some other group.

COBRA – Actually, basically from the other way around, it was by the negative guys because Kerry was trying to break up from the Cabal.

Rob – Really?  Wow because he’s been a pretty heavy-duty supporter of all their stuff.  I have to have a follow-up question here.  What is he trying to do now?  Has he been threatened?  Does he feel it’s time to change his tune?

COBRA – He will now keep a low profile because he received a warning from the Cabal not to do any. . He will just keep a low profile now.

Rob – He’ll just kind a do what he’s told to do.  (Yes, exactly).  He made an attempt.  Would you have any information, is he, at the higher levels of the food chain, does he know about the SSP (Secret Space Program) and all that stuff.

COBRA – I would say he is part of the middle management.  He may have some information, but not much, but information he might have about the SSP is second hand.

Rob – OK. Here’s another interesting question.  People want to ask about the situation in Poland, the presidential election in our country shows the Polish people can change their mind.  Awakening society of Poland gives big support can give new structures like Komorowski and Duda who I guess won an elections.  Does it mean positive change for elections?  How will the situation look like for the Polish people in the future.

COBRA – OK.  There is a lot of Jesuit influence in Poland and those elections are potential for being a beginning of the change.  But the situation in the next few months will reveal how much the real Jesuit influence has been diminished.

Rob – OK.  I guess that’s a wait and see question for you people there in Poland as it is for all of us everywhere.  This says, recently, but of course I’m a little late in the interview this month, so it’s been almost 40 days since we talked.  The Pope was just having meeting recently I guess with Putin.  What was the purpose of that?  Can you talk a little bit about what the situation was between them?

COBRA – OK, there are things happening behind the scenes in that meeting basically is the Jesuits have received some warnings from the BRICS alliance.

Rob – That’s great news from us and I’m hoping the BRICS alliance and the good guys as a lot of us are intending.  Is the BRICS alliance, are they close?  Russia and the good guys in China are closely aligned with the BRICS alliance correct.

COBRA – Yes, absolutely correct.

Rob – So here’s another question that is near an dear to my heart.  Can we ask if the RM will contact the Event Support Groups (ESG’s) possibly through the website team.  Will that happen during the event, before or possibly after?

COBRA – OK the RM will contact certain individuals that are part of the certain events for the groups not through PFC, but most likely directly through e-mail or telephone.  This will happen for certain people in the initial phases of the event.  For other people a few hours after the event and for other people a few days after the event and it will be given certain instructions if they are willing to follow those instructions they will receive more.

Rob – OK, someone says; what will happen after the last remaining Chimera implant stations are removed from our solar system.  Does that mean . . . will the etheric implant network still be up but no more implants will be in place or was this all simultaneous with the event.

COBRA – OK, we also have implant stations on the planet or even below the surface of the planet so the solar system is not the only location.  Basically the main implant stations are not on the physical, but on the plasma plane, so when the solar system is liberated, not yet completely the end of the story.

Rob – OK.  I guess it goes back to the Free the Colonies meditation that was some several posts ago for you.  The question was; were all the objectives met during the rescue mission of these colonies.

COBRA – Most of them yes, not all of them.  I would say the operation was 80% successful.

Rob – OK.  Someone talked about Alex Jones and I think it was also Ben Fulford.  They say that something big is about to happen.  This is just filtering down there.  These guys are kind of like me, and Wilcock we’re different.  We’re reporters and we get a sense that things are coming to a head.  Can you speak of any particular, positive plans by the light forces in the near future?  Some people have talked about September.  I have a contact that did indicate to me that September will see some changes and they weren’t specific.  Can you talk to anything positive in the near future that may be coming forward?

COBRA – OK.  I will not give any specifics because things are happening are very unpredictable.  Closer that we get to the final moment of the breakthrough the more unpredictable things become.  There is more chaos; there is more volatility in every situation so it’s not possible to make any concrete predictions at this point.  And September time frame is an interesting time.  That’s what I can say, but I will not give any specific predictions of what will happen in September.

Rob – I had an interview recently with Alex Collier and we talked about time lines and lots of different subjects there.  He mentioned the Cern Collider.  According to his information from the A’s They were going to try to use Cern to merge various time-lines into one negative NWO time line.  He didn’t feel that it would be possible.  Would you concur with what Alex said, that Cern is attempting to be, it is being attempted by the dark forces to a certain extent to solidify certain negative time-lines to occurring and merging.

COBRA – OK.  I will not put it this way.  I would just put it that they are trying to open negative portals, plasma portals.  They want to create more strangelets, they want to create more anomalies.  They want to maintain their anomaly.  That’s why they are using this accelerator.  This accelerator is far less dangerous than the other one on Long Island, so there is too much focus on Cern and not enough focus of what is happening on Long island because the accelerator on LI has produced stable stranglet, already last year.   And those stranglets went to the center of the earth where they are being  Thankfully the light forces can do many things about this, but still it will be good that the light workers and light warriors put more focus and start healing the situation on LI with meditations.  That would help a lot.

Rob – OK.  Thank you.  I’ve been adding up the times here.  We have about 5 minutes left.  I have another question here.  Can you answer this interesting question?  Someone asked what happened to Maria Orsic and the other Vril girls after WWII.  Now for those of you who don’t know the Nazi, the Thule society was taken over by the Nazi’s.  They were a group of spiritual girls, that were very psychic and spiritual who were in contact from the positive ET group and their information was kind of hijacked by the Nazi’s for technology and then the Nazi’s made their own contact with the Grey’s and Reptilians.  Whatever happend to these positive innocent spiritual women who were seeking to advance technology to the earth for spiritual purposes.

COBRA – They were paper clipped into the US.  They were continued to be mis-used by the Cabal and actually their spiritual gifts were kept to be mis-used for quite some time after the end of WWII.

Rob – OK.  Did they ever go down to South America?  Did they get paper clipped from there or did they come straight from Germany. What is the story there?

COBRA – I don’t know the exact route they took but they went from Germany to the US, one way or the other.

Rob – And they were mis-used for sometime after.  Do we know, Are they still alive now?

COBRA – No, not any more.

Rob – OK.  Thank you.  I guess I’m going to ask here, I guess I’m going to say, I don’t have anything in particular going on at this moment for a particular question with the short time left.  I guess I’m going to leave it to you.  At this tremendously accelerated rate of information and the mis-information and confusion element that is certainly rising with more and more data dump’s from positive whistle blowers, insiders, contactees like yourself with slightly different information.

Obviously you gave a mention for people not to freak out and attack others but to sit back and kind of absorb it all.  Any positive message or anything you’d like to share with our listeners here.  We have 2-3 minutes.  If you’d like to give anything that you felt was important.  A question wasn’t asked; that you feel people should know.

COBRA – OK.  I will just state again.  Do not attack each other.  Focus upon the light.  Hold the light.  Hold the focus.  Keep on pushing because we need to make the final breakthrough.

Rob – That’s a good one.  That’s really short and sweet.  Again, Cobra, I have to apologize for the corrupted file last week.  We’ve checked it a couple times.  We have a good file.  I think we’re good to go.  Thank you so much for your time and our patience with me at this month.  We look forward to another interview next month.  I wish you well.  Cobra – ww.2012portal.  Keep checking in on that.  Some amazing information going viral.  You don’t even have to go there any more everyone is sharing the information. Cobra, thank you so much and Victory to the light Brother.

COBRA – Thank you everybody for listening and Victory to the light.


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