Don’t know about you, but I am alternately energized and wiped out this week…despite sleeping more. Seems like the times I am suddenly exhausted coincide with the timing of the energies hitting the planet.  (I later find out).  Big shifts are occurring in my life, all positive, but meanwhile I am going with the flow and resting when needed, being active when I feel the need.  ~PB

INCOMING! – ANOTHER CME IS ON THE WAY: Since June 21st, four CMEs have hit Earth’s magnetic field. A fifth is on the way. Sunspot AR2371 erupted again during the early hours of June 25th, producing an M7.9-class solar flare and a lopsided CME. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory photograhed the storm cloud, which raced away from the sun faster than 2000 km/s (4.5 million mph):

The CME will hit Earth’s magnetic field on June 27th, probably mid-day Universal Time. According to NOAA computer models there is a 79% chance of polar geomagnetic storms. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for
auroras. Aurora alerts: text or voice.


  1. Wow,the last one was awesome,I live in Philadelphia and we took a massive electrical storm with very high winds its a shame people watch corporate weather news which is smoke & mirrors, but many are wakeing up.we need 3.5% aware.

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