Wake up Call: Hatonn, June 08, 2015 by Nancy Tate

Wake up Call: Hatonn, June 08, 2015
by Nancy Tate
I am here this day to bring you a long-lost message. It is one that has been in hiding for sometime and is ready now to come forth to you all. I am Hatonn, and I speak through this one with the utmost respect and consideration for what I am about to share with you all.
It is time for you all to come into a consciousness that you all planned for in the times before coming to this planet. It was something that was seen to be needed in the outbreak for what some consider to be measles, or some other bodily outbreak that brings about utter discomfort. The difference in these times is that it will not be in a physical way as much as it will be in an emotional and subconscious manner.
As I speak I feel what I am saying begin to shatter forth through this one, and immediately stop in it’s tracks. It is because as I speak this one knows on a soul level that it is no longer necessary to carry the old energy of what has been accumulated in this blending of energetic experiences since coming back to earth in the last reincarnation. In other words, this reincarnation is the last one in this duality for so many of you.
It is time now to remember who you are in a way that resonates throughout your body and your soul. It will bring you to a place within where you will be able to see what it is that is before you, and how you will be able to accompany it through the vestiges of cleaning it out. It will be as if you are the doctor and the patient at the same time. What I speak of is not something that you will suffer through. It is to be a moment of recognition and then it will be over, and you will feel much lighter and in the mechanism of being able to be more who you are than who you thought you were.
I come now to tell you the one thing that you have agreed to as the key that opens the doors to this time in your ascension. It is that there is a remnant of the days of the Maldek timewarp that has been with you throughout your existence on earth. That remnant is the idea that you are less than, even if you are in the fifth dimensionality. That is what has been with you since you were expelled from Maldek in its destruction. It was kept within you on a deep level so as to enable you to be the agent for your freedom when the opportunity came for you to release all of what was, and then welcome in what is Now and Forever in the Spirit of who you truly are.
So when you feel something that is not in harmony with your life at this time, know that you are blessed. Know that you are in the process of releasing all of the remains of the experiences that you have created throughout this earth life. Know that you are in the midst of clearing out what was in the response mode, and what has come to be in the momentous expression of Now.
As this comes to be the nature of your every moment, you will feel the differences, and see them create more and more of what you desire and intend for your lives. You will realize the power you have to create that which you are capable of. You will see that there is no holding back and no limit to what you can do in your lives. This is the Mushaba energy that is within all of you. Yes, I speak of the energy that was prevalent in the creation of this universe and all of you. The knowledge of the Mushaba Force energy was not to be known about until this lifetime. Now it is being brought forward by some of the ones who were destined to bring the information out to the front for you to recognize in the timeliness that you added to and even helped to sustain in the times when it was not to come forward.
It is now in its fullness of freedom, and it is being activated in so many ways by all of you. You will find that there will be more and more of the Mushaba energy that will speak forth and bring about that which you are capable of creating. I speak of the unlimitedness of your power and abilities to create that which you see is in keeping with Love in every way possible and in the fullness of the openness in which it can speak forth in every movement and essence of your unlimitedness.
I leave this message now in your hands. As I move around in the beauty of all of your essences, I do so with the utmost Love that I have for you. It is in your hands in a much deeper way now and I am ecstatic as I see what you are already doing in the Essence of Love that you are. Go forward in that truth and create the wonder that you are and that you walk in, for you are beyond the threshold of the Peace, Joy and Love of Forever.
Thank you so much Dear Hatonn,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

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Thank you! Nancy Tate

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