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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Free the Colonies! Report and Short Planetary Situation Update

Free the Colonies activation was a big success. The critical mass of the surface population required for this activation was lower because we were dealing with an off-planet situation and it was reached easily. The most critical part of the Breakthrough operations for our Solar System was taking place between May 28th and June 2nd and is now complete.
The vast majority of Chimera bases and implant stations, including implant stations on Iapetus, Enceladus and Mimas, have now been removed. All hostages from those colonies have been set free. The only Chimera bases and implant stations in our Solar System now remaining are mostly located on selected asteroids (many of them Near Earth Objects – NEOs), and they are those directly controlling planet Earth and its population. They will be dealt with at a later stage of MOSS.

The main negative plasma meridian in our Solar System (the Saturn-Earth tunnel of Set) has been disintegrated.

Recent removal of Chimera implant stations at L4 and L5 Lagrange points of the Earth / Moon systems is a big victory. Proposal to build a space colony at the Lagrange points is decades old:

This proposal was rejected by the vast majority of secret space program factions as these colonies would be too big and thus easily detectable from Earth. Chimera, on the other hand, had small but powerful implant stations positioned at various Lagrange points for the last 26,000 years.

Intel about L1 and L3 implant stations is still classified.

The density of the plasma accretion vortex, originating from Earth and expanding throughout the Solar System, has been greatly reduced. The density of this primary anomaly plasma accretion vortex is practically negligible outside of the heliopause and does not extend into interstellar space anymore.

A new beautiful crop circle with encoded message about the successful completion of the operations has appeared on the day of the activation in Dorset, UK:

In a soft disclosure process, humanity is slowly being prepared for the reality of the space colonies, especially on Mars:

As the Light Forces are proceeding through the Solar System, the surface Alliance is preparing for the Event. The background preparations for the Reset are reaching their final stage:—sources-2015-3#ixzz3ZfOX3Ieb

Hopes and fears about the Reset are reaching mainstream media, especially in Russia:

As stated many times, the Jesuits are (unsuccessfully) trying to hijack the process:

It is more disturbing that Islamic State, a Jesuit creation, is trying to destroy Palmyra, an ancient Roman city in Syria, and has already demolished statues related to ancient pre-Islamic goddesses:

Apart from destroying Goddess vortexes, the agenda of this organization is to conceal the fact that Israelites were an Arabic tribe living in the territory of Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and have never set foot in Palestine, and they are suppressing and destroying archeological evidence:

Here it is interesting to note that Palmyra was an important center on a major trading route for Arabian tribes and a lot of archeological evidence about the true history of Israelites lies there.

Current war in Yemen is a Jesuit attempt to erase all evidence about the true story about the Israelites. It that story ever becomes known, it will shatter the Roman Catholic Church into pieces.

On a more positive note, new house building technologies that will revolutionize infrastructure planning and will drastically reduce the price of housing, are being introduced:

The Breakthrough is near!

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One thought on “Cobra: Free the Colonies! Report and Short Planetary Situation Update | The Portal

  1. They are putting up a good fight, but notice how the headlines become more bizarre by the day, with so many hidden things surfacing, so many arrests, so many people stepping down, and then there are the accidents! “Break a leg” was meant to be wishing someone well. Well, well, what is it all really about? We’re about to find out…fasten your seatbelt, the ring of fire is just heating up, and there is whole lot of shaking (and quaking, in boots) going on…

    Meanwhile, I’m so happy to still be able to enjoy my blessed cup of coffee in the morning, for the time being, anyway. The things we take for granted shall soon become apparent. Tell someone you love them, be kind to a stranger, count your blessings, for things can and will change suddenly. I can only handle so much in the now….my monkey mind rebels, is not inclined to sit still.

    I must grow stronger, but I got a taste of my own fire last night. I know I am intense at times, but I that intensity that came out even startled me! It was brewing like a volcano…under a Full Moon. I felt like Daenerys, Dragon Queen of Game of Thrones, fire-walking woman, but I was not as self-contained.

    Learning to contain our raw power and channel it in constructive ways will serve us well through the changes, this I see. More time in nature, more balance, more trust and opening of the heart, regardless.

    Thank you Cobra, RM and all who serve the Legions of Light. Blessings and Protection to You and Yours…and much Love. ❀

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