Benjamin Fulford – May 25, 2015: The battle for the planet earth continues with regime changes, nuclear threats, imminent financial collapse etc.

Sometimes news seems to repeat itself. Sometimes news seems to repeat itself. If this sounds repetitive it is repetitive. That is because many recent news events can be summarized in a few repeating patterns: Greece threatens to default, the Ukraine threatens to default, the US runs out of money again, there is another fake mass shooting event in the US (this time Waco), China and Japan say slightly different things about each other’s history then military pilots fly to obscure islands and wave the finger at each other, Shias, Sunnis, Jews and Western mercenaries pretending to be Muslim extremists do bad things or are victims of bad things, North Korea shoots off a missile, etc. etc.

In the alternative news world, we see something similar: mass arrests of Western cabalistic elites are imminent, the new financial system has been announced and your check is in the mail, UFO’s have landed, the end of the world is nigh, President Obama is a time travelling Muslim space alien etc.

Given all this, it is understandable that many people cannot help but wonder if we will ever see any real change.

The fact is though, that we are going through a slow motion but tectonic shift in how this planet is run. Watching the old system implode is like watching stuff go down a drain hole, it circles around and around seemingly forever but suddenly, it is gone. Remember the fall of the Soviet Union? It seemed to take place in slow motion at the time but, in retrospect, it seems like it happened overnight.

The Greek situation is a case in point, deadline after deadline comes and goes and yet the can keeps getting kicked down the road. The Ukraine fails to pay its gas bills and yet the housewives still cook on their gas stoves. These situations will eventually come to a climax but, probably, not before this autumn because the consequences (collapse of the Western financial system) will be so huge that anything and everything possible is being done to delay things.

At the same time, top secret meetings keep taking place to try to come to a long term solution to these and other festering problems. There were several such meetings last week. One was between representatives of the Red Dragon and the White Dragon societies. Another was between the WDS and a Rothschild family representative.

The Red Dragon representative came with concrete proposals for three new types of energy technology. The details of this technology cannot be mentioned publicly at this time because of non-disclosure agreements. What we can say is that one was thermal, one was solar and one was nuclear. They all could be game changers IF REAL. Once again, no actual device was demonstrated and so, until Japanese manufacturers do their due diligence, we need to conclude that talk is cheap and seeing is believing. The Red Dragon folk also wanted funding and were told that funding would come when proof their technology worked was obtained by the technicians now working on the case.

The talks with the Rothschild representative were more detailed and concrete and concerned their proposal to replace Japan’s Rockefeller slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with Ichiro Ozawa. Ozawa is a veteran politician who had a falling out with the Rockefellers after the first Gulf war. A Japanese leftist independently contacted the WDS to say the Chinese also supported Ozawa. Both sources said that Prime Minister Abe personally endorsed Ozawa as his replacement.

The WDS said they would support an Ozawa government if it met the following conditions:

1) Nationalize the Bank of Japan and start issuing government currency.
2) Carry out a one-time write off of all Japanese debts, public and private
3) Return all Japanese financial assets illicitly obtained by the cabal
4) Remove all cancer and infertility causing substances from daily consumer products
5) Agree to set up an international economic planning agency and back it with Japan’s $7 trillion in private and public foreign currency holdings

The Ozawa government would also agree to continue and even strengthen Japan’s military alliance with the Pentagon and the US agencies provided the US side apologized for war crimes carried out against the Japanese and Germans during World War 2 (only the losers have apologized for their war crimes so far).

In any case, there are already many signs slave Prime Minister Abe has a new set of handlers. The biggest sign has been the sudden shift in Japan’s policy towards China. A delegation of 3000 Japanese dignitaries, including local and national politicians, industrialists etc. arrived in China last Friday in the biggest such visit in 15 years. They were greeted warmly by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Clearly something fundamental has changed between Japan and China despite Khazarian attempts to inflame regional historical and territorial sore points.

The US military is still aggressively posturing against Chinese attempts to become a regional bully and has support from most of China’s neighbours who all share an interest in keeping China polite. However, as long as the US fails to nationalize the Federal Reserve Board and issue treasury dollars to replace the no-longer American US dollar, the US military must realize it is impossible to seriously pick a fight with China at the same time as they are financed by China.

China also made a big move in South America, the former US backyard, last week when Xi Jinping showed up in Brazil with over $50 billion in financing. Chinese infrastructure projects throughout the region are rightly seen by South American governments as preferable to US instigated riots and coups d’etat.

The Americans are trying to counter Chinese influence in South America by mending relations with Cuba but, the South American countries are starting to learn the Asian bar-girls mantra: “no money, no honey.”

Even more startling for the US than events in South America and Japan though, is the growing independence movement of the Sandwich Islands, otherwise known as Hawaii. On May 11th, for the first time ever at the United Nations, a UN member country, Pakistan, raised the point that Hawaii never actually voted to become part of the United States and was technically an illegally occupied colony. The US military has vital bases on these islands and would be well advised to support the Hawaiian independence movement on the condition US military bases could stay there.

In Europe too, there has been another major setback for the Khazarian cabal. Poland just elected a President who was part of a faction likely killed by the Khazarian cabal in a plane crash 2010. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about this crash:

“President of Poland Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria, former President of Poland in exile Ryszard Kaczorowski, the chief of the Polish General Staff and other senior Polish military officers, the president of the National Bank of Poland, Poland’s deputy foreign minister, Polish government officials, 18 members of the Polish parliament, senior members of the Polish clergy, and relatives of victims of the Katyn massacre. They were en route from Warsaw to attend an event marking the 70th anniversary of the massacre.”

These people all died at a time when the Polish government was taking a hardline stance against the Euro and was planning to devalue the Polish Zloty. These policies changed after the crash led to a change of government. Newly elected Polish President Adnrzej Duda was a legal aide to the president who died in that plane crash. Duda recalls how two days before that fateful flight “the president told him that a generational change was afoot, and that it would be Duda and his peers who would take responsibility for the future of the country.”

It looks like a newly assertive Poland will now join Greece and the Ukraine in the whirlpool of headlines we will see in the weeks and months to come.

Meanwhile, the Khazarian Mafiosi still causing trouble in the Middle East are escalating their threats and rhetoric. In the past week they have threatened to use their ISIS pseudo-Muslim army to destroy the priceless cultural relic of Palmyra in Syria. They also threatened to blow up the Iranian embassy in Syria before withdrawing that threat after being told Tel Aviv would be destroyed in retaliation. The Pentagon reminded the Israelis their arsenal of 200 nuclear weapons was not enough to destroy the world but all it would take was a single nuke to destroy Israel.

The Khazarian attempts to start civil war or mass unrest inside the United States are also failing in a spectacular manner. The most recent event was the obviously faked biker shoot-out in Waco, Texas. All the bikers had brand new uniforms and brand new motorcycles. I do not know about you but, all the real bikers I have even seen did not look all squeaky clean like they had just come out of a clothing store with new duds. Maybe these crisis acting troupes should just come out of the closet and start charging admission for their street theater performances.

As you can see, the toilet of history has been flushed.


What’s Happening in the Stars? May 24-31, 2015 ~Contributed by Hillory Skott

What’s Happening in the Stars? May 24-31, 2015 ~Contributed by Hillory Skott

Mercury retrograde is ushering us within. “If you don’t go within,
you go without.” You can happily avoid making decisions now.
It’s time for review. When Mercury goes direct again June 11, 2015,
you can get moving again, faster than you might expect. So enjoy
looking back, and in, and through things. Mercury will be making
important contacts all week, giving you a chance to see things in
an entirely new way. Be present.

Wednesday Mercury, ruler of communication will conjoin with Mars,
the planet that fuels action and movement. Getting your point across
is important today. For all of us, so try and listen too. Gemini is an air
sign, curious and great at making connections, but not necessarily
following through. So this is not a time of commitment but time for
self-expression; which could lead to a commitment down the road.
But the point is to express that self of yours. You won’t regret it.

With Venus in a harmonious trine with Chiron, real healing can be
found on the relationship front. Probably through open honest
unfiltered communication. Chiron represents the wounded part
of ourselves and Venus, relationships. Perhaps you share some
personal history with a loved one. Something you had managed
to box up and put away. It takes a lot of energy to keep things
pushed aside. If you allow your real feelings to bubble up now
you may discover an incredible peace inside yourself. The peace
of true release. Once you truly let things go and forgive yourself
and all involved you can move in the directions of fulfillment and Love.

Friday Mercury will square Neptune; a square represents energies
at cross purpose, each arriving at totally different conclusions with
the same information. This combo can create confusion and illusion.
Things are definitely not what they seem. Don’t sign anything. Allow
space for your imagination to communicate with you. Neptune is all
about what cannot be explained and described. Mercury is there to
describe and explain. For now, just observe what comes up. Creative
ideas can lead you places but will likely take more effort than expected.
Jot things down. Journal or blog- you might just say what you need
to hear.

Saturday with the moon in deep seeking Scorpio the Sun will share
the same space with Mercury creating a sizzling combination of
electric realizations. The Moon and Neptune are connecting to
make a dreamy reality true. You may notice how the dots are all
connected and how everything you have ever done has lead you
to exactly where you are. Ah Ha moments are on rapid fire.

Sunday is also significant with things going from super clear to fuzzy
for a while. You may feel like the rug has been pulled out from under
your big ideas. Reality and your ideals not meeting up. But this is fleeting,
a feeling that keeps you humble and practical. It’s always a blessing
when you can step outside of your situations. Ask what life is trying to
show you? What are you learning from this situation that can benefit
you? If you can keep that philosophical point of view you will likely not
even notice this challenging day.

This week is very mental in nature- Your mind will be active but not
always in a clear and discerning way. Keep that in mind and stay
well rested and nourished. Also, stretching and putting each of your
joints through the full range of motion will help keep you healthy and
youthful without draining any of that precious energy. So get out there
and be your youest you- you have all that you need to get what you want!

~Contributed by Hillory Skott

 Have a great week!
Much Love and Many Blessings,
Karen & Salma

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Tuesday, May 26, 2015



Angel Messages for May 25 – 31 from Doreen Virtue

Angel Messages for May 25 – 31 from Doreen Virtue

Here are your Angel Messages for this week:

It’s a week of Self-Care . . .

This week pushes you to take great care of yourself, with lots of rest and meditating. By mid-week, you’ll be practicing your assertive boundaries of saying No when needed. You’re also called upon to nurture your inner child, who needs some play time and healing for the past.

This is a week where you have great opportunities to learn and heal, through observing yourself and your reactions to stressful situations and relationships. You don’t need to put up with anything hurtful, and you will put your foot down and insist upon being treated better or you will walk away.

Remember to call upon gentle and compassionate support such as good friends, counselors, 12 Step support groups, and so forth.

Notes: Doreen is working with the Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards available at bookstores worldwide and at

Carob the Pomeranian got her summer haircut and she’s wearing a tshirt that says I Heart My Mommy.

The video was momentarily stopped right as Doreen was turning over the second card, because Bentley ran away with the rest of the deck. The cards were recovered unscathed by Michael, and filming resumed, but you’ll see an edit there.

The free oracle card readings that Doreen referenced in the video are at:

To watch the entire reading, please visit:

NorthPoint Astrology Journal: Your guide to planetary energies for May 25 to 31, 2015 By Pam Younghans

Photo: Fallout from the recent eruption of Chile’s Calbuco Volcano
creates a colorful sunset over Rio de Janiero, Brazil
(credit: Helio C. Vital, posted on

NorthPoint Astrology Journal

Your guide to planetary energies for
May 25 to 31, 2015
By Pam Younghans


Highlighted Aspects this Week:
MON: Sun semisquare Uranus, Venus square Uranus, Mars square Neptune; WED: Mercury conjunct Mars, Sun semisquare Venus, Chiron trine Venus; FRI: Mercury square Neptune; SAT: Mercury trine Ceres, Mercury semisquare Venus, Sun conjunct Mercury, Sun trine Ceres; SUN: Venus sesquisquare Neptune, Sun square Neptune

THE PLANETS seem to be toying with us on this last week of May. Our best navigational tool may be simply to remember that “all is not as it seems,” especially with retrograde Mercury playing its role of Trickster. Throughout the week, we will benefit most by being flexible and by letting go of our need to have things make logical — or logistical — sense.

Uranus, the bringer of the Unexpected, starts off the week with challenging aspects to the Sun and Venus on Monday. Restlessness is always heightened with Uranus squares, and we can more easily feel irritable or frustrated when things don’t go exactly our way.

The Uranus-Venus square, in particular, challenges our expectations within relationships. Venus in Cancer believes that people should always treat each other with great sensitivity and caring, but Uranus in Aries has more of a “me first” perspective on reality. We’ll need to be careful to allow each person their rights as individuals, but also understand that beneath the bravado may actually beat a very vulnerable heart.

MARS AND NEPTUNE are also square each other on Monday, added to the complexity of our experience as we begin the week. Neptune in Pisces tends to make life a bit foggy or surreal, while Mars in Gemini likes everything to make sense so that a clear plan of action is possible. There’s always a lesson of faith involved with a Neptune aspect — so if things don’t go according to plan, our best response may be to accept and allow rather than to try to chart out a new course right away.

We’ll probably want to follow that advice for the rest of the week as well, since aspects with similar themes continue to occur: Mars aligns with retrograde Mercury on Wednesday, Mercury squares Neptune on Friday, the Sun is conjunct retrograde Mercury on Saturday, and then the Sun squares Neptune on Sunday.

ALL IN ALL, this appears to be a good week for making sure we follow the Mercury-retrograde prescription of reviewing and reassessing rather than trying to make clear decisions or changes of direction. The Neptune squares to Mars, Mercury, and the Sun (all in Gemini) may help us be more imaginative than usual, but we’re not likely to see facts as clearly as we might like.

In other words, this may be a good time to be sketching your ideal house plan, but not such a good time to hire the architect or contractor to do the job according to your specifications.

IF WE FIGHT against the fogginess and our seeming inability to progress outwardly this week, we’re likely to be frustrated — but, thanks to helpful aspects involving the dwarf planet Ceres, if we shift our focus, we have some great opportunities to make advances in our personal growth.

One of the themes represented by Ceres is that of self-acceptance. With Ceres is currently in Aquarius, our self-worth is enhanced when we fully appreciate our individuality and give ourselves permission to follow our unique path. As we travel somewhat aimlessly down circuitous roads this week, we actually have the opportunity to get in better touch with where we ultimately want our own journey to lead.

And, as Ceres trines retrograde Mercury on Saturday, and then trines the Sun on Sunday, we can more easily accept and empathize with others in spite of our differences. If we also extend that same non-judgmental nurturing to ourselves, this week can end up being productive in ways that we never expected.

ONENESS OF ALL: Arcturian Group Message 5/24/15 by Marilyn Raffaele

ONENESS OF ALL: Arcturian Group Message 5/24/15 by Marilyn Raffaele
MAY 24, 2015

We come in love to assist all in their evolutionary journey of remembering.

The world appears to be filled with intense images of both good and evil at this time–duality expressed at its best and highest. This is because ever increasing energies of Light are greatly effecting the stability of anything and everything formed of old beliefs and concepts. Rejoice dear ones, for it is you doing the heavy lifting that is changing world consciousness–the outer is always a reflection of the inner.

Slowly but surely, a consciousness of Oneness is emerging. More and more people are being intuitively guided to assist man, animals, plants, and the environment of Gaia herself in whatever ways seem to be needed. An understanding of many within One, is gradually being born which starts on the unconscious level and then moves into conscious awareness.

Higher dimensional energies are serving to open the hearts of all who are ready, shifting them more deeply into the realization that every person, no matter the color of their skin or language they speak, as well as all life forms, are in and of the One substance and seek the same things according to their level of understanding. These things are peace, harmony, abundance, joy– all facets of unconditional love, the Divine essence of all that exists, ever present and always calling.

Often it is only an experience of some seeming disaster that brings this awareness to those still holding tightly to a sense of separation, choosing to live in white towers of self-righteousness and power, and who see themselves as separate and better than everyone around them. When change comes for these people, rejoice not in their seeming “fall from grace” but in the realization that they too are learning and evolving, but doing it the “hard way”.

Today’s message is about love, a topic spoken of and discussed on all levels throughout the world.
A deep and truer understanding of the Divine nature of Love is vital to spiritual evolution. Love is the activity of oneness and is the basis for everything that exists. It is the glue that holds together all things and is interpreted and experienced according to the state of consciousness of the individual.

Example: Love, the connecting energy between all things within the One Omnipresent Consciousness, when interpreted through un-evolved states of consciousness will manifest outwardly as war, rape, abuse, and all the experiences of duality and separation. The One has never changed nor could it ever be less that what it is. It is the state of the individual consciousness as well as consensus consciousness that interprets and manifests how you see and experience the world.

A higher sense of love is beginning to awaken within the hearts of mankind. Love, the connecting energy between all living things is beginning to be experienced and acknowledged profoundly more than in belief systems of the past.

Most of you have lifetimes in which love was generally only thought of as something between a mother and child, or perhaps between friends or lovers and often with strings attached. Love was more of a barter and almost never unconditional. Often there was little or no love in marriages which were simply contracts assuring convenience and safety for two countries, or families. For those of poorer means, it often represented another pair of hands to do the work.

Women were more often than not, considered bargaining chips or simply chattels, a means to an end. Love even in the human sense rarely entered into the picture. When romantic love did happen, it was frequently discouraged or even forbidden if the union did not fulfill the concepts and beliefs of those in power, be it simple families or royalty.

There has been very little understanding of the real nature of Love except for the occasional mystic. Concepts based in duality and separation have ruled the consciousness of mankind lifetime after lifetime, conditioning and interpreting love as well as everything else, in very limited ways.

Love is beginning to be recognized as much more than simple emotional attachment. Over time those of a higher state of consciousness tried to reveal unconditional love through their words and actions, but for the most part people were unable to embrace that level of consciousness. Your inner work is birthing a new world consciousness and mankind is rapidly attaining an ability to learn about and live Love as the universal and unconditional truth of being that it really is.

You have evolved and are now ready to accept and integrate the deeper truth of unconditional love as being all there is. This must become an attained state of consciousness if you are to move into the higher dimensional energies emerging and available at this time which means awareness and practice on your part. You do not have to have fully attained this state of consciousness in order to move forward, but must have the honest intention to do so. The higher dimensions are dimensions of Love, and cannot be entered still holding fast to a consciousness of separation with all its accompanying judgement and criticism.

The necessity for unconditional love occasionally acts as a block for the spiritually ready individual unable to embrace the idea of having to love everyone. When this happens it means there is a misunderstanding of what unconditional Love really is. It is possible to have unconditional love even for those living at very dense levels of awareness once it is understood that unconditional love is not an acceptance of their actions nor a lowering into their level of consciousness.

It is not attraction to or acceptance of everyone and everything regardless of how much havoc they may be causing and neither is it an emotional desire to be with the person or place or thing although that can be a part of it. Unconditional Love is recognition–the recognition of ever present Divinity within all things even when the object does not care a whit about it.

Unconditional love means every person or situation you become aware of must be seen with new eyes, which in turn trains the mind to interpret in new and higher ways. Begin to visualize a diamond in the heart of every person you become aware of as you go about your day. Make this diamond a symbol representing the person’s innate Divinity even if you do not like or respect what they represent. The news, the world, the things you hear about or see on TV are all opportunities to practice blessing the world through recognition.

There must come at some point, a realization of oneness in world consciousness if it is to evolve beyond duality and separation and you are Light workers making it happen.

Try and let go of judgement and criticism of appearances for fear, worry, and concern serves to give them a power they do not have and cements whatever illusory energy they do have. This can be difficult for those of you used to actively fighting the negative issues of the world in your quest for change.

You are being asked now to take the next step which is a letting go of resistance, and a moving into unconditional love. Your mind will accept this after awhile although at first it will rebel, for it has been trained in other ways.

This never means you cannot sign a petition, or take some action you are being guided to take. It does mean that your first action now becomes one of unconditional love which may or may not lead you to a next action.

Attaining this state of consciousness and the next step of your journey and you are ready.

We are the Arcturian Group 5/24/15

Shanta Gabriel: INSPIRATION FOR THE WEEK: Making Great Choices for Your Life

Making Great Choices for Your Life

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day to our busy lives.

For this week, the focus of the Gabriel Message is on making choices that serve our highest good.

The Gabriel Message card for this week

Make choices for greater Life, Peace and Joy and all the forces of the Universe align themselves behind you.
Shanta GabrielFrom the beginning of my association with Archangel Gabriel, he spoke to me in CAPITALS. While writing the messages that I received, I noticed that often these capitalized words contained high frequencies of energy and deeper meanings.

Words such as Life, Peace and Joy would all be written with capital letters to give them stronger emphasis. It became clear that these words represented Qualities of Consciousness. The capitalized words acted as Spiritual Principles that carried a deep, resonant frequency. When I played with these words in my meditations, they had the power to change my consciousness.

Archangel Gabriel suggested that I sit in the consciousness of an empowered word like a bath of Divine Light. This became a focal point for my meditations. I was coached to imagine immersing myself in Peace or Joy for a few minutes. I was told, “Let the Light frequencies in one of these words fill every fiber of your being and flow into your heart. After you feel this energy strongly in your heart, let the Light fall through your base chakra to anchor into the earth.” When I followed these instructions, I was surprised by my illuminated ability to sense the Divine Intelligence inherent in the qualities of Light these words represented.

As the energy frequencies on the planet have increased, so has the power of certain words to change our vibrations and affect our lives through their magnetic resonance. Each of these powerful words acts as a Spiritual Principle that we can bring into our lives. It is our focus of attention that helps to attract these qualities into our energy fields, where they can empower us to new ways of being.

When I meditated with these words, I could feel that my energy would be uplifted by their power. It felt like these capitalized words were acting as living frequencies of Light that became available to me in a new way. I could make these words into my intentions for the day or direct them into different areas of my life, and I would feel the impact that focus would have.

Archangel Gabriel has stated that there is a clear requirement for us to anchor these higher energy frequencies on the Earth so the consciousness of all people can be uplifted. When we sit in the field of Divine Light frequencies carried in certain words of power, we create a bridge from Heaven to Earth. As simple as it seems, this exercise has the capacity to create beautiful change on the planet as well as in our own lives.

Sometimes these words of empowerment would come in groups of three with the same first letter. When this happens, I feel a bit of Angelic play afoot. Once when I was nervous about a trip to visit family, the words I received for my intentions were Harmony, Happiness and Humor. Keeping these key words and the magnetic energy that filled them in the forefront of my attention changed the trip in a wonderful way and resulted in a very positive outcome.

In 2011 Archangel Gabriel started calling this work “Light Field Technology,” offering systems that we can use to bring more clarity, hope and happiness into our lives. Starting June 3 we will be presenting “The Secrets to Light Field Technology” in a teleconference format. Please check it out. I would love to have you join us.

Creating new life begins with our intentions for what we want to experience. We have a choice, moment to moment, where we place our attention. These choices open us to amazing support from the Universal beings that believe in our Soul Purpose and are committed to our expanding consciousness. This level of alignment to Source energy assists our ability to be more conscious in life. As we immerse ourselves in the power of living words of Light, we allow the Divine Presence to work within us, inspiring the heart-centered action we need to fulfill our Soul’s Destiny on Earth.

Shanta Gabriel
May 24, 2015

The Gabriel Messages #54

Make choices for greater Life, Peace and Joy, and all the forces of the Universe align themselves behind you.

Dear Ones,

This is a universe of free will. The Angels will not step in to assist without being asked. “Ask and you shall receive” was the statement of master Jesus. So it is important to ask for this support in all the choices you make in your life, from moment to moment.

When you make a choice to think in a positive, instead of negative way; when you make a choice to accept, rather than judge, the decisions made by another; when you agree to give instead of waiting to receive; all these choices are examples of opening your heart and mind to receiving your highest good. When you choose the highest good for all, you signal the available energy in the universe to come to your aid. Miracles will occur naturally all around you, by your willingness to receive them. People will suddenly begin to give to you in a different way. Synchronous events will transpire in ways you never thought possible. This is the natural flow of God’s grace available to all who are willing to work in harmony with Divine Energy and have the forces of the universe align behind them.

There is a Universal Flow of energy awaiting your command. You live in the pure potential of All That Is, a River of All Creation. When you are aligned with what you want to create, and open to receive, that powerful river of creative energy will flow in the direction of your intentions. It is the natural order of life, yet it will feel like a miracle.

These results also come from willingness on your part to have your life be good, and to allow others to love and support you. It has to do with knowing what you want and asking for it directly, as well as having faith to know that there is a greater order and good available to all who believe.

So accept that what is occurring around you in your life is a reflection of what is occurring within you. Begin to make small choices to experience love instead of fear, to forgive the person who has wronged you, even when the action seems unforgivable, to give thanks for what you have instead of complaining about what you don’t have, and to believe that miracles can occur in your life, when you are willing to receive them.

These shifts in attitude bring a return of greater Love, Joy and Fulfillment in your life. It all begins with you and with your sincere willingness to allow the Angels and the Universal Presence to come to your assistance.

So remember your message for today:

Make choices for greater Life, Peace and Joy, and all the forces of the Universe align themselves behind you.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
May 24, 2015

Jesus Through John: Humanity’s awakening is happening right now!

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday May 24th

Humanity’s awakening is inevitable. Of course you have heard that many times before, but within the illusion doubts and anxieties assail you almost constantly. That is why it is necessary for me to keep reminding you, so that you hold your course regardless of the apparent lack of physical evidence within the illusory environment on which you focus most of your attention, to confirm that God’s plan is unfolding just as He intends.

The illusion is a place in which inconsistencies flourish, new information arises that displaces previously held beliefs by demonstrating their inadequacies, and the pace at which that is happening is constantly accelerating. No wonder you feel so assailed. The illusion is an environment of almost constant change – peace to war, love to hate, trust to betrayal – and reversals of those states. At this point in your spiritual evolution – and everyone physically incarnate on Earth is here to evolve spiritually – an enormous effort is being maintained through prayer, meditation, and through humanity’s intense desire for positive change, to move from violence to non-violence, from endless states of war to lasting peace, and awareness is growing that this can only happen if people trust each other and absolutely refrain from betraying that trust.

The briefest moment spent considering what is required to bring a state of peaceful and harmonious coexistence to all on Earth makes it quite clear that no progress can be made without first establishing trust, and to do that it is apparent that all cultures, ethnicities, lifestyles, religious and political beliefs must absolutely respect all others. The intense egoic need to be right that so many have, the need to belong to the right religion, the right political party, the right nation, the right . . . (fill in the blanks!) is, as history never fails to demonstrate, an unmitigated recipe for disaster, because it spends its time making others wrong, and thereby making others its enemies.

Worldwide, as children are born and start to grow, they have egos that need to grow and mature to enable them to live on Earth as wise and balanced individuals. Initially they have needs that they cannot fulfill for themselves, needs that require acknowledgment and fulfillment by someone other than themselves, and so they have to learn to attract the attention of those who are there to provide for those needs, and that attention seeking behavior strengthens their egos. This is normal.

What is not normal, but in fact always happens, is that these egos, the egos of nearly every individual human without exception, are hurt and abused to a greater or lesser extent by their caregivers during their years of growth to adulthood. Generally the caregiver’s intent is to teach and not to harm, but because of the damage that the caregivers themselves have experienced, they teach fear, not love. They unintentionally betray the trust of those for whom they are responsible, mostly believing that “it is for their own good!” The result is that the little ones growing up experience betrayal of their trust by those who are there to nurture them, and they are consequently conditioned to expect betrayal and thus learn to be forever on their guard. Consequently trust is not something they will offer lightly to another once they have lived through those unavoidable human growth experiences and had it betrayed.

How can humanity move forward then? The only way forward is by trusting one another, and yet to do that seems at best insane and at worst a total denial of reality. Your experience shows you that trusting individuals are gullible, unwise, immature, lacking intelligence, and are almost always betrayed. And yet reason and logic make it abundantly clear that without trust progress towards lasting peace is impossible. It would seem that humanity is caught in a “Catch 22” situation. There appears to be no way to escape from an absence of trust because, as experience shows most clearly, those who trust are always betrayed.

Nevertheless, the only way forwards is by choosing to trust. The vast majority of humans want only to live in peace and harmony with everyone else. When that state is achieved, as it has been many times in small communities, amazing cooperative creative ventures are undertaken and brought lovingly to fruition. However, the success of those communities arouses jealousy among those whose environments are less loving. If you look closely at what happens you will see that only a very small number of badly damaged individuals are needed to unsettle a harmonious community by spreading rumor and gossip.

That is the point – only a very small number of damaged individuals are needed to unsettle a community, BECAUSE others listen to them and believe their embittered gossip.

If that gossip is ignored the gossipers move somewhere else. They seek egoic satisfaction in destroying the harmony and peace that others have established because they themselves are so damaged. And because they are in such intense pain, which is mostly denied and buried deep within them, they wait attentively for an opportunity to project that pain on to others for the slight relief it brings to them. When individuals are that badly damaged their only pleasure is found in hurting others. When you meet or interact with someone as hurt as that do not judge or condemn them, just intend for them to be healed, and send them love or blessings. That is one of your earthly tasks.

The way forwards therefore is to ignore all gossip, and instead to trust your own intuitive sense which tells you that others can be trusted, and then to trust them! Yes, within the illusion, your present apparent “home” environment, your trust will be betrayed occasionally. But, being an illusion, those experiences cannot harm you, they are the just unreal dreams from which you will awaken. The way forwards towards your awakening is to forgive those who betray you!

As I said above, only a very small number of damaged individuals are needed to unsettle a community. However, if the community refuses to be influenced or manipulated by those in pain then those efforts are ineffective.

Each and every human, each beloved child of God, is permanently connected to the divine field of Love in which all of creation is eternally maintained, but the illusion, which seems so real to those living within it, is ego-driven and fear-driven, and it does every thing it can to convince you that you are an insignificant life form whose existence is short and meaningless. And of course that is its purpose. It was conceived of and built to allow you to experience separation from your Source, the infinitely loving God who created you in joy and for joy.

Your real state of existence – eternally present in the field of Love that is God – is unalterable. You are there always, and you have never left. You could never leave because there is, as you are constantly being reminded, nowhere else. Therefore there is nothing to fear!

As we in the spiritual realms keep telling you, through the various channels that we use to make contact with you, and through the divine intuition that you each have access to in every moment, there is only Love! God, the divine Source of all that exists, the sole Awareness, the One Sentient Consciousness that permeates every individual mind is Love. You are never absent from God, and therefore Love is your true and inviolable nature. What you experience within the dream, within the illusion – fear, conflict, betrayal, suffering, pain, and constant confusion – is unreal.

When you detach from the illusion, even momentarily, by going within to that sacred place where the flame of God’s Love burns constantly within you, then you will find peace. By going within and intending to know God, your divine Source, the place from which you arise renewed in every moment, you spread and extend Love to all with whom you interact in any way at all. That is your purpose during this incarnation. You chose to incarnate as a human this time around to help others to awaken, because the Love that you share with God motivates you most powerfully to bring all of humanity home to their natural state of awareness that all are One with God. You know that state, and being Love incarnate you want everyone to experience it permanently. You are in truth perfectly in alignment with the divine Will, and you are walking on Earth to shine the Light of God’s Love so brightly that no one can fail to see It.

That Light is shining brilliantly all across the world because so many of you chose to be on Earth at this time to awaken humanity. No other options are available, humanity will awaken, and the chaos and confusion that seem to be intensifying all across the world are clear indications that humanity’s awakening is happening right now!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

John Smallman: Peace and happiness are found by being your true Self.

Saul Audio Blog for Saturday May 23rd.

Humanity’s journey through the illusion has been long and arduous.  You have all spent many lifetimes trying to find your way Home.  As you know from personal experience much suffering is undergone as you search for love and are betrayed or abandoned by those who you would relate to with love.  It often seems that life is not meant to be either happy or enjoyable, but more likely a path that involves much pain and suffering.  And those who lead so-called “good lives” are just as likely to suffer as anyone else.  There appears to be little point in behaving well for it seems to make absolutely no difference, as the rewards available within the illusion often seem to be awarded to those least worthy to receive them.

The illusion is an insane environment.  It was built collectively to enable you to separate yourselves from your divine Source, and to access that unreal state, Love, your true nature, had to be excluded.  But of course you all desperately want to love and to be loved, and so you seek love from one another . . . endlessly.

The illusion is truly a most confusing place in which you can never find that which you are endlessly seeking – Love – because It has been excluded, shut out.  What passes for love is often behavior driven by guilt, fear, or low self-esteem.  So please know that you were created perfect, that nothing can change that, and that your apparent abilities and competences, or lack of them, as experienced as you live life in the illusion are just illusory limitations.  They are but tools that you can use to demonstrate to yourselves that the illusion is illusory, unreal.

As you have so often been told God is Love, and God contains within Himself all that exists, all of his divine creation.  That concept makes absolutely no sense when you are confined within the illusion and therefore severely limited by the restrictions it places upon your intelligence and upon your ability to understand what God is in any meaningful way.

The idea in building it was to construct something extremely limited because that was the only way that apparent separation from God, from your divine Source could be achieved.  Separation from God is impossible, but an imaginary or unreal place of separation was possible, and that is what you built.  It is indeed a terrifying and nightmarish place or situation.  Fortunately you will awaken from it!  God’s Love for you is utterly beyond your ability to imagine or conceive of, consequently when you chose “to leave Home” He instantly provided the means for your return, for your awakening.

All that you need do is to stop trying to find your own way because there isn’t one.  The only way Home is God’s way, and you find that by releasing your hold on fear, anger, resentment, and judgment, and by embracing forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the antidote to the illusion, the solvent in which it is dissolved, and it has been available to you ever since you entered into the illusion.  In Heaven, In Love, in God, there is no need for forgiveness as there is nothing to forgive, there nothing exists that is not in perfect harmony and alignment with Love, your natural state, the state that in truth you have never left because there is nowhere else.

The fact that you exist proves that you are One with God, and therefore with each other.  But the state of separation you appear to inhabit insists that this not the case, it insists that the opposite is true, that you are separate, alone, and insignificant.  And so you have spent eons in confusion looking for something that cannot be found outside yourselves.

God is in you as you are in God.  However, the nightmare that you conceived of and built, due to the limitations that you made an essential part of it, has effectively placed a veil, a curtain, or a shield between you and You, between you and God, between you and Reality.  It is made of your choice to see separation as real, dangerous, and constantly threatening your lives, and in an environment like that there is no room for trust, for honesty, for integrity, or for Love.

The more deeply you attempt to engage with the illusion the more real it appears to be and the more suffering and betrayal you experience.  You engage with it by judging it, and either trying to improve it by changing it, or taking advantage of it and seeking power over others.  It does seem to offer enormous possibilities to those who choose to be sufficiently savage and unrestrained to attempt to control and run it as they see fit by fear and force of arms.  While those of you who pray for world peace are constantly being reminded of the intense and unjustifiable suffering that so many are undergoing all across the world.

However, no one is in the “wrong place!”  Everyone on Earth is a dearly beloved child of God, everyone has already received everything from God, and that includes free will and the freedom to choose which path they will follow when they incarnate as a human in the illusion.  No one has been “short-changed.”  This does not mean that the suffering that someone undergoes during an earth life is in any way justified, or is a well-deserved punishment for misbehavior in a previous incarnation.

Everyone incarnate as a human on Earth has made a spiritually guided choice to embark on a series of learning experiences best suited to their individual needs.  No one on Earth can know why another is following a particular path.  All anyone can do, and it is the most appropriate course of action to follow, is to offer love, honesty, and compassion to everyone with whom they interact, and if they feel they have been hurt or offended then to offer forgiveness.

Remember that there is a spiritual purpose in every meeting, in every interaction, and in every relationship.  Whether its meaning becomes apparent to you is not of great importance, the important part of being human is to practice being loving, compassionate, and forgiving in every situation in which you find yourselves so that you learn your own lessons and let go of any aspects of yourselves that are unloving; aspects that are in fact unhelpful self-sought attachments helping to hold you hostage to the illusion.

Love practiced honestly and with integrity, as opposed to conditionally or manipulatively, brings peace, healing, and joy.  Any other form of loving is not worthy of the name, and always results in pain.  If you will make the intent to practice loving behavior in all your thoughts,words, and actions, and if you will keep reaffirming that intent, then your life will flow more easily, encouraging you to keep reaffirming that intent.  You have probably noticed that those who behave lovingly are generally far happier than those who are forever finding fault, with themselves, with others, or with the world in general.  And that is because your true nature is Love.  Peace and happiness are found by being your true Selves, by loving and forgiving, and by letting go of judgment, resentment, and hatred, and that, of course, is being true to Yourselves.  It is also your path to awakening.

Never forget that there is nothing you can do to make God withdraw His Love from you, or in any way alter His feelings for you.  His Love surrounds you in every moment of your eternal existence.  Without It, and that is impossible, your existence would cease, because It is the Source of your life.  You are One with God, and that knowledge is to become most brilliantly manifest, filling you with immeasurable joy.

With so very much love, Saul.

Jesus Through John: There is no alternative to the divine Will because there is no other will.

Jesus Through John: There is no alternative to the divine Will because there is no other will. by John Smallman

Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday May 21st

As the divine plan for humanity’s awakening moves steadily forwards, those so successfully holding the Light on Earth to assist in this great venture are highly honored by all in the spiritual realms. Without you the plan would come to nothing! However, it is God’s plan, and so perfect success is, of course, absolutely guaranteed. Nevertheless, your willing and enthusiastic involvement is an essential aspect of His plan.

At times most of you experience doubt, lack of motivation, even a sense that you are doing nothing of value as you carry on with “normal” life in the illusion. Those feelings and sensations are just another aspect of your illusory environment whose only purpose is to confuse you, and undermine your confidence that you have a divine purpose on Earth at this time. Do not be misled by those depressing moods and doubts; when they arise just let them pass, as they most surely will, and turn to us and ask for a comforting and loving hug. We are permanently on call to answer your requests for assistance because that is our purpose and our joy.

Do not doubt that we are watching over you lovingly in every moment. Call on us for confirmation, and we will respond. Our task is to assist you and ensure that nothing prevents you from completing yours. We shall not fail and nor will you because the divine Will insists on success, astounding and, to you seemingly, amazing success! God’s Will is achieved instantly, but within the illusion that is frequently not apparent.

Remember, there are no coincidences, everything that occurs has a purpose, and every purpose, even though it may appear to be evil, of the dark, an attack on God, on Love, is in the end always used to assist in the task of bringing humanity home to their natural and eternal state of Oneness with God. A state from which they have never departed for the simple reason that there is nowhere else.

There is no alternative to the divine Will because there is no other will. Options and choices are as illusory as the dream that you are presently experiencing, and which the vast majority of you consider to be reality. It is not real, it is a dream or nightmare from which you have no option but to awaken. Yes, you can delay your awakening, as some misguided ones may choose to do, but humanity’s awakening will not be delayed. The moment in which it is to occur was chosen in the instant that you chose to play your games of separation, because your Father’s Will for you is that you live in everlasting joy, nevertheless, while you play your games that state remains hidden from you.

When you release your fearful hold on the illusion, as you most surely will, with all its distrust, betrayal, conflict, and suffering, you will awaken into joy. That is God’s Will for you, and because all are one, there being no separation, you cannot forever deny Reality, the state of being that is forever One with Him.

The illusion has brought you much pain because even to imagine that you are separated from the One, from the Source, is utterly terrifying. God is All that exists. To be separated from Him would eternally terminate your existence, and it is inconceivable to imagine a greater terror than that. But such a state is impossible. Release your fears because they close your hearts, and closed hearts are unable to feel the Love that envelops them in every moment. When you allow your hearts to open by simply letting go of fear, the Tsunami of Love, the divine field in which all that God creates lives joyfully and eternally, flows through you unrestrictedly as divinely intended uniting all in the perfect harmony that is God.

You do have free will because you were created in Love, and Love neither imposes nor demands, It sets free. It was your free will choice to enter the illusion that you imagined and then constructed. It is a state of intense limitation, of lack of freedom brought about by the restrictions that you built into it for your amusement. And as humans you are constantly dealing with limitation in your daily lives, and this seems totally normal, appropriate, and it is – but only where it occurs, within the unreal confines of the illusion!

Over the last six or seven decades these insane limitations have become increasingly noticeable, undeniable, and increasingly unacceptable to large numbers of you, who are now constantly seeking to remove or destroy them. And there are others among you who are striving desperately to keep them intact, to maintain the old order as they attempt to persuade you that they are building “a new world order” that must be established to ensure humanity’s survival. Very few among you now believe those old, utterly false, and cynical arguments that continue to be regurgitated as the only way forwards to peace and security on Earth by those who have for so long held the reins of earthly power.

The deep secrecy in which these ancient families and their powerful allies, ably assisted by their utterly subservient entourages, have operated is finally being exposed for all to see. Some choose not to believe what is being disclosed because it is far too painful for them to admit that they have been so deceived, and that their trust has been so flagrantly betrayed. However, the end times are rapidly approaching for those who have for so long ruled and controlled the world by corruption and deceit.

The time for games of pain and suffering that can only be played within the illusion is drawing to a close. What is unreal is ephemeral and cannot last. And every human knows this at the depth or center of their being. However, having chosen to enter the illusion, they are bound by the rules under which it appears to operate – that is until they choose to see through the veil that presently hides Reality from them.

Vast numbers are now choosing to see through that veil, that choice is dissolving it, and as it dissolves it becomes even easier to see through it. The Light on Earth, carried on high by many loving and partially awakened ones, is intensifying. When you each make a point of daily going within to your own personal sanctuaries to reset your intent to awaken into Reality the Light intensifies even further.

The work you are doing – holding your Light on high – is essential to humanity’s awakening. Only you can do it, which is why you are so honored. You took on an enormous task and success is in sight, so keep on doing what you have been doing. The fact that you have for the most part not been able to see what a marvelous job you are doing makes your strength in doing it and your unbreakable determination to succeed even more remarkable. Remind yourselves frequently that infinite joy awaits your awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.