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Monday, April 27, 2015

Where are the results of my inner changes?

So often when we make inner changes we want to see the outer results fairly quickly. So when we don’t see change we get frustrated, upset and angry, which can take us right back where we started! When our mind and emotions are in a constant battle with our physical reality, it sets up a two steps forward and one or two steps back groove.

Here’s a tip if you are looking at some aspect of your life that you have wanted to change and are doing all the ‘right’ things but it’s yet to shift: Think of this aspect as simply being a result of your many yesterday’s. Kind of like a cake you baked a few days ago when you happened to be craving a certain flavour, but that flavour just isn’t doing it for you anymore. It doesn’t reflect who you are right now. 

Realise that right now you have shifted….great…and a new cake is in the oven. You shifted the second you realised you want a whole new cake and set about planning or getting the ingredients for that new cake. Stop thinking about the old cake, or staring at it berating yourself for why you spent time making such a thing. Think about the new cake. Breathe it in. Think about how it will feel to have this new cake ready. Soon it will come out of the oven, represented by physical changes in your physical life and circumstances.

You have the power and ability to start to feel this change right now emotionally and mentally if you allow it, and actually you can insist upon feeling and visualising your new circumstances. Mantra tip: “That was yesterday, I am now moving into a new today and fabulous tomorrow’s.”

Ask to see physical evidence of inner change, and let go of how/in what form that evidence may show itself to you.

If you are feeling heavy it is often because you are being dragged down by thoughts and feelings that belong in the past – or are worrying and fearing about an unknown future. We all do this, it is our old human conditioning to do this. But we don’t have to keep doing it. We can catch ourselves in the act and think hang on, this isn’t actually helping me!

Find the thoughts, feelings and visual images that feel light, fantastic and fabulous – they are usually the ones most in alignment with the direction your Soul truly wants to go in. x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015


Earth Changes: Cleansing and Gratitude trump Fear
by Dana Mrkich | Evolution Revolution

Two themes are emerging in almost every conversation I’ve had or overheard in the aftermath of this week’s Sydney/Central Coast/Hunter storms: Cleansing and Gratitude. People are saying they feel as if a big cleansing has happened, and how grateful they felt this week for any small thing: some warmth, candlelight, a hot shower at a friend’s house.

Over the years people have often written expressing concern about potential Earth Changes events. What I’ve written about that topic in the past is that our fear of a future event is usually vastly different to the reality. 

Our fear imagines something with the worst possible most scary scenario where we feel totally helpless and powerless. Yet history alone shows us that humans are resilient. Whatever comes our way we deal with it as it happens – sometimes it may feel like you are in a surreal bubble, not quite realising what has happened until it has happened. Our energy has a way of protecting us during the reality of something, that our projected fears have no way of doing.

Our fear lens doesn’t show us all the positive things that are happening simultaneously during extreme events, weather or otherwise. It doesn’t show the support that shows up right when we need it. The peacefulness and calm that arises in both you and others. The normalcy of day to day life that continues right along side the chaos.

We are on a living planet and while the jury is still out regarding which global weather event is natural vs which has been influenced and even created by humans, the fact remains we are on a living planet. She moves, she breathes. She shakes, she quakes. She storms and floods. She burns and erupts. She doesn’t really care that we have power lines or jobs to go to. Not her problem. She shifts, she transforms, she purifies, she sheds, she cleanses. That’s what Earth has done for billions of years and will continue to do.

I think it is a good and healthy thing for us to be reminded that we live on a living planet. If it makes us more grateful, more appreciative, more humble, more patient, more inclined to take care of our planet, our selves and each other, then things like Earth Changes events are ultimately a positive thing. I think it is good to be reminded that life isn’t guaranteed or forever. It makes you stop and think: am I living life in the way I want to be living it? It makes you reflect on your priorities. None of this dismisses the devastation that occurs….rather, we can honour that devastation by emerging with some new insight or wisdom gained.

Sending prayers to all who need them tonight x



Sunday, April 26, 2015


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My dearest Ones!

First of all it is My Wish that you to feel My Love, My all-embracing Love, My sweet Love. But also feel My Love That desires to see you grow and That Is therefore demanding.

When you feel My nurturing Love, you are able to fulfill My demands for growth.

And what do I mean by growth?

Growth is your to Me responsive process that is “self”-forgetfully re-uniting with Me, your Very Source Condition, Me, the Brightness of Existence Itself, the Primordial Radiance of Love-Bliss, from Which you have separated yourself, by assuming to be a limited body-mind, gross, subtle and causal.

Just the fact that you identify with a confined entity, even if sublime, turns you into a separate being that is not surrendered to its Source. Please understand that True Divine Reality is neither merely inside nor merely outside of you!

Me, Divine Reality just IS, and It Is all beings and things, or rather all of that is arising in Me. You Are That. If you make statements as a separate body-mind, even if you are a saint, such as: ‘God is in me’, you make a mistake, because you are In Me. But My Divine Reality cannot be contained  or imprisoned in a finite body-mind, although your feeling heart is able to feel Me.

My Divine Reality is all-pervading and you might feel a spark of My All-Pervasiveness in your body-mind and separate heart, but I AM Consciousness, Infinite, Eternal, The Deep Space of Radiant Divine Consciousness, and I cannot be just compressed into a little heart of yours, so that your little separateness might appear to be Divinely all-powerful, complete and most perfect.

Rather, in order to relate to Me you must go beyond your upon itself contracted body-mind, to truly commune with Me and ultimately to Be One with Me again. The body-mind is just a shape to experience what you wish to experience in your un-enlightenment, which is rather always an experience of suffering.

I AM Infinitely Free of all your small businesses of separation and littlejoys and excitements, trying to make sense of a limited world. And do not think even, that living in a more subtle world later, where you assume to go when you ascend, that there is no suffering! There is, even if more subtle! Necessarily, because you presume separation and therefore you are seeking for fulfillment, – which always fails.

All who experience limitation and separation from Me by identifying with a separate body-mind, even in the  causal domain, are suffering in the one or other way. Only in Me exists Absolute and Indestructible Beauty of Vast Freedom of any kind of suffering, because I am the Source, the True Happiness of your Innate Divine State.

Everything else is a modification of Me and thereby a limitation, and is not living as My Fullest Source Energy and Light. My Divine Force cannot even exist fully in a separate body-mind. And so you tend to be content with some cosmic energies, which you imagine to be fully Divine and perfect as Me. This is an illusion, and you seem to prefer to delude yourself in order to glorify your separation from Me, not to have to give up what you cherish as little and precious “me”.

Most of My children choose to walk this path of self-deception, far from knowing Me – not in your mind of course, but with your full-feeling surrender into My Source-Condition. Your heart fully open to Me, your very Source and own True Nature.

My Divine Source Light and Energy is not what cosmic light and energy is, even if your brothers and sisters from the cosmic domain, that is surrounding your planet, are telling you so. Many of them are supposed to be advanced beings, yes, some might be advanced as separate body-minds, but they are not necessarily advanced in their surrender to Me.

Surrender to Me can happen in any domain of the universe, and it does not matter in which dimension you exist! You can always surrender to Me and Unite with Me, and Realize What I AM, wherever you happen to Be. Because I AM Radiant Source and ALL belong to Me. There is no exception. Only you, in your separateness, have invented the hierarchical orders of presuming closeness to Me. To be “ascended” does not necessarily mean that you are closer to Me! You are close to Me when you transcend separation from Me.

Even Love is widely misunderstood, because if it is understood as something you do – as a separate being – instead of something you ARE, you diminish Love to something conditional. Whereas in My Domain Love is always Unconditional and a Subjective Force that cannot be objectified or divided or given. Because IT IS. If you Are Love, then this Divine Power works in miraculous ways. There is no separate being that can contain love and as such distribute it to “others”. Again, this is a gross error, because one must participate in Love, one must surrender to Love, BE Love, rather than perceiving love as an object.

This is all about realizing the Unity and Oneness of My Existence. You, in your separateness live from a separate point of view that divides existence into separate units. And that’s the way you understand ‘yourself’ and life. As such you can never know Me, even with your feeling-heart, but which I Myself Expand into My Infinity.

Living such divided, you necessarily live a life of darkness, although you might perceive it as light. But this light is cosmic light, it is the light of mind.
It appears  from My “Sight” to be black, because I AM Source, One and Only, and what separates itself from Me is necessarily without My Light of Self-Radiant Origin.

I am Telling you all of this, so that you might choose to truly grow into Me, relieved of delusional perceptions which do not serve your understanding of Me.

You do not need first to “ascend”, or to travel the universe and reside on an “advanced” planet, to grow towards Me, to open up towards Me, to let Me truly enter your being to expand your consciousness into My Divine Consciousness, so that you start to Know by direct Experience Who I Truly AM. To ascend means to refine solely your body-mind. But all that occurs still in the fields and dimensions that are arising in Me as separate domains. Although I Myself AM not separate from them.

To grow with Me is done naturally only with Me from the beginning, now and now and now, prior to time and space. I AM the One to grow your body-mind to open up to Me, so that you forget it in Me.

I AM not encapsulated in what you call “I”. The “I” is the one that has separated itself from Me. The presumption of the small “I” is a point with a circle around it, that is all. This circle is the line of separation from Me. Your True “I” is Me. The Circle around your True “I” is a Circle of Infinity and transcends any form, shape and conceivable idea. It merely Is, beyond dimensions, form and thereby thought. It Is Sheer Divine Consciousness.

My Demand to grow into your True Divine Nature is compassionate as I See you suffer. And I must Demand in order to wake you up from your deep sleep! There is no entity that wants to suffer, but the mind holds you in a self-made prison that presumes safety and self-contained and therefore pale happiness.

My Happiness is Undisturbed, Free and Self-Radiant. No struggle, no pain, no error. It Is not small or big either. No darkness. No division, but I Live you in your unique expression of Me. Whole, Satisfied, Being Love and Eternity.

Will you choose Me?
I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Love is VAST. by John Smallman

Love is VAST. by John Smallman 

All of God’s divine creation, all sentient beings, even those who appear to be utterly unaware of their inherent divine nature, are assisting humanity at this point in its spiritual awakening.  All are One.  There is no separation, there is only an illusion of separation, and therefore throughout creation all sentient life is involved and taking part in the grand awakening process.  You are not, and never have been alone or abandoned, you are just experiencing a dream that seems very real.  But of course, as you all know, dreams are unreal, and at the center of your beingness, where your true nature is always aflame in the brilliant Light of God’s Love for you, you do know this.  When you awaken from the dream into Reality all that has seemingly hurt you or caused you suffering will be gone without a trace, there will be nothing in the way of painful memories to disturb the infinite joy of being consciously in the Presence of God, our divine Source.

I cannot remind you often enough that all are One.  Within the illusion, which you built so cleverly, that does not seem to be the case.  Your physicists have realized that everything is connected, that everything affects everything else, but this fact does not appear to align with your normal day to day lives, and so it is disregarded.  It seems that you are separate individuals, and if you do something successfully to gain an advantage over someone else, you win and they lose.  Because this is how you experience your lives many do engage in deceit in small ways from time to time, believing that it serves their egoic personal agendas, and then apparently gaining their well-deserved rewards for that self-centered and competitive behavior.

In the very short term it does seem that those who deceive and manipulate others win.  However, life in the illusion is very short term, it is but a short dream from which you will awaken either at the momentof your human death into an awareness of the way you have lived your lives, and into an awareness that there is only Love, or at the rapidly approaching grand awakening into Love Itself.  The former situation, which you have all undergone countless times, can be quite shocking for those who have ignored Love as they bought into the apparent reality of the illusion and used their skills and abilities for personal gain.

In truth there is no such thing as personal gain – everyone gains, or no one gains – as your eons of conflict show you so very clearly.  And when realization of unloving lives lived egoically dawns, those unfortunate ones who chose those kinds of paths generally choose to return to the illusion as quickly as possible in order to make amends by living in rather more straitened circumstances than in their previous incarnations.  You call that karma, but in fact it is just a natural choice to undo unloving behavior and release the aspects of themselves that blocked out Love, and seemingly achieved the impossible by temporarily separating them from the Source.  Karma can be released without reincarnating, but most choose the path of reincarnation so that they can give love back by being in service to others.

All are on Earth to evolve spiritually, this has always been the case, and that is done by assisting in humanity’s awakening process.  However, many forget their purpose as the illusion envelops them and they undergo and deliver abuse in many forms.  As a result they harden their hearts in desperate attempts to survive and, with good fortune, prosper in this unloving world.  But the intent to prosper frequently leads people into deceit, betrayal, and conflict, leading to further karma.

Karma is really only a person’s own choice to make amends, a choice made on entering the spiritual or non-physical realms after bodily death, when the unloving thoughts, intents, words, and deeds of the life just past flow into their awareness as they remove their barriers to that awareness.  It can be a very painful and shocking realization.

On Earth at this moment many are experiencing very powerful emotional realizations, not specifically related to any particular past Earth life, arising into their conscious awareness and causing them intense suffering.  This is as a result of the enormous karmic release that so many have chosen to undergo in this lifetime to be ready for the grand awakening which is approaching very rapidly indeed.  You no longer have the opportunity for thousands of lifetimes in which to work it off gradually.  This is one of the reason that Earth’s population has increased so greatly in the last few decades, rather like an over-inflated balloon that is getting ready to burst.

Humanity’s awakening truly is imminent, and to awaken into Reality or, if you will, to ascend, all negative karma has to be dissolved.  In Reality only Love is present.  Love is VAST, and humanity’s negative karma is actually very small, it is part of the illusion, which is tiny in comparison to Heaven; like just a single grain of sand in an infinite ocean of extremely potent solvent.  Nevertheless, it has to be released, and there are many present on Earth at this time who have volunteered to take on and release the karma that others have incurred so thatall may awaken together in a timely fashion.

If you are experiencing great and very painful emotional upheavals you may well be one of the team of willing volunteers who incarnated purely to do this.  If you are one of these brave and loving souls, know that you are most highly honored for taking on this heavy duty so that all can awaken as divinely planned.

Free will is a God-given gift that will never be overridden, so if some choose not to awaken and instead remain immersed in the illusion, that choice will be honored.  Eventually those who make that choice will change their minds, but until they do their choice to remain unawakened will be allowed, and it will not be allowed to interfere with or prevent the grand awakening of everyone else.

If it is your intent to take part in this grand awakening, and there truly are very, very few who have already chosen or will yet choose not to partake, then rest assured, you will awaken, because it is your intent.  Do not be anxious or worried.  You are infinitely loved by God, and nothing that you can do will ever alter that fact.  It is God’s Will that you awaken, and because you intend to awaken then you will.  Any self-doubt or thoughts of unworthiness on your part can be safely dismissed because God does not judge or condemn, He only loves, and in so doing welcomes all into the loving embrace that is Reality, Heaven.  And that loving embrace is your final and utterly joy-filled goal, drawing you steadily onwards towards the Home you have never left.

With so very much love, Saul.

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You are all on Earth to establish peace through the immense power of Love that flows through you so abundantly. April 26, 2015 by John Smallman

Jesus Audio Blog forSunday April 26th

We are all One.  You all know that.  Even though for quite a few of you it appears to be a belief rather than a knowing; it becomes a knowing when you can relax adequately, surrender easily, and release willingly any doubts that effectively block your awareness of this.  Your intent is to do so, but often fear or a sense of personal unworthiness dissolves that intent.  Just remind yourselves that you are totally worthy.  How could you not be completely worthy when you are perfect divine creations of God?  You know that God is All That Is, and therefore you must each be a part of or an aspect of God because no other options are available to you, and how could any aspect or part of God be less than totally worthy?  In God you are completed in the Oneness of His everlasting, utterly incorruptible and all-encompassing Presence.

Yes, you have free will, and you used that freedom to invent and build the illusion in which it appears that you are small and insignificant beings adrift in an unimaginably vast universe that is unaware of your presence.  That perception, to which you cling so tenaciously, was the whole purpose behind building the illusion.  You made it extremely convincing, and yet, deep within yourselves, there is that indestructible knowing that you are One with God, a knowing that you have hidden from yourselves as you play your illusory games.  But they are only games, and they are unreal, a collective dream in fact that has myriad facets to convince you of its reality.  And dreams always come to an end, as this one is doing.

The dream has has been severely weakened over the eons as you have collectively attempted to find your way back to your Source.  It is like a vast threadbare tapestry of great age in which the threads of which it consists are unravelling and breaking.  It is beyond repair.  You have a lot of evidence that the illusion is collapsing, just connect the dots!  Worldwide people are demanding change, and the various governments that are in the midst of election fever are finding that their support is dwindling as people everywhere look for alternate political parties and for representatives who will have no option but to listen to them and honor their demands for honest and caring government.  Change is happening and it is unstoppable.

So, if you are not personally involved in these political movements for change, then know that your task is to hold the Light of Love on high in every moment as you go about your daily lives.  To intend to be loving is your task, and it is a mighty and essential task which enables those who are actively working to bring about the changes that you all know are essential to maintain their momentum as they bring about those changes that all want and pray for.  Earth is a planet on which peace will reign because humanity has collectively chosen to embrace Love as it lets go of the fear that has been endemic for far too long.  When you truly love one another – and you have to start by truly loving yourselves – the whole energy field in which you exist strengthens and intensifies because there is in truth only one energy, the energy of Love.

Love is infinitely powerful, It pervades all of creation because it is of Love that all of creation is composed.  In the illusion, where this seems not to be the case, all that has occurred is that for eons humanity believed that the illusion was the real state of existence, and in fear at their sense of aloneness, separation, and even abandonment it seemed that each and every one of them was in danger, about to be attacked, and so they erected a personal force field around themselves as a form of defense.  It was basically a closing of their hearts, and this shut out their awareness of their divine nature as beings of infinite Love and replaced it with a false mask or persona that they donned and which expressed distrust effectively repelling or driving away others.

You have all at times entered a room, or been with a group of people and felt a very strong sense of anger, distrust, or conflict.  Well what you were feeling was the personal masks or defense systems of each of those in attendance deployed to repel invaders and bouncing off one another.  Each one’s energy field was on high alert in fear of those who might attempt to enter their personal safe space and harm them; and because you are created from energy you can feel everyone else’s energy field.  Sometimes people’s fields are only lightly energized because they do not feel under immediate threat, nevertheless, they are alert and ready to reinforce them instantly should they feel it necessary, what you often refer to as “the fight or flight syndrome.”

What is happening now is that more and more of you are very strongly and efficiently holding the intent to be loving, and in doing so you very effectively soften your energy fields so that other’s fields do not bounce off you, do not get repelled but get drawn towards you, and to many of them that feels as though they are falling into a trap, or even into a deep abyss.  For them it is very threatening because they expect defense from you with the possibility of an attack, and to experience a gentle acceptance is shocking.  Their defenses often then intensify and they express anger because they are terribly confused.

When you find yourselves in a situation like that just maintain your intent to be loving and do not engage with the defense or attack that is offered, instead let it flow past you, as it will if you do not engage with it, and the stress that has arisen very rapidly will quickly dissipate, probably leaving the other party rather at a loss.  For them it will be a little like striking fiercely at a ball with a racket and completely missing it, and then possibly losing their balance.  Wait for them to re-balance, and then peaceful engagement will be possible when they realize that, surprisingly, they are not under attack.

You are all on Earth at this moment to establish peace through the immense power of Love that flows through you abundantly when you intend and allow It to do so.  When there is no opposition to an attack it collapses and that is how peace will be established.  You are all to be congratulated on the powerful, important, and extremely successful work that you are doing, whether actively as it were on the “front lines,” or by intently holding your Light on high as you carry on with your mundane daily chores.  The Light of Love that you each carry is intensely bright, in fact quite dazzling, so expect to be surprised by the loving responses that your loving overtures will so frequently provoke.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Weekly Forecast: April 26 – May 2, 2015 ~ a message from Kelly M. Beard

Weekly Forecast: April 26 – May 2, 2015

NorthPoint Astrology Journal Your guide to planetary energies for April 27 to May 3, 2015 By Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Astrology Journal
Your guide to planetary energies for April 27 to May 3, 2015
By Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects this Week:
TUE: Chiron sextile Mars, Chiron square Venus; WED: Neptune quintile Mars, Neptune sextile Sun; THU: Mercury enters Gemini; FRI: Pluto sesquisquare Mercury, Jupiter quintile Mercury; SAT: Uranus semisquare Mercury; SUN: Saturn opposite Mercury, Full Moon 8:42pm PDT, Uranus sesquisquare Saturn

WE’RE AWARE of Chiron’s influence as we begin the new week, as the planetary body known as “the Wounded Healer” forms aspects to both Mars and Venus on Tuesday. Chiron is in Pisces, revealing those ways that we allow fear of the unknown to prevent us from trusting in our ability to access the subtle realms of intuition and inner guidance.

We may be facing decisions right now, and not knowing whether we can trust our inner knowing of the best action to take. Mars is in Taurus, supporting our ability to take slow, steady, practical steps in alignment with our personal values. With Mars sextile Chiron, this “slow but steady” progress doesn’t trigger our fears too much, and in fact feels like it support our ability to trust.

BUT VENUS is in Gemini and is square Chiron, which means our fears about having all the resources we need may be interfering with that ultimate “trust in the Cosmos” that Pisces represents. This sign placement of Venus is more comfortable doing too much than too little, and can also manifest as a fair amount of anxiety about having those resources — both physical and emotional — that we see as necessary if we are to have the life we want.

Fortunately, Neptune steps in on Wednesday with aspects that should help us release some of the fears and have greater faith in the magic that is unfolding in our lives. The Neptune-Mars quintile supports our ability to align our desires with the will of the Cosmos, while the Neptune-Sun sextile provides opportunities for us to feel a greater sense of inner peace about how our lives are unfolding. This peace is the kind that “surpasses all understanding” simply because we may not be able to point at obvious manifestations to support our growing trust, but we are feeling it all the same.

MERCURY enters Gemini on Thursday, accelerating our thinking and planning process. The main problem may be having so many ideas that we feel overwhelmed and feel like we’re just spinning our wheels without clear direction. But, having Mars and the Sun in earthy Taurus should help us stay grounded and able to look at our ideas from a practical standpoint.

This grounding and centering will be important as we finish out the week. Mercury forms an uncomfortable sesquisquare aspect with Pluto on Friday, then semisquares Uranus on Saturday, and opposes Saturn on Sunday. These three days may feel like a bit of a mental rollercoaster as we consider our options and feel excited and passionate one moment, then overwhelmed and pessimistic the next.

However, Jupiter steps in with a helpful quintile aspect to Mercury on Friday. This aspect is not panacea for all our worries, but it should help us continue to tap into the overriding sense of hope and anticipation for what is unfolding.

SUNDAY holds the energy of the Saturn-Mercury opposition, so we continue to have a serious perspective and have a sense of the deeper meanings of the decisions before us.

Also exact today is a Uranus-Saturn sesquisquare, which is a bit like having one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake. Uranus in Aries encourages us to take new risks, but Saturn in Sagittarius wants us to take our time and fully understand the long-term implications of our choices.

On another level, this aspect could also illuminate some limiting beliefs that are interfering with our ability to move forward in an important area of our lives. We can use this helpful information to guide our personal spiritual work as we go forward.

THE FULL MOON late in the day on Sunday (Monday in some time zones) is in Scorpio, and therefore supports any deeper work of release and clearing that may be needed. The Sabian symbol for the location of the Full Moon reads:

“Telephone linemen at work installing new connections: The need to establish new channels of communication.”

Given the other planetary aspects occurring around this lunation, these “new channels of communication” may be more internal than external. In other words, we can use the energies of this Full Moon to help us access those underlying limiting beliefs that we want to clear. The benefit of any release work we might do is not merely in dismantling the obstacles that have been blocking our progress — we will also have access to more energy that we can use as we move forward, energy that once was held behind a wall of disbelief or fear.

Copyright Pam Younghans 2015. All rights reserved

Photo: Milky Way and Lyrid meteor over Kila, Montana, U.S.A. on April 23, 2015 (credit: John Ashley, posted on SpaceWeather.com)

THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, April 27, 2015

 FROM Wise owls maddy and jon taken in santa cruz while they are "vanning" around california

FROM Wise owls maddy and jon taken in santa cruz while they are “vanning” around california

Here are your Angel Messages for April 27-May 3, 2015 by Doreen Virtue

Here are your Angel Messages for April 27-May 3, 2015
by Doreen Virtue

This will be a powerful, pivotal week, in which you’ll heal worries and significantly reduce negative thinking.

You are guided to stop being so perfectionistic toward yourself, and to embrace how amazing you are! You’re also guided to heal the worry-habit.

Many of your worries will be healed this week, especially if you can stop worrying about them (worry makes everything worse) AND if you will work together with others in cooperative efforts to improve situations.

The path to getting these answers may seem stressful at first, but it’s worth the upward climb to important life lessons and solutions.

Doreen is working with the Guardian Angel Tarot Cards, which are available at bookstores everywhere and at goo.gl/5CsHdw

Nine of Thought – Don’t let your sensitivity overwhelm you, stay positive! Trust your inner guidance
Divine Guidance

Fair Decisions – Be true to yourself! Stand your ground, be assertive, there is nothing to worry about.
Divine Magic

A Win-Win Solution. – Teamwork – creativity – pooling your strengths!
Divine Support.

GAIAPORTAL: Alternative “escape routes” in Gaia energetics have closed


gaia_energy1Alternative “escape routes” in Gaia energetics have closed.

Selection of Elevated Vibrational Inner guidance is key at this moment.

Withdrawal from chaotic-appearing energies is recommended.

Discerning Spirits know the Truth, and are not tricked.

Inner growth accelerates from this time point.

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The final chapter: The manuscript of survival – part 435 | Aisha North~PB

Thank You, Aisha and CC’s! ❤
I love your paintings more each time! ~PB

aisha north

Beloved family of light!

Yesterday, my sister and I returned from what I can only describe as a sacred journey. It has brought healing, closure, release and clarity on a huge scale, acting as a catalyst to help bring about a profound shift for us all. It has been a journey where we have been blessed by the presence of many of you, both in person and in spirit, for the work we have been carrying out while we have been away from home is truly a collective endeavor, one that encompasses a large number of people over a long period of time, and I want to thank every single one of you for what you have brought to this. No names are necessary, for you all know who you are, and I can only extend my deepest gratitude to you for helping to make all of this come into…

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