NorthPoint Astrology Journal Your guide to planetary energies for April 27 to May 3, 2015 By Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Astrology Journal
Your guide to planetary energies for April 27 to May 3, 2015
By Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects this Week:
TUE: Chiron sextile Mars, Chiron square Venus; WED: Neptune quintile Mars, Neptune sextile Sun; THU: Mercury enters Gemini; FRI: Pluto sesquisquare Mercury, Jupiter quintile Mercury; SAT: Uranus semisquare Mercury; SUN: Saturn opposite Mercury, Full Moon 8:42pm PDT, Uranus sesquisquare Saturn

WE’RE AWARE of Chiron’s influence as we begin the new week, as the planetary body known as “the Wounded Healer” forms aspects to both Mars and Venus on Tuesday. Chiron is in Pisces, revealing those ways that we allow fear of the unknown to prevent us from trusting in our ability to access the subtle realms of intuition and inner guidance.

We may be facing decisions right now, and not knowing whether we can trust our inner knowing of the best action to take. Mars is in Taurus, supporting our ability to take slow, steady, practical steps in alignment with our personal values. With Mars sextile Chiron, this “slow but steady” progress doesn’t trigger our fears too much, and in fact feels like it support our ability to trust.

BUT VENUS is in Gemini and is square Chiron, which means our fears about having all the resources we need may be interfering with that ultimate “trust in the Cosmos” that Pisces represents. This sign placement of Venus is more comfortable doing too much than too little, and can also manifest as a fair amount of anxiety about having those resources — both physical and emotional — that we see as necessary if we are to have the life we want.

Fortunately, Neptune steps in on Wednesday with aspects that should help us release some of the fears and have greater faith in the magic that is unfolding in our lives. The Neptune-Mars quintile supports our ability to align our desires with the will of the Cosmos, while the Neptune-Sun sextile provides opportunities for us to feel a greater sense of inner peace about how our lives are unfolding. This peace is the kind that “surpasses all understanding” simply because we may not be able to point at obvious manifestations to support our growing trust, but we are feeling it all the same.

MERCURY enters Gemini on Thursday, accelerating our thinking and planning process. The main problem may be having so many ideas that we feel overwhelmed and feel like we’re just spinning our wheels without clear direction. But, having Mars and the Sun in earthy Taurus should help us stay grounded and able to look at our ideas from a practical standpoint.

This grounding and centering will be important as we finish out the week. Mercury forms an uncomfortable sesquisquare aspect with Pluto on Friday, then semisquares Uranus on Saturday, and opposes Saturn on Sunday. These three days may feel like a bit of a mental rollercoaster as we consider our options and feel excited and passionate one moment, then overwhelmed and pessimistic the next.

However, Jupiter steps in with a helpful quintile aspect to Mercury on Friday. This aspect is not panacea for all our worries, but it should help us continue to tap into the overriding sense of hope and anticipation for what is unfolding.

SUNDAY holds the energy of the Saturn-Mercury opposition, so we continue to have a serious perspective and have a sense of the deeper meanings of the decisions before us.

Also exact today is a Uranus-Saturn sesquisquare, which is a bit like having one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake. Uranus in Aries encourages us to take new risks, but Saturn in Sagittarius wants us to take our time and fully understand the long-term implications of our choices.

On another level, this aspect could also illuminate some limiting beliefs that are interfering with our ability to move forward in an important area of our lives. We can use this helpful information to guide our personal spiritual work as we go forward.

THE FULL MOON late in the day on Sunday (Monday in some time zones) is in Scorpio, and therefore supports any deeper work of release and clearing that may be needed. The Sabian symbol for the location of the Full Moon reads:

“Telephone linemen at work installing new connections: The need to establish new channels of communication.”

Given the other planetary aspects occurring around this lunation, these “new channels of communication” may be more internal than external. In other words, we can use the energies of this Full Moon to help us access those underlying limiting beliefs that we want to clear. The benefit of any release work we might do is not merely in dismantling the obstacles that have been blocking our progress — we will also have access to more energy that we can use as we move forward, energy that once was held behind a wall of disbelief or fear.

Copyright Pam Younghans 2015. All rights reserved

Photo: Milky Way and Lyrid meteor over Kila, Montana, U.S.A. on April 23, 2015 (credit: John Ashley, posted on

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