Life is a divine gift that is never rescinded.

Thank you especially for the last 2 paragraphs. I always feel hopeful, but the other day I heard that since 1970, 52% of the world’s animal species were experiencing declining populations. I started to feel that we might be heading towards extinction, for doing too little too late. I pray and I share information, but to know that much more is going on behind the scenes, and hearing the reminder that we have Divine Support that can bring things back into balance, is a huge relief! ❤

Johnsmallman's Blog

  Saul Audio Blog for Sunday April 19th

Good morning dear Saul.  Thanks for your last message.  If you wish to commune, I am here intending to be ready to receive, although feeling tired – and who isn’t?

Good morning dear John.  Thank you for calling, your tiredness is not just lack of sleep last night, but is also a result of the enormous change in energies that are raining down on Earth to renew your bodies in preparation for the rapidly approaching moment of ascension.  No, you are not making this up, I am passing it to you so that you can make allowances for your tiredness instead of judging yourself.  This is a time of intense activity as the last remaining aspects of humanity’s ascension/awakening process are completed so that your ascension can move forwards rapidly and smoothly and bring you all the benefits that have been…

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