Doing and Being – Lazy & Leisure? By Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life

Doing and Being – Lazy & Leisure?
By Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life
April 13, 2015

I had one of my most non-productive days ever this past week, a day that began with a very late start, whose highlight was two naps and some unplanned phone conversations. At the end of the day, when I looked at my to-do list and noticed that very little was marked as ‘done’, I had a moment of regret, followed by a realization of something else, that ‘being’ was all I needed to be doing and I could catch up on my work later. Whatever I was doing, while I thought I wasn’t doing anything, what exactly the right thing to do in that moment. I wasn’t being lazy or leisurely, I was participating in work that didn’t require my physical body to be busy with doing anything.

The most remarkable event that day was a phone conversation with someone I didn’t know was interested in spiritual subjects and issues. In fact, we had never talked about those things although she has an idea of who I am and what I do. But I didn’t have to say a word because she asked all of the questions and even shared a few intuitive and spiritual experiences with me, including how she manifested a dinner with the Osmond brothers. I could have cut the conversation short because I did have things to do but I knew that there was nothing more important than processing energy with this caller and being available for her to share her stories with me.

We forget that we are spiritual beings first, and humans second. But our humanity occupies so much of our energy that unless we are physically shut down, during those times that our spirit needs to work, our humanity takes over. If you have ever taken care of a small child, you know how much time and energy they take — this is how our ego or human side acts at times. And just as you put a baby down for a nap when it gets cranky and tired, our human must, at times, be set aside so our spirit can have some face time.

As energy portals we are conduits for energy that is both entering and leaving the planet. If we’re not energetically present then we cannot facilitate energy exchanges and when that work must happen, it happens any way it can. We aren’t being lazy when we get so exhausted we have to rest, nor are we being leisurely when we don’t have any energy to do anything but sit around and contemplate our to-do list. It’s in those moments, when our doing doesn’t happen that our ‘being’ is hard at work. The best thing we can do is give it enough room and take advantage of the time to rest — and we have to because nothing else is going to happen.

The energy work we do is not only important, it is our purpose for being here. We are here to be an energy conduit and what we do with and within our humanity is how we use the energy that we receive and share on the planet. It’s also how we process any energy that is leaving and allow it to exit gracefully. If we aren’t available for this work, it doesn’t happen.

When our focus is shifted from doing to being, when our mind wants to do things but our body won’t cooperate, we’re actually ‘doing’ what we are supposed to be doing, which is being present energetically. That isn’t always convenient within our busy lives but it must be more important for us to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’ because everything else takes a back seat when that needs to happen.

So if you can’t find the motivation to do anything, or you just have to lie down and take a nap, you aren’t being lazy, you are allowing your human to take a time out so your spirit can get some work done. Enjoy those times and know that the work you’re doing at that time is more important than anything on your to-do list and you will be able to catch up on your ‘doing’ work later, blessed by all of the energy that your ‘being’ has made available to you.


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