Eliza: On Being an Energy Sensitive in a Toxic World

Thank you, Eliza. Good to know we Empaths are not
2.”too sensitive” or
3. alone.

I always valued my sensitivity, even when others didn’t, or when it worked against me. Gradually, we find our bearings, and using sage or essential oils to cleanse one’s aura at these critical times can help us find that clarity in the moment, as well as other methods of clearing and protection.

Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza: On Being an Energy Sensitive in a Toxic World

Yesterday, I visited an old Western town with a friend. While on the surface, this seems an innocent enough occasion, I came home feeling exhausted and ill.

I actually felt quite comfortable and happy during the trip, but got tired towards the latter portion of it, when some hitherto hidden emotions started coming up, that had existed silently between my friend and me for a long time.

As an energy sensitive, I probably started to draw this person’s emotions and feelings into my own body for the sake of keeping things on an even keel. It is a role that we have been taught, consciously or unconsciously, as sensitives through life in awkward, sometimes violent home lives. Being peaceful by nature, our unconscious motive was to soothe over irritating energies so we could survive. I did it as a child…

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