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  1. Daft Punk’s “Contact” Versus 2001: A Space Odyssey

    Published on May 16, 2013
    On a whim, I tried playing Contact against the end segment of 2001 and it synced up flawlessly. The film and song aren’t edited in any way, they both play out in full duration. It’s incredible how well they match
    Montage & Traduction : Inzemixx

  2. Be sure to read the discussion thread of Cobra’s posts, that’s where much of the learning is.

    People had commented on a recent post where a psychic was asked about different people, and the event. This was the post and my interpretation of it:

    Apr 15 (1 day ago)

    Phoenix Boulay has left a new comment on the post “Contact”:

    I read that on Galactic Connection, most of what Lynn actually said was positive and validating, although I don’t agree with the latter half of what she said, and I will tell you why afterwards:

    Lynn: “When I focus on Cobra, I see Cobra representing a small group of people. It looks as though this group of people collaborate their sources through meditation and research, and work together to understand larger concepts, and once they are able to make sense or feel clear about their message that have, one person (that goes by the code name of Cobra) speaks out. They are very private about their identity due to the nature of the topics they discuss. I also hear a message in my mind about “history repeating itself” and Cobra very much believes in that and see the patterns in what he shares versus what has historically happened.

    There does feel to be a lot of truth in his messages. I don’t see him alluding to things unless he genuinely connects to them. There does feel to be a lot of truth in his messages. I don’t see him alluding to things unless he genuinely connects to them. The disconnect I get is even though I see him sharing truth, and it feels very honest within himself, it is coming to me that the “higher source” is inconsistent. As I focus in, and put some strong intent to show me what I need to see for the greater good- I get an image of a dark gremlin looking ET, and the face of it keeps shifting into other images- There is just something inconsistent with this being that makes me not want to open myself up to even hear a message- I find myself blocking the energy from it. [As a note, I don’t feel it is right to pass judgement on a source, so it is possible I just don’t understand it. ??]

    In closing, I get Cobra is in the right place of trying to share knowledge and truth (and wants a better earth), but the source of information makes me feel uneasy. …”

    I had this discussion privately with Innana last night, except she refused to read it all. The part Lynn has “a disconnect with” is something I believe to be inside herself, IMHO. Don’t forget that psychics read potential timelines, if they are good they read the most likely, but free will and even Archons can influence which timelines actually come to fruition, and all is fluid, not preserved in the moment they do the reading, so it is subject to change. Thus readings are best utilized as a sounding board to get a sense of best options we can then take action on, not a way to see the future written in stone, as it never is something to sit back and watch, it is always in flux and requires that we are proactive.

    Another theory I have is that Cobra is so adept at energetically concealing himself that he has employed protection in the etheric form of a Jedi Grand Master resembling Yoda (the “green gremlin” she saw and misinterpreted) to prevent her from snooping at his inner secrets, as that would not be prudent or safe for her to know certain things.

    Whatever she saw, I really get a sense this is HER stuff or being, not his, I trust Cobra implicitly. You will never hear me yelling rude things and making demands on Cobra, as too many do in these threads, which irks me to no end. I’m going completely on my own gut reaction, my own intuition (which has saved my life a number of times), but I’ve yet to have the honor of making his acquaintance. I have known several psychics who hit a wall at times with certain people that are adept at maintaining their own privacy. So it is not a surprise to me that she would feel confused as to what she was seeing in the end.

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