What’s Happening in the Stars? April 6-12, 2015 ~Contributed by Hillory Skott

April 6-12, 2015  ~Contributed by Hillory Skott

Things are moving now. Most importantly, lucky Jupiter is done
reflecting and is now ready to move boundlessly into the future.
 Electric communicator Uranus is making many contacts and
the pace of our minds is picking up. Powerful possibilities are
tangible. With so much fiery energy crackling through the atmosphere
being who you are should be effortless and fun.
Uranus is making contact with the Sun and clever Mercury this week.
Ideas are everywhere. It is possible to be getting glimpses of new
more satisfying futures you never thought to think possible. Exciting
revolutionar y ideas that can drastically change your life for the better
are dropping down from the heavens. Fun!
If you are feeling trapped by something you won’t likely get through
the week without breaking free in some way. Even if it is just to shift
your perspective – Your attitude is everything. You are capable of
whatever you can imagine for yourself but need to be free enough
to make necessary moves in new directions. Are you tied down in
some way? Are your friends and loved ones supportive? Are the
activities you are engaged with taking you closer to your dreams?
It’s better if you can think things through n ow. It is true though,
if you don’t take the nudge you might just get the shove.
Jupiter is heading forward after backsliding for awhile. Luck and
expansion are possible now in much bigger brighter ways than
before the retrograde period. Get yourself out there and enjoy life.
Revel in the simple things, play. Risk. Dream. And be like a four year old.-
“Hey Look at me” “Look at me aunty Hillory” …I have two little nephews
that are a couple of years apart and each of them are shamelessly
asking for attention every chance they get. Why do we stop?
Maybe we all need a little more attention. Seek it now.
Show them your stuff.
Venus is moving into Gemini this week- Value is found in all things
clever and communicative. You will seek mental stimulation. And you
do really need to talk. It will keep the circuits running smoothly. Don’t
forget, through all your chatter, even if it is deep meaningful chatter, 
you were given 2 ears and only one mouth for a reason. Listening is
more important than talking. (Note to Self)
Luck is easier to access this week. All the right ingredients for powerful
new beginnings. You just have to tap into the flow of things that you
choose. Abundance, Love, Wisdom, Health and Happiness. All this is
done with a simple intention. Write how you choose it to be prepared
to take a chance. Now. Be. You.

~Contributed by Hillory Skott


Enjoy your week!


Karen & Salma


Be more…Love more…Live more

and Never Settle for Less

Go Beyond!
Unbounded Potential Empowerment Group Inc.


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