Akashic Transformations: An Excerpt from the Akashic Records Message of April 2015 by Jen Eramith

Akashic Transformations:
An Excerpt from the Akashic Records Message of April 2015 by Jen Eramith

What energy and experiences can we expect in April 2015?

The energy this month moves quickly.  The sense of the month follows the saying, “Time flies when you are having fun.”  Most of you are likely to find yourselves distracted by things you enjoy.  You will be absorbed by activities that can be satisfying and joyful.  This month will seem to go by quickly.

It will be useful for you to plan ahead in order to get everything done throughout the month.  Before the moth begins and throughout the month, use weekly or daily planning sessions with yourself, your family or with your work team.  If you do not do this regularly, then occasionally sit down and make sure that you have planned for everything to get done along the way.  Otherwise, with everyone being distracted and enjoying themselves so much, you may find that some things slip through the cracks.

The planning is not to prevent danger, but instead to ensure you can relax and enjoy the playful energy of this month.  Everything will be fine but it is useful to keep an extra eye on things this month, even as you are laughing, making new friends and learning new things.  Allow yourself to enjoy the bright, expansive energy this month.

The energy and potential of the month feels like a flash of lightening or a firework.  It is glorious.  It has a happy, expanding, shiny, beautiful energy — but it happens so quickly.  Therefore, it is important for you to say “yes”, even when you do not have all your plans in order.  Try to be organized enough that you can afford to say “yes” to spontaneous invitations, even when some parts are still unsure.  Embrace the month with open arms, try to step into the fun available in any given moment, and go with the flow even as you keep your eye on the side to make sure that you are not dropping anything too important.

Are there particular activities that we can use to best harness this energy?

This month, one of the most beneficial things you can do is to smile easily.  Make eye contact with people and smile at them.  It is almost like a secret code among those of you who are using the energy this month.  If you stop and slow down enough to really look someone in the eye and smile, it is like you are sharing a secret handshake.  You will find that some people do not notice, and that will be fine.  You will then notice surprisingly new people will smile back at you.  They will also look into your eyes and smile.

This month you will find new friends and allies everywhere you turn.  You will realize there are certain people in your life that are ready to play with you, ready to work with you, and ready to do things that are important together.  They may be people you would not have guessed.  It is like you are sharing the secret handshake to find out how who else is in the club.  By making eye contact and smiling at people, you are opening the door with an invitation to the fun energy of the month and into whatever exciting plans and activities you have begun in your own life.

Is there anything we need to avoid this month?…..

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