GAIAPORTAL: Collections of Inner Levels rise to the surface 31 Mar

GAIAPORTAL: Collections of Inner Levels rise to the surface

31 Mar

Collections of Inner Levels rise to the surface.

Connections of independent Higher Levels strengthen, and move upward.

Openings of the Inner Light are seen for what they are in Truth.

Flashes of Brilliance come forth from beyond the openings, and are recognized.

Hue-manity connects. hu-manity dis-connects.

THE ORACLE REPORT: Tuesday, March 31, 2015

THE ORACLE REPORT : Monday, March 30, 2015


THE ORACLE REPORT : Monday, March 30, 2015

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

Moon in Leo

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Chinnamasta (Goddess Who Expands the Mind)

Skill: discover something inside

Positive Imprints: uniqueness, including others, good manners, embracing the new, knowledge and learning, bringing things to life, taking another look at something from the past, extra effort to communicate

Catalysts for Change: control issues, holding back, overlooking others, disinterest, feeling superior, resistance, expanding base of power and control, lifelessness

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it up as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it”

The Sun returns to the degree that kicked off this astrological year, “the ruler of a nation.”  At its essence, this energy is about finding and empowering our inner selves.

As a result of this today, a sense of structure, order, self-discipline, and expansion seeks us.  We gain new awareness and understanding about better methods or how to do better with things.  Mercury, the Messenger, moves to the first degree of the zodiac, 1 Aries, with energy of the symbol of “a woman has risen out of the ocean and a seal is embracing her.”  So, brand new ideas enter the field today.  Brand new insight into how to be a better ruler of our own inner nation is also delivered.  Mercury is working hard on this.

Another key theme developing today revolves around reviving and revitalizing.  Is there something inside of you that wants to be brought back to life?  Slow-moving Uranus, the planet responsible for delivering the massive shift in frequencies this past year, moves to the degree of “two prim spinsters sitting together in silence.”  This energetic will be in effect for the remainder of this lunar month and releases spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental blockages.  You can sit in silence with yourself and ask the other side what it needs to feel alive again.  There may be something inside of you that is trying to rise up in your inner nation inside of you.  As the beginning of the new astrological year approaches, all sorts of things are springing to life.  Tune in to what this is inside of you.

Mars spends its last full day in its home sign of Aries.  It leaves with a final attempt to nurture and enrich us.  It desires to strengthen our true identity so that individual uniqueness is better expressed and manifested in the world.  It strives to give us courage to be ourselves.

If you encounter challenge, difficulty, or interruption, it may be helpful to stop and put on different lenses of perception (look at it from different points of view).  Solutions are found by discerning what is missing or what isn’t being acknowledged or taken into account.

Today is a day of changes, and that is a good thing because we are pivoting and adapting to better ways and taking measure of our lives.  It’s also good because we are taking up new rule within our own inner nation.  The inner world of greatness seeks life.  Let’s find it and project it out today.

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Your Angel Messages for March 30 – April 5 from Doreen Virtue

Your Angel Messages for March 30 – April 5
from Doreen Virtue

Here are your Angel Messages for this week:

This week is devoted to self-care. It’s a week where you commit to taking much better care of yourself physically and emotionally.

You begin to speak up to get your needs met, AND you allow yourself to receive. You even create quiet time so that you can rest and listen to your inner truth.

What a beautiful message for Easter week, which is the time of new beginnings and resurrection. You are beginning a new time of making self-care a priority, which not only benefits your own health, but also makes you a positive role model for your family and friends.

Notes for video: Doreen is working with the Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards which are available at bookstores worldwide and at:

Doreen is wearing a vintage (pre-gmo-cotton era) 1970’s cotton dress, which amazingly did not get torn when she climbed up on the lava rocks.

Weekly Forecast: March 29 – April 4, 2015 ~ a message from Kelly M. Beard

Weekly Forecast: March 29 – April 4, 2015
~a message from Kelly M. Beard

Sunday, 29 March, 2015  (posted 30 March, 2015)

3/30 ~ Venus (relationships) ~trine~ Pluto (transformation):

This energy tends to “intensify” relationships and/or emotions. You may feel extremely drawn to someone, emotionally as well as physically. You may feel the intense need to express your love, mentally, emotionally and physically. This energy is great for bringing deeper insights to the surface, which ultimately should strengthen any relationship. A new relationship started under this influence will have an intensity about it, as will any form of expression (artistic and otherwise).

4/2 ~ Mercury (your voice) ~trine~ Saturn (reality):

This energy is good for deep thinking. You are sharp and your standards are high because you are in ‘strategy mode’. This is a more solitary energy though, so communications with others may be hampered a bit. You may feel like people don’t understand what you’re trying to convey or that you’re coming across more negatively than you intended. This is not a good energy for business negotiations. This energy makes you most critical of your Self, but it could trickle over onto others as well. Beware of a tendency toward pessimism and/or depression. Try to stay focused on all the blessings that you do have and all that you have accomplished instead of what’s still on the list of things to do (in life). This energy is not intended to make you feel bad about all the things left yet to do, but encourage you to begin the necessary steps for manifesting your dreams. This energy just makes you focus on the practical side of manifesting. Clear the debris, and begin to lay a new, clean, solid foundation beneath your goals. It sharpens your ability to see the necessary steps with an unusual acumen.

4/2 ~ Sun (core-Self) ~trine~ Jupiter (expansion):

You should take advantage of this good energy to connect to something useful – get something solid accomplished this week after the emotional roller coaster! You may feel like your energy is low and you just want to veg-out and not think about ANYTHING, but that would be a total waste of some positive, useful energy that you could actually access and use to connect to your current goals and make some headway even. Don’t sleep through this! It is an enthusiastic, optimistic energy that will open doors for you, depending on your attitude. It will allow you to see the big picture and the next necessary step toward your goal at this time. You have probably already laid some groundwork, this energy will give you a boost in the right direction – take advantage of it! Use the insights you gained earlier in the week with some of the deeper issues that arose and stand back and see the Divine Order in your life – see how all the pieces fit together to make something greater than what was there before. Sometimes it’s necessary to have emotional upheavals to bring stuff to the surface and purge it. You must clear the debris in order to create a solid foundation under your dreams.

The Karmic Tools Weekly Forecast covers the current planetary transits which affect people in different ways and to various degrees of intensity.  Take notice when it is a Personal planet (Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus / Mars) interacting with a Social (Jupiter/Saturn) or Collective planet (Uranus / Neptune/Pluto).  And pay extremely close attention when it is a Social planet interacting with a Collective planet because that means something *big* is brewing that will move large groups of people along their evolutionary paths. Tuning in to the energy and rhythm of the planets can serve as a useful *guide* as you move along your Individual Path.  It also helps to understand your place within the context of the larger Social & Collective Story. Below, you will find out how these energies tend to manifest, as well as guidance and direction.

*NOTE*  There are some days when there are NO CONTACTS (besides the Moon), please note that there are no missing entries, we just list the actual Activations of each week + the day they happen.

You are encouraged to share articles as long as copyright and contact info are always included.  Thanks for your courtesy. Kelly M Beard ~ Published by GypsyChild Publishing Copyright © 2000-2014 Kelly M Beard All Rights  Reserved
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NorthPoint Astrology Journal March 30 to April 5, 2015 ~ by Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Astrology Journal

March 30 to April 5, 2015 by Pam Younghans


Highlighted Aspects:

MON: Pluto trine Venus, Sun conjunct South Node, Mercury enters Aries; TUE: Mars enters Taurus; WED: Chiron sextile Venus; THU: Saturn trine Mercury, Jupiter trine Sun; FRI: Ceres enters Aquarius; SAT: Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon 5:05am PDT, Mercury conjunct South Node; SUN: Pluto square Sun

THE PAST meets the future this week, urging us to make intentional choices in how we go forward from here. The energies of the Choice Point are centered in the powerful Total Lunar Eclipse on Saturday.In the chart for this lunation, the Sun in Aries is aligned with Uranus, Mercury, and the South Node; the Moon in Libra is aligned with the North Node; and Pluto in Capricorn is squaring all of the above. This creates a cardinal “T-square” in the chart, with Pluto at the “apex” of the formation.IN HIS BOOK Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, astrologer Bil Tierney writes that a cardinal T-square provides:

“… growth-accelerating lessons concerning personal energy expenditure applied toward major here-and-now objectives… We will need to develop greater self-discipline, inner timing, outer patience, and a general sense of thoroughness and organization to succeed… We must consciously analyze the practical facets of our own impulses to see if they will actually help us move ahead toward the realistic attainment of our goals. The more self-aware we allow ourselves to become, the more purposeful our live changes become.”

With Pluto at the apex of the cardinal T-square, its influence becomes even more powerful. As Mr. Tierney explains:

“With apex Pluto, life forces us to undergo explosive endings of one phase of our personal development in order to make fresh new starts in another phase.”

CHANGE seems to be the strongest theme here — but Mr. Tierney cautions us that successful change must be well thought-out and implemented, not arrived at haphazardly.

This may be harder than it sounds. Not only is Pluto at the apex of the T-square, but this Lunar Eclipse fully engages the vibrational field created by the Pluto-Uranus square. We can expect that the unstable energies we’ve been feeling recently will increase this week. But, through situations that unfold, we should gain even more clarity about what systems are no longer sustainable and where change is imperative if we are to make forward progress.

THE NORTH AND SOUTH NODES always play an important role an eclipse chart, since it is the proximity of the Sun and Moon to the nodes that is a characteristic of an eclipse. This means that every eclipse, especially a Lunar Eclipse, propels us into the future, and challenges us to let go of our attachment to what has been. Adding the Pluto-Uranus energies to this mix amplifies these themes even further.

This particular eclipse has not only the Sun, but also Mercury and Uranus aligned with the South Node. To move forward now, we will need to become especially aware of how our thought patterns (Mercury) have been taking us down roads of conflict (Aries) instead of ways of harmony. We will also want to watch for the knee-jerk “my way or the highway” reaction (Uranus in Aries) to see if it is really benefiting us in the long run.

The North Node, always pointing us toward the best route, is in Libra, and aligned with the Moon for the eclipse. We are directed to make our emotional balance a priority now, with the awareness that finding peace internally is a necessary first step to creating harmony in our relationships and in the world.

THE SABIAN SYMBOL for the Moon’s location at the time of the eclipse reads:

“Circular paths: Coming to terms with the inevitability of establishing steady rhythms of social activity.”

The image of “circular paths” at first sounds very different from the way we’ve been describing the transformational energies of this Lunar Eclipse. In comparison, a circle sounds calming and perhaps even boring in its repetitiveness.

And yet, because eclipses activate the North and South Nodes, they often require that we revisit the past before we catapult into the future. As we circle back through old patterns of behavior, we will want to a maintain a heightened awareness of who we have become and where we want to go to from here. This self-awareness will help us create those “purposeful life changes” that this T-square Lunar Eclipse requires.

In peace,Pam

Photo: The Solar Eclipse on March 20, 2015, as seen from Adventdalen, near the capital of Svalbard (credit: Ivar Marthinusen, posted on

Two New Earths Explained, Which One Is For You? Your Choice Is Final | Galactic Connection

Original Paradise Textures Photography By

1.  3D earth is ending; this earth as we know it, is ending.

2.  All darkness on this earth is dissolving.

3.  This earth is going through a transformation, as are all beings on earth.

4.  The entire multiverse is going through a transformation known as a collective multiverse ascension.

5.  There is no place in the multiverse, that is not being transformed right now.

6.  This earth we now live on, is becoming a blue star.

7.  This earth we now live on, is becoming the crown jewel of the multiverse.

8.  All beings who live on this earth, are transforming into 5D versions of life.

9.  As this earth is being transformed from 3D to 5D, there may be a short blip by which the surface is cleansed.

10.  Only those who are servants to the Light, shall be allowed a place on 5D earth.

11.  Life on 5D earth, will be like heaven or paradise… and may look something like this:


presents a vision of life on the “New Earth”, our Planet cleansed and rejuvenated, inhabited now by a more spiritually enlightened and higher dimensional Human Race. Book III takes the reader on a gentle tour of a typical community in the New Age from the countryside to the central city. Descriptions of housing and transport, urban living, work and recreation, relationships with animals and the environment are combined with functional detail on the New Age economic, political and administrative systems.

12.  Those who are not wanting to unify with the onelight, will be place in a hologram planet, that looks and feels like planet earth, but is not.

13.  Creator, created a new hologram planet for those who need more 3D lessons.

14.  The hologram planet, will not have the 144,000 Lightworkers on it, to cushion the blows, so to speak.

15.  On the hologram planet, separation not unity, will dominate the landscape, just like 3D earth.

16.  On the hologram planet, people can continue to fight with each other, over perceived limited energy.

17.  On the hologram planet, people can scream and yell at each other, until they learn that love is the answer.

18.  On the hologram planet, time is not dissolving, and the planetary environment will not have a soul, like a real souled planet, like Gaia.

19.  On the hologram planet, evil will perceive itself to be winning.

20.  On the hologram planet, the new world order will challenge all beings to stand up for themselves.

21.  On the hologram planet, each being will feel all alone, instead of all one.

22.  Right now, each is choosing whether or not, they resonate with all one in love, or all alone in fear, and that my friends, is the choice, your choice is final… that is why your thoughts are very important right now, because all along they are creating your reality of perceived limitation, or real unlimitation.

by Indian in the machine

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Saturday, March 28 – Sunday, March 29, 2015

April 2015 Predictions,Comments and Questions by Steve Rother | Lightworker via Spirit Library

The notes included in the transcript below are my own, and reflect my interpretation of the messages from Steve Rother and The Group.  -Phoenix Boulay


April 2015 Predictions,Comments and Questions by Steve Rother |Lightworker via Spirit Library

or on YouTube

Phoenix Boulay: MY NOTES:

Steve channels The Group: (15:00)

– Solar Flares very active lately but none have been Earth-facing

– The Internet “Wars” (a different level of Security problems and hacking coming our way, that won’t be discovered for years, the dangers of leaving it on all the time, etc. due to how it was set up in the beginning, practical precautions and technology that sometimes gives us convenience over safety, especially regarding finances.) The energetic shift to a time of No More Secrets means revelations, hacking but also the hackers getting caught down the line. The dangers are temporary and will eventually be a non-issue as new developments correct them.

– The Timeline Cross – what it is and how the timelines are merging us into multidimensional beings/reality. “Bleedthrough” of dimensions/overlapping realities.

– Financial ups and downs, instability.

– Volcanoes, earthquakes and movement of the magma and tectonic plates, especially on the Ring of Fire. Tsunamis are the larger danger.

– Pole Shift potentials and how to Be in the Right Place at the Right Time, volatile energy shifts and how to transcend them.

– The Group praises the Lightworkers for the great job they are doing.

Q & A. topics (34:20) Although specific questions are answered, often the topics are something the reader or listener can relate to their own life. You may well see some of your issues mentioned here:

– Self-Healing and setting the energy to overcome health issues.

– Indigo incarnates & collective energy shifts 12-12-12 and beyond..a seeming step back before leaping forward, forward movement and resistance to feeling the magic. -END OF MARCH -DARE TO GET OUT AND TRY SOMETHING and FAIL 3 times 😀

– Concern about Governments/clampdowns – DARE to get out and be vocal, speak your mind, sharing your feelings in talking to others.

– Electricity/Energy TESLA/Alternating Current -60-cycle electricity magnetic energy and how it impacts Crystal Children and incarnates: overheating is an issue and they also must drink lots of water, be in water/baths, stay grounded (hugs), diminish SALT intake due to it’s tendency to conduct electricity, especially in Crystal Children, to slow them down/ calm down/ adapt.

– Gracefully facing challenges, and why do they come all at once? You asked for the fastest path to your goals, you are completing sacred contracts, so things can accelerate. Losing a pet..they can return to you by over-souling another animal who comes into your life. As for job loss, we clear the ground and adapt, and create anew. World is not crumbling, it is opening up -this is major change.

– AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER and what is behind it, what is going on.  COMMUNICATION is the biggest challenge in the Spectrum. Disassociation, small tasks despite genius level on other things. they are bringing in the Parts of New Humanity. We will discover the  physical reasons for Autism. Monsanto, GMOs, the USE of ROUNDUP getting into the environment and aquifers is a big factor. MIT is currently studying that potential connection. We must demand labeling and end to the use when it come up for a vote.

– Seeing patterns, intuitive impressions, seeing 11:11: “THE 3AM CLUB” A triad of sleep, sleep for 3 hours, awake for 2, sleep for 3 more, where humans wake up at 3 for a few hours and goes back to sleep.  ELRA says our Circadian Rhythms are changing, our consciousness is raising, making it harder to go into DEEP SLEEP.  This is OK, as it means we will have more REM SLEEP and DREAMS which are part of our evolution….we are returning to a healthier way to sleep, very creative 2-hours in between, write, create during that time. Our ancestors had special dressing gowns for walking in public at 3am.  (Note: This phenomena is also known as “Two Sleeps” and was very common last century before electronic devices.)

– Earthquakes…it is more about the Tsunamis, and rising waters. California..We are trying to release small quakes…the tectonic plates will be moving, and that is a good thing as it releases pressure so we don’t have a bigger quake if it builds up too long. Let your daughter live her life and don’t worry about where she is living, let her make her mistakes and learn from them.

– Bringing The 5th Dimension here now into form. Yes, correct, we do not need to go anywhere to experience the 5th Dimension…it is here, we are living 5D now but trying to use 3D rules. (example: grandparents WORK HARD. Parents: WORK SMART. Us: WORK PASSIONATE.) In about another month or two, we will have a seminar on Multidimensionality, Circular Time, the Torus, how everything connects together, etc. and our new relationship to time.

-Feeling “HOMESICK” and struggling to enjoy this time of change we have waited so long for.  Steve: There is some scar tissue (probably punishment from a past life for knowing these things) and you ARE a teacher, whether you know it or not. THIS IS WHAT UNDERMINES YOUR CONFIDENCE- A FORM OF THE FEAR (opposite of LOVE) FROM THE DARK SIDE. The more we can live in the middle,  the easier life will be.

– Feeling “STUCK” and disconnected, lost. Find Spiritual Family and make bonds. SEPARATION ANXIETY -we sense we are from somewhere far away and we are sad we are not “home”. We see a bit through the veil, so it makes us sad. FIND WAYS TO LIVE NOW AND NOT WAIT TO RETURN HOME TO BE HAPPY.  You are not alone and will find new friends who resonate with you.

– Going through a Spiritual awakening and influence of the family dynamic as catalyst: Healers come in all forms, sometimes it is words that heal. Scar tissue from past life experience, emotional level.  Resistance to stepping into the work. Sometimes we incarnate into a family that was not our first choice, we are the Black Sheep and they do not understand you, but you understand THEM, a gift to them. Gifts come effortlessly, it will feel like you are remembering something. You can help a lot of people if you can get over your lack of confidence. It’s all you need.

–  Life lesson of TRUST: The way to get past your blocks is to help someone else, you open the door for someone else and in doing so, learn how to open your own door to Mastery. Claim it, step into it. You can heal with your words and ideas. Amazing.  Speak out from the heart!  Let your feelings come through you. A beautiful combination of Love and Wisdom.

– Raising frequency/vibration for healing. Is illness stuck energy surfacing for healing? You answered your own question. Our medical system is changing. Medical Doctors are starting to reach outside of their teachings to find solutions that work. They are opening to the Mind-Body connection and the role of the patient in his own healing. Medical doctors are dropping out of the system, can’t make a living,  due to insurance/ regulation. They are seeking alternative healing expressions.

– Pain in leg. Pinched nerves -difficult- challenging.  Emotion, right side is Mother’s energy, left side is Father’s energy. (Hmmm!) Something to look at..could lead to an Epiphany.  Can also be a repetitive stress. Change behavior.

– Flight 370 Why do they tell us things we know are not true? The whole incident was a very sad situation. Something was set into motion..a young person?  and everyone was unconscious, and the plane was on autopilot. Attempt was made on this side to reach them and wake them up, they were flying through a portal. It did not succeed. Should have been found by now. They will find them eventually near where they have been looking. Unnecessary loss. Sadness.

– Life changes, adapting to new job, situation, environment. Should I change my environment? CONTRACTS -you are there to complete 3 but only 1 so far. However, if you do not fulfill them, it is optional, you can change your mind. NO PENALTY FOR NOT COMPLETING A LIFE CONTRACT that you made prior to incarnating. You can adapt, change or stick it out. Leave if you want to, you will find a way to fulfill the contracts elsewhere.

– Singing: A voice from within -incredible, everyone was amazed..why have I lost it? -where did it come from? Your body hit a perfect harmonic resonance. You draw in life lessons and that is part of the challenge, to get it into motion and attract the things that resonate.

– Relationships: Some of the most difficult things you will experience on Earth. Love and life lessons take WORK! “RELATION-SHIFT” it ebbs and flows, some people grow apart and stop trying. Some need to end, but many can work by adapting to the shifts. Happiness is what determines your success. Communication, conscious choices are better than letting things happen by default. Go forward, not back. Build together with excitement or let it go.

– Money/new cost of access to the information and seminars:  MONEY is an Energy Exchange. We charge more now as we spend a lot of time/energy and gave away about 60% of our efforts. We have bills, too!  We are not obligated to offer all of our services free of charge. We offer ways to connect that do not require money, so everyone has access to our concepts and ideas. It’s there and perhaps we need to do an Abundance seminar. We do not judge you for paying or not paying. We are trying to balance the energy exchange.




Lightworker is a non-profit corporation dedicated to spreading Light through Empowerment. Lightworker is a place to help you re-member who you really are and why you are here.  Our greatest hope is that we may help you to re-member what you planned for yourself before you were born into this life.

The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages. The monthly Beacons of Light ~ Reminders from Home are translated into 21 languages each month and have been presented at the United Nations five times on two continents.

At Lightworker we will not tell you which way to turn or if you are right or wrong as those concepts are an illusion of the polarity that we are now leaving.  What we will offer is a view of humanity from the perspective of spirit, not to help you ascend off the Earth, but rather to help you have a wonderful human experience while you are here.

THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, March 27, 2015


THE ORACLE REPORT:  Friday, March 27, 2015

First Quarter Moon Phase: take action

Moon in Cancer

Wisdom Goddess: Bagalamukhi

Skill: step out of your comfort zone or out of your habit/pattern

Positive Imprints: sustenance, figuring our where to start, releasing what feels burdensome and allowing it to transform into something else, seeing things in a different light, lightening up, self-reliance, desire to be helpful and useful, understanding where you may have let yourself down and changing the pattern

Catalysts for Change: taking on too much or taking on other’s problems, being weighed down, wandering from the true self, loneliness, solutions that do not benefit everyone, self-sabotage, illusions, shutting down

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: “a majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it up as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it”

The mighty influence of Uranus and Pluto, so prominent over the last couple of weeks, is re-engaged today with the Moon’s dance with Pluto in the sky tonight at 9:15 pm ET/1:15 am UT).  The day builds to the night, but all day long we are returning to home base – our “center.”  In other words, the destination today is back toward our inner selves.

Several themes are encountered along the way.  Issues related to support, appreciation, and recognition are concentrated.  If someone feels unsupported, unappreciated, or unacknowledged, it will show out today.  The show may be highly dramatic and emotional.  This is a purging or release of what has been pent up or repressed, which is in line with this month’s lunar dynamics of releasing and letting go of what no longer needs to be held.

It is best to honor and respect anything is falling away, as it served a purpose.  There is no need to trash anything.  We hold dignity for the human experience.

With the goal of returning to home base or returning to inner center, we are strengthening our skills of fluidly moving between worlds.  Self-reliance builds.  As we gain clearer alignment with who we are and what we are here to do, we see that we are playing a role in a grand drama.  Then we come to see that we can play the role lovingly and PLAYFULLY.  As we are re-called (called back) to home base today, we are also called back to our childlike view of the world.  The childlike view of the world sees adventure, magic, and wonder.

When we return to center, we naturally reconnect with unseen guidance and wisdom.  All that we need is there.

The Moon’s transit of Pluto (by astrological opposition, meaning they are 180 degrees apart) occurs at the degree of “a man studying a mandala in front of him with the help of a very ancient book.”  The parliament of wise owls at Oracle Report often returns to coloring mandalas to center ourselves and allow things to flow out.  Insight is gained into our state of mind.  Several years ago, wise owl Szabi created the Oracle Report logo, which is a mandala.  You can download it here, print it out, and color it.  It should be fun and freeing, so if you aren’t having fun with it, do something else.  Maybe color freestyle.

The astrological winds may gust today, but we stay on course, determined to return home.  What awaits you there?  Does your inner home have a blazing hearth or gentle glow?  Either way, it is ready to embrace you.

Note: In case you missed it, here is the link to Phoenix Rising Radio’s archive when I was a guest earlier this week.  Phoenix and I covered a wide spectrum of topics, including more on the energetics of this month and how it is leading into the new astrological year in April, and signaling a reset of energetics to restore the ideals of love, freedom, and truth:

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