Two New Earths Explained, Which One Is For You? Your Choice Is Final | Galactic Connection

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1.  3D earth is ending; this earth as we know it, is ending.

2.  All darkness on this earth is dissolving.

3.  This earth is going through a transformation, as are all beings on earth.

4.  The entire multiverse is going through a transformation known as a collective multiverse ascension.

5.  There is no place in the multiverse, that is not being transformed right now.

6.  This earth we now live on, is becoming a blue star.

7.  This earth we now live on, is becoming the crown jewel of the multiverse.

8.  All beings who live on this earth, are transforming into 5D versions of life.

9.  As this earth is being transformed from 3D to 5D, there may be a short blip by which the surface is cleansed.

10.  Only those who are servants to the Light, shall be allowed a place on 5D earth.

11.  Life on 5D earth, will be like heaven or paradise… and may look something like this:


presents a vision of life on the “New Earth”, our Planet cleansed and rejuvenated, inhabited now by a more spiritually enlightened and higher dimensional Human Race. Book III takes the reader on a gentle tour of a typical community in the New Age from the countryside to the central city. Descriptions of housing and transport, urban living, work and recreation, relationships with animals and the environment are combined with functional detail on the New Age economic, political and administrative systems.

12.  Those who are not wanting to unify with the onelight, will be place in a hologram planet, that looks and feels like planet earth, but is not.

13.  Creator, created a new hologram planet for those who need more 3D lessons.

14.  The hologram planet, will not have the 144,000 Lightworkers on it, to cushion the blows, so to speak.

15.  On the hologram planet, separation not unity, will dominate the landscape, just like 3D earth.

16.  On the hologram planet, people can continue to fight with each other, over perceived limited energy.

17.  On the hologram planet, people can scream and yell at each other, until they learn that love is the answer.

18.  On the hologram planet, time is not dissolving, and the planetary environment will not have a soul, like a real souled planet, like Gaia.

19.  On the hologram planet, evil will perceive itself to be winning.

20.  On the hologram planet, the new world order will challenge all beings to stand up for themselves.

21.  On the hologram planet, each being will feel all alone, instead of all one.

22.  Right now, each is choosing whether or not, they resonate with all one in love, or all alone in fear, and that my friends, is the choice, your choice is final… that is why your thoughts are very important right now, because all along they are creating your reality of perceived limitation, or real unlimitation.

by Indian in the machine

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Source: Before It’s News


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