An Akashic Perspective on Self-Love by Jen Eramith

An Akashic Perspective on Self-Love: by Jen Eramith
How can we best release negative aspects of experience or the baggage that holds us back?  How can we use the Chakras to become better aligned with ourselves and to achieve greater self-love? 

How can we best release negative aspects of experience or the baggage that holds us back?

The answers to this are so numerous.  There are so many ways that you can release the baggage that holds you back and there is not a single right way for any one of you because each of you is so different and your baggage is so different.  As you change over time, the ways that will work best for you will also change over time.  The things we can say about this now are that there are some key features to this work that all of you will need to include in your healing process.  One of them is forgiveness.  It is necessary if you are going to truly release your baggage.  It is necessary that you open a space to forgive yourself for having that baggage and to forgive everyone involved for helping create that baggage.  And that can be easy or not, but whether you have reached the point of being able to feel that forgiveness, it is important that you continue to open the space for it so that even if you are furiously angry with whomever hurt you in the past and caused you to have this baggage or even if you continually slip into the habit of criticizing yourself saying that there is something wrong with you for having the baggage.  Despite those patterns or those tendencies, keep drawing yourself back to the idea or the possibility, just maybe you were totally innocent and just maybe the people around you were trying their best and yet damage occurred and patterns developed.  Baggage was acquired.  Keep opening that space and eventually over time the forgiveness will occur.  You will not need to force it — it just takes time.  But the time has to be filled with that space of considering their forgiveness as possible.  It is especially important to forgive yourself.

This is the entire purpose of grace in this world, is grace exists so that you can forgive yourselves because the truest form of baggage; the core of every piece of emotional baggage that you carry is self-blame and self-hatred.  It is any time you feel anything other than love and respect for yourself, you have fallen into your baggage.  When we say it that way, you probably recognize that you fall into your baggage quite a lot; most of you do.  But the key here is just to continually consider the idea that perhaps you were innocent, perhaps despite your mistakes, despite your confusion, you still are just as good and just as divine as you ever could be.  That is a key component to releasing your baggage.  Then as far as the best way, there are so many methodologies so the second thing is vitally important that you retain a sense of curiosity about different healing endeavors, different practices, curiosity and flexibility.  For most of you will find that you feel drawn to certain techniques or certain practitioners and as you work through the baggage that is available when you begin that process, you will find that as new baggage arises, as new issues, patterns or wounds come to the surface, you may very well need to change to a different form of practice.  You may need to change to a new technique or a new practitioner.  It is important that you retain a sense of curiosity continually noticing if you feel like things are moving or not.  If you do not feel that things are moving, if you feel as if it is stuck then try something new.  Go to a workshop, read a self-help book, ask someone for help, take a class, go to a healer.  There are endless possibilities but try something new even if you are not sure it will hit the mark.  The only time you are truly stuck is when you stop trying new techniques, when you stop trying something new.  Those are the two key features or components will give you for releasing your emotional baggage.

How can we use the Chakras to become better aligned with ourselves and to achieve greater self-love?

For those of you who work with the Chakras, the best way you can use them to facilitate self-love is to love each one of the Chakras.  The Chakra system is just one model that describes all of the different ways that the human energy form is set in motion.  Every human being has Chakras but they are not the only energy points in your body’s field.  If you are working with the Chakras, consider how the human model for the Chakras describes each of them as having individual meaning, individual kinds of energy and motion.  Therefore each of you, as you read about the Chakras and tune into your own Chakra energy, you are likely to find that you have preferences.  You might feel like very attached to your heart Chakra but kind of ambivalent about your lower Chakras, like you are not sure what to think of those.  You might feel a little guilty about your higher Chakras thinking they should be more open than they are.  Often, without even realizing it, you impose your judgments about yourself onto your definition or relationship with the idea of your Chakras…

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