As A Tree by Cnawan Fahey | Ethereal Nature

A wonderful idea, some inspiring poems and a lovely Tree Dedication. Be sure to explore the original post comments.

Ethereal Nature


A friend of mine posted this image on Facebook.   Such a fantastic concept!

Which prompted me to share this thought:

“How cool would it be to create a “living cemetery” of these that is a Food Forest ~ could literally feed one’s descendants, and they would be fed by their ancestors…   [see the link below for a description of a food forest]

Then someone else made this comment:

I like to think of me as a tree !!!

Which inspired me to write this little poem:

I like to think of me
as a tree ~
with roots sunk deep
into ancestral dreams
and ever nurtured
by the fecund earth
with a willing embrace
of this world of form.

I like to think of me
as a tree ~
with branches reaching
toward what is to be
and ever enlivened
by the radiant sun
with a willing embrace

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One thought on “As A Tree by Cnawan Fahey | Ethereal Nature

  1. My comment on the original post:

    Thank you for this thoughtful tribute to trees and the symbolism of eternal life. I appreciate the poems and your Tree Dedication.

    As one who has experienced on rare occasions a sentient communication with certain trees (a subject for another day) I can think of no better way to be “laid to rest”. You can purchase an urn to become a tree here:

    I live in Boston now, and didn’t even realize what had happened to the Liberty Tree. Such a shame they were unable to plant a replacement tree due to underground infrastructure. That area of downtown is pretty crowded, and the T runs below ground, with the Chinatown entrances just across the streets. Here is a bit more about the Liberty Tree:


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