What’s Happening inthe Stars? February 9-15, 2015 ~ Contributed by Hillory Skott

February 9-15, 2015


Mischievous Mercury finally moves direct Wednesday. Be careful with all
the details. Slow and patient is wise now. Peace Loving Venus and the
wounded healer Chiron are face to face Monday, sobbing and hugging
each other.
At least that is what my Chiron and Venus are doing. Chiron is where we
are vulnerable and wounded in our charts. The humiliated, rejected, broken
hearted parts of yourself. We generally reject the pain by ignoring it, picking
it up and putting it away. But with Chiron and Venus, ruler of relationships,
chances are something you value is triggering a painful memory to surface.
I woke up today to find that my bossy old Doberman refused to eat. This

lady is an eater. She has a ball that you can put food in and she has to roll

it around to get the food out. She loves doing this, and throws this ball down
in front of me to fill all day. Her not eating signifies something dire. She will
be 12 on her next in June, she has been losing her sight and hearing this
last year, slowing down in general, but still having moments of total youth
and exuberance, romping like a maniac with her two kids.
So this morning when she turned away from her food and lied down to
shiver my heart…felt the hole that will be left when she leaves us. And, that
is the very essence of Chiron activating your chart. This is not my first loss,
and the pain of the loss of my last Loving companion is still fresh, and all
I can really do is cry and feel grateful for her presence in my life all these
years. And cry .
Are you feeling the presence of this Chiron Venus fusion in your life
somewhere? Remember we all have our broken hearted parts. “Better to
have Loved and Lost than to never have Loved at all.” Tears are cleansing-
be Thankful for the opportunity to let them out.
Mercury is at its worst, they say, the last 24 hours of the retrograde.
So Tuesday/Wednesday PST is a day to be careful. Don’t make any
commitments or big decisions because you might not be getting all facts.
Review the situation. Go within to assess the situation before you take any
drastic action. Communications is erratic and undependable right now.
The past needs some sorting this week. New beginnings are breaking
through. Start fresh by clearing the past. Soon things will start moving again.
Attend to what presents itself. Be Present and Loving! It’s the most you can do.

It’s all we ever really need to do.


~Contributed by Hillory Skott


Mischievous Mercury finally moving direct on Wednesday.

Create Amazement…one Moment at a time!


Much Love and Many Blessings,

Karen & Salma

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