Protection by Cobra | THE PORTAL Monday, January 19, 2015

Protection by Cobra | THE PORTAL
Monday, January 19, 2015


Although a large part of the scalar plasma grid has been removed after the opening of the IS:IS portal, a large part still remains. Breakthrough phase does not mean only rainbows and pretty comets, we are in the middle of occult war between forces of Light and forces of darkness.

Therefore it is of utmost importance for the people to be aware of the existence and the influence of the scalar plasma grid and other energy weapons that the Cabal under the guidance of Chimera group uses to suppress human consciousness and to prevent the arrival of Light. Here is a relatively good article about it:


The Event will NOT happen until the scalar plasma grid is taken care of.


Many Lightworkers and Lightwarriors are primary targets of directed energy weapons because they are the primary security threat to the current slavery prison planet matrix and its handlers.


The first guideline for protection for targeted individuals is to try to maintain the state of balance and harmony amidst all daily activities. That means learning to master the skills of time and priorities management and learning when to say yes and when to say no, and to remove all toxic elements, situations and people out of your lives. It is also good to find some quiet time each day to spend in nature and/or in meditation to reconnect with your higher self.

Dragon sources have communicated an effective protection meditation protocol. It is recommended to use this protocol once or a few times daily and maintain this protection shield throughout the Breakthrough phase to maintain the vibrational frequency of Light:


  1. Relax your body, emotions and mind by focusing on your breath or in any other way that works for you.
  1. Visualize a brilliant white vortex of Light emanating from your Soul star chakra downwards throughout your body in a clockwise direction, purifying the energy fields of your physical, plasmatic, etheric, emotional and mental bodies. Maintain this vortex by connecting it to the source of universal Light and program it to maintain all your energy bodies purified
  1. Visualize an egg shaped semi-permeable mirror shield around your auric field of your physical, plasmatic, etheric, astral and mental bodies. This mirror shield lets all positive energies into your energy field, but reflects and bounces all negative energies back to their source (return-to-sender). Program this mirror shield to alert you when any type of negative energy is directed your way and let it reflect it back to its origin
  2. Visualize Light rearranging all parts of yourself and all parts of your energy fields back into state of balance and harmony. While doing that you can hum mantra OM because OM is the primaeval sound of Light and its resonance will restore harmony most effectively.


If you are under strong plasma/scalar attack, the so-called Violet Ray device can help you. By applying the wand in your auric field you can remove negative plasma generated there by the scalar attack:



Violet Ray/Darsonval device is a Tesla coil device which generates a positive plasma field and transmutes negative plasma which was generated by scalar wave manipulation.


Another decisive element in this occult war is to bring as many people as possible away from darkness and into the Light. There are many members of the middle management of the Cabal that are doing dark deeds only because they are forced into it or because they see no other option, being under financial, psychological and physical pressure or manipulation. They are the bribed congressmen, misled high level freemasons, greedy CEOs of companies, pilots operating killing drones, soldiers pulling the trigger, personnel operating scalar directional weapons, religious fanatics acting out their traumas on innocent civilians.


This coded message has been communicated to those middlemen from a certain source that wishes to remain anonymous:


»The capstone of the pyramid has been removed. The all seeing eye has been forced shut and does not watch you anymore. You are now safe to return to the Light of Love. Tubal Cain.«


Dragon sources have suggested a meditation to bring Light into the souls of those people and many of them will cross into the Light, thus effectively weakening the power base of the Cabal:

  1. Relax your body, emotions and mind by focusing on your breath or in any other way that works for you


  1. Visualize a vortex of brilliant white Light descending from the Soul star chakra of all those Cabal middlemen into their energy field and their personality, awakening them to the reality of Light, guiding them to step away from the Cabal, giving them power to set themselves free from darkness


  1. Visualize all those Cabal middlemen joining the planetary network of Light, putting down their weapons of destruction and deceit, learning to cooperate and joining the human society in a constructive way.


One of the biggest psychological blocks of the Cabal is their inferiority complex which they try to hide and mask with all that bragging about »bloodlines«. The inconvenient truth is that Cabal Khazar bloodlines originate from the primitive, crude, violent and less intelligent Neanderthal man, whereas the human masses evolved from more refined, balanced and more intelligent Cromagnon man:

Please understand that although the article above might be ideologically biased, most of hard science facts still stand. Just insert Khazarians instead of Semites/Jews when you read the article.


The Resistance Movement has issued a few warnings to the hard core of the Cabal to stop attacking Lightwarriors and Lightworkers with scalar directional energy weapons. Since those warnings were ignored, the Resistance has initialized »release the dogs« protocols. This means that they no longer hold back surface individuals and groups that would like to off members of the Cabal by their own free will and initiative.


This means that the surface of the planet has suddenly become quite unsafe for the core members of the Cabal. This is why Donald Rumsfeld sold his house and escaped to New Mexico:



Joe Biden already had a taste of this new situation:



The Resistance Movement has communicated that if the directional energy weapons attacks do not stop, they might trigger protocols for the rapid arrest of the unholy four: Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush Sr. and Henry Kissinger.


If those protocols are triggered, they will have drastic and destabilizing effect on the planetary geopolitical situation and although they would speed up the Event, the whole transition would be much more chaotic and violent. The Resistance is well aware of the connections of the unholy four with the Chimera group. The Resistance is hoping sanity will prevail and extreme measures can still be avoided.


On a more positive note, RR6 will be activated the day after tomorrow and during this activation, plasma tail of comet Lovejoy will pass through Pleiades as seen from Earth. This cosmic event will send a wave of positive energy towards the plasmatic Tunnels of Set around the surface of this planet and will be a trigger for their transformation. Summarily, we can expect a lot of activity of the Light forces in the following week.


Posted by Cobra at 1:00 PM

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8 thoughts on “Protection by Cobra | THE PORTAL Monday, January 19, 2015

  1. A 3-part comment I made in response to someone in the thread (Remco) who is constantly threatening to suicide himself..for weeks and months now, despite much support from others:

    Phoenix BoulayJanuary 20, 2015 at 2:34 AM

    Bye Remco. Sorry you did not find our volumes of support helpful. I wish you would reconsider, for your own sake. I think you will regret it once on the other side…because, after all, THERE IS NO DEATH. So if you think you are “escaping” eternal life and going into oblivion, or somewhere less harsh and cruel as this world can be at times, you are in for a rude awakening… you will be as shocked as the Islamic Terrorists when they suicide, only to discover they didn’t actually end up in a “heaven” full of Virgins.

    THERE IS NO DEATH. Fathom that. Consciousness, that spark of Divinity we are gifted with, is eternal. So yes, life is a gift, so why throw it away? What is the purpose of life? I am not joking. untwine is very wise about many things. You ARE the creator. If you don’t like what you see, change it. Don’t run from it, as THERE IS NO ESCAPE….

    • …YOU ARE NOT POWERLESS. The Cabal wants you to think that you are. They want you to give up. Don’t. But if you do, don’t be surprised if some of them greet you on the other side, since you are turning AWAY from the Light and TOWARDS the darkness. Did you really think nobody would be on the other side of suicide? It is not a gateway to permanent vacation or relief from anything. At least here there is always hope, if you choose it by your own free will. No one will force you to be happy here, it is a choice we make DESPITE all the challenge in life. How else would we learn without challenge? Stop investing in your misery. Most of us talking tough love can do so because we have been there, to the depths. Don’t think for one minute that we don’t understand. Most of us do, we just don’t cross that line. Have you ever seen a medium help a departed loved one talk to a living relative? You will be just as conscious on the other side. What if the event happens the day after you suicide. Or a week or month or year later…what is that in the vast timeframe of eternity?

      There are so many things I still want to do in life, and I am much older than you…I have struggled with depression and self-esteem issues and now I learn I am an HSP – a Highly Sensitive Person, which is a minority of the population. And I keep meeting others with this trait.

      Your sensitivity is a gift, dear one. You are not alone, even if it feels like you are. There is ALWAYS Divine Support available to you, but you must ask and invite it in, pour your heart out, cry, command, beg, whatever it takes to get the angst out. There will be plenty to laugh about once you stop having tantrums and start to see with new eyes. But you must look past the surface illusion! This is a beautiful world! People can be difficult, it’s true, but most are nice once you get to know them better. If there are not nice people around, keep to yourself and study, spend time in nature. or perhaps if you had a pet who depended on you, you would have love and a responsibility to carry on and persevere.

      If you can turn your view around to see that YOU are special, and use your gift to help yourself, you will eventually feel better. We mustn’t give up when we are so close to a breakthrough. We must learn to handle disappointment without letting it turn to despair. We must seek out simple pleasures and joyful moments. And pray, meditate, ASK for assistance from the Creator, Angels or whoever you look up to. They are listening, and often show us small signs. Please go find a place away from people and sit at the base of a tree, with your spine against it. Release your suffering to Gaia, and ground yourself. Breathe. One day at a time. Be here now. We do not know what or when things will happen, but do not live in the future, live TODAY. BE HERE NOW.

      All we ever have for certain is this NOW moment. In it you can find all the joy of life, regardless of the outer world or your personal circumstance. And then it is gone and you are in the next moment. Never make life-altering decisions while in an agitated state of mind. Be here now, and now, and now…and the wait will not seem so bad. The days seem to fly….

      (part 2 of 3 I guess)

      • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude, try to find one thing each day that you are grateful for, and that will draw more blessings to you. I wish you PEACE. You won’t find it in suicide. But if you look within with gratitude, it will grow like a seed, and germinate and bloom inside you one day, before you even realize what has transpired. The peace inside you will exude from your eyes. You will be able to walk through chaos unscathed, and people will ask you how they, too can find peace. And you will tell them your story, how you looked all over for it, how you were in despair at the state of the world, and at people’s behavior, until you gave up….not on life, not on yourself, but in looking outside yourself for peace. So you started to look within, and little by little a whole new world opened up to you. You found that whatever you focused your attention and love on magically grew a stronger presence in your life. You discovered that YOU ARE THE CREATOR GOD, and you wrote a new script and you even started to sing a new tune. This is your life, and you are the Star! This realization brought you peace and joy. You started to have fun…and suddenly, the Event was triggered, and it just got better and better and better. You feel immense peace now. “All is well in my world.” (even if it isn’t, we can retrain the mind to tame our feelings, so that we feel at peace no matter what. And life goes on. If you don’t live your life, who will? ❤ PEACE ❤

        (part 3 of infinity, it seems…)

  2. and here, chiming in with a comment from someone else to Remco:

    Good idea, there is no shame in getting professional help, I’ve done it from time to time, both of my own volition and at the insistence of family. Funny, when I used to go out dancing a lot I never felt a need for therapy, but it was after years of therapy. You do not have to have your entire future figured out, it is ONE day at a time. don’t worry about the Event, the world, or anything but you, right NOW. I never know if I will be working on any given day, if I will have rent at the end of the month, etc. but I have learned to live with a LOT uncertainty. Buddhist teachings were very helpful to me at one phase of my life, as you learn to sit with your pain instead of being thrashed by it. If you can afford it get a massage because human touch can be so helpful in easing stress and anxiety. But also consider a small pet. ❤

  3. OK now this was my response to Cobra’s post, after being distracted by Remco’s latest suicide threat:

    I always seem not to notice when there is a new post, or I have left home that day plus the fact that the email notification comes much later than the actual post (like 12 hours later). Late to the party as usual!

    Despite my own precarious circumstance, I have been calm and optimistic and hopeful with things I’ve read recently, and seeing positive change in the world and dialogue at least over issues like civil rights and education and finance and ecology, etc. I also see through the ridiculous politicians and some news events as a kind of theater of the absurd, and don’t take it too seriously as I have faith it will all change soon enough.

    But I have to say I was a bit taken aback, and mildly alarmed by this post, as the serious tone of Cobra’s message made me feel like it was our Dad talking to us and urging us Lightworkers to behave and stop fooling around, and, as the Patriots like to say, “DO YOUR JOB.”

    While I have learned many of the meditation techniques ages ago, I tend to forget to use a lot of the tools in my toolbox, though I have been going outdoors and avoiding toxic people and environments, and keeping to myself a lot more.

    However, I had to work to squelch the fear that arose towards the end of the post. I think writing to REMCO calmed me down and got me back in touch with my love of life. The LAST thing I want is a more violent, dangerous, chaotic world at war! As much as I’d love to see the unholy four arrested ASAP, it’s not worth it if we have to sacrifice a graceful, safe and peaceful transition! Most people who are unaware of what has really been going on all this time on the planet will become fearful if the geo-political situation is destabilized and becomes more violent and chaotic. So please let’s be in agreement that we want peace, harmony, and graceful transitions for the good of all. We are so close! Yet we are not on the front lines, so thank you to Cobra, RM, Galactic Family and all those who step up for humanity to handle the immense tasks at hand. May you be Blessed and Protected, and may Safe Journeys be yours.

    I forget what the RR6 is. I must have known before, as I have it in my tags for posting.

    Not sure if we will be having updates during the busy week ahead starting with the activation, but we can assist whatever is going on by following the meditation instructions as much as possible. Remember, we are still in the larger Window of Opportunity for a while yet.

    (thanks in advance to whoever refreshes me on the RR6).

    ❤ PEACE ❤

  4. In response to that:
    pleabeJanuary 20, 2015 at 5:35 AM

    Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum….

    Arrgh! Can ye heartily believe it be like the pleadian pirate days once again, matey?
    Aye, it be true… It says so right here on the Cobra page.

    Yarrrgh matey, ye’ve been boarded! Yer chimera scurvy, prepare to be gutted, quartered and walk the plank.

    Thar be plenty of booty here, the finest of the seven seas….

    I wrote this, ‘cuz we have to keep our sense of humor, too!:

    Arrgh! Plank-Walking Ceremony at Sunset,
    when the sharks be quiverin’ wit’ hunger

    Who first? Cheney? Rumsfeld? Bush Sr., with wheels?

    Aye, but if they beg us forgive, or they show remorse,
    we must furl the sails and set a new course…
    -to the Brig with them then, to rot for now, alas!
    But the Queen, she’ll be kicking plenty of ass.

    Aye, Matey, I secretly hope
    the pris’ners will hang at the end of a rope!
    Eternal suspension above the sea,
    Sharks jumpin’ and nippin’ scarily.

    But soon, we’ll cross the storming sea…
    and the New Day’ll dawn for you and me.
    A treasure the likes of which n’er been seen
    A bounty to make our hearts and eyes gleam!

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