Don’t be Afraid of Strangelet Bombs by untwine | Recreating Balance – Thursday, January 15, 2015

Art by Geoffrey Chandler
This is a call i would like to make to the awakened population.

Many contactees, whistle blowers and other teachers have come out throughout the years on this planet. They have shared with us very important information on various subjects, but in the end the whole point of the message is the shift, the liberation of this planet.

The state of this planet is in no way normal. Disharmony is not natural. The absence of contact with other planets is not normal. The Source/Creator is pure harmony, oneness and joy. We star seeds knew this and we came from many places in the universe to help, we bothered to come here and go through many difficulties to incarnate here, even though we had everything we needed, paradisiac lives outside of this prison.We did not do this so we could settle in a suburban house somewhere, working jobs we know are not our highest purpose, just so we could afford houses we never have time to do anything in, having projects and dreams we never have energy left to put them in place, never seeing the people that really correspond to us, until we die and start again, just so we can have little bits of comfort that are pretty much nothing compared to the struggle of this planet and the lives that we could have.

So many people are in a spectator state, listening to the news from the front line coming from various information sources, almost as if they were watching a good movie.

This is not who we are. This is not why we came here for. We came to liberate this planet.
Many people are waiting for more information, but as this Agarthan contactee explained, we already have access to way enough information in order to do our mission.

Most true information sources have explained that we can help, and most people i meet do not actually realize the power they really have to effectively help the situation.

As Cobra explained, in the present conditions, we are taken hostages by the dark, they are threatening that if our star family would help us directly, a strangelet bomb (based on quantum anomalies), or something else, would explode. This is the only reason why we have no contact with other planets, and why there is so much suffering here.

A strangelet bomb would destroy everything inside the veil surrounding this planet, but as soon as it would reach the veil, our star family would stop it immediately. What do that tell us ? That they totally have the power to stop a strangelet bomb, or any other type of darkness. The only reason why they can’t clear this situation instantly is because the technology and quantum anomalies of the veil are limiting their power inside the veil, and if they would try to come in by force from the outside, it would trigger a bomb or other types of retaliation.

This is precisely why we bothered to come here and incarnate in this mess. So we could open a bridge from the inside. When we do proper meditation, visualization, or other types of lightwork, we actually really do open little holes in the veil. For real.

Yes many people do what they can to share love in their daily lives. But this particular issue requires focused intention, it requires that we address it directly, and work together coherently in time and space, because the changes need to happen in time and space.

If we are few, the holes are small and they are closed again pretty quickly. But if we are enough people, the holes could be big enough for our star family to come in and defuse anything that is preventing the shift from happening.

For now, we are not enough, which means that our star family has to proceed very slowly and carefully in order not to trigger anything dark, which means that the shift is delayed. Who wants that ?

What it also means is that the few star seeds who are actually participating and making initiatives are outnumbered by the dark one way or the other, doing a job that would require more people.The plan of the light forces was to have the event, the shift, in april 2012. It could have happened around that time if we had played our part.

We are not passive spectators. We are the creator. We have a role to play.

Watching that movie, getting that hairdo, having this drink with friends, can wait.
We can do these things when humans, animals, plants and the planet are not being raped daily anymore.
Look around you, look at the state of the world. It’s important enough.


You can take 20 min every sunday to do this :

It would take 144 000 people doing it to trigger an opening for the shift. Out of 1 million star seeds, 7 billion people, it is not that many. There are already more than 144 000 people who are awakened to a certain degree. But up to now there has only been 5 to 10 000 participating.


You can also take 2h a week to do this :

You can find people to do this in your area on this page :

—————You can also do this, it also opens cracks in the veil, and can take just a few minutes of your time at your convenience.


You can also use your gifts and creativity in many other ways.
Remember who you really are. 

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Art by Geoffrey Chandler

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