Bye Bye 2014, Hello New Cycle December 28, 2014 By Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life

Thu, January 1, 2015 – 2:15 PM

Bye Bye 2014, Hello New Cycle
December 28, 2014 By Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life

It’s the end of a rather difficult year and one thing I am grateful for is not having had any serious health challenges as I did in previous years. I am glad to see this year end because on many levels, it’s a breath of new energy, with certain conditions. It’s also the end of a cycle that we have been in since 2006 and we have been working very hard for the past nine years. Now we can move on to other things and start putting what we have learned into action. What does that mean for you? Whatever you want it to but first, let’s talk about those conditions.

So much of the past nine years has been spent clearing, healing, recalibrating energy, integrating downloads, working through issues, and those kinds of activities, that they have become habits. We have spent so much time healing and clearing that we have gotten stuck in healing cycles. Yes it was important and necessary work, and it was the work we came here to do, but it is winding down as we prepare for new adventures. Are we truly finished? Do we dare consider other options, only to be pulled back into another healing journey? Who is going to do the healing work if we aren’t available? After clearing lifetimes of karma and destiny, are we ready for creation and self-determination and to affirm that we have mastered this part of our journey?

Another condition of entry into our new cycle is taking action. I hear so often from clients ‘I am waiting for the Universe to tell me what to do’ and I know that they say this because they want to do the right thing (and not do something wrong) so they’re waiting for permission and instructions. But they are also denying their mastery and divine truth, and not trusting themselves. Any action begins with the smallest step and in order to experience the new paradigms in an enjoyable way, we must be willing to take action through our own intention and not wait for someone or something to tell us it’s OK to leave our healing cycles and move forward.

A third condition is for us to be self serving. This means that we use discernment to assess the impact of our next move on ourselves. One of the reasons it is so hard to take action is we look at everyone’s needs and then try to fit our needs around them. Now we have to put our needs first, support ourselves and our dreams and intentions, and let everyone else choose how they will respond to us. The most powerful question we can ask is “How does this serve my intention for my life now?” and let the answer guide us into self serving choices. Discernment isn’t a form of judgment, deciding whether something is good or bad. It’s a process of alignment and resonance, deciding whether something fits within our energy and our new earth paradigm for our life, or not.

Can this be a fantastic, joy-filled, joyful, abundant year? Yes it can, in ways that other years could not because we did have to spend all of that time clearing and healing, processing energy, integrating downloads, and doing all of the work that we have done in this cycle but we are finished with that, or as finished as we can be at this moment. There will be more healing to do, in the future, in new ways that are balanced and integrated with our new path, purpose, potential, and empowerment.

Everything in our lives, from this point forward, has to be aligned with our intention, resonate with our energy, expand our potential, serve us in joyous ways, be part of our joyful purpose, and empower us.

It’s not too much to ask; we have been working so hard to bring ourselves to this stage of ascension, it’s time for us to enjoy the benefits of our work and to take a well deserved break. That doesn’t mean sitting on the sofa, waiting for the Universe to tell us what to do or to give us permission, it means taking action, being aligned with our intention, taking self-serving, joy expanding action steps, knowing that the Universe just says ‘yes’ and supports in everything we do. We have the green light now, it’s time to leave the crossroads and set a course for a joyful, joy-filled future.


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