THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, December 29, 2014

[image: crystal ball by destiny solo]

THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, December 29, 2014

First Quarter Moon Phase: take action; step out of comfort zone

Moon in Aries

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Kali (The Reckoner)

Skill: mind your mind

Negative Imprint: distraction, shooting the messenger, refusing help or comfort, bargaining things away, trying to make the irrelevant relevant, lost in fantasy or illusion, feeling defeated, hopelessness, spiritual arrogance

Positive Imprint: tuning in, abstractions, innocence, fascination, reaching out to others, kindness, ideals, culture, peace, gentleness, blessings, cooperation, finding the best

Sabian Symbol for Lunar Month: an Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe

Harmony and harmonics are the stories today.  We are wise to be mindful of what kind of emotional/mental states we are emitting.  We will quickly meet in the world whatever we are feeling inside.  The principle of “like attracts like” is in full force, so what we put out is what we get back.

Talk of “harmonics” inevitably brings in the concept of “frequencies,” which often results in people “blanking out.”  So let’s keep notions of frequencies grounded with the basics: frequency means how often.

When you get down to it, having the often-touted  “high frequency” really means how much of the time one emits love.  It indicates how often we are in the harmonic heart-mind space of connection with All That Is.

Today, the power of all of this is amplified exponentially.

This means we have an opportunity.

On the individual level in our lives, this energy will bring us outstanding opportunities for messages about what is truly fulfilling and what makes us happier.  This information helps us to take on the mantle of our personal power – our sovereignty as free thinkers and creators.  It helps us stand up straighter.  It’s energy to realign, re-imprint and rectify.  It unites worlds.

Realigning, re-imprinting, and rectifying energy is a daily practice for frequent readers of The Oracle Report.  Every day brings celestial mechanics from the planets and opportunities to strongly imprint the positive or negative currents.  Using awareness and wisdom, we are shifting the experience of life that has been heavily pressed toward the negative polarity over recent history.  We understand that wherever each of us leans on the spectrum determines how we collectively lean.

On the collective level of humanity today, the energy is ripe for reclaiming or making up ground.

The energy has us reassessing all sorts of things.  We want to make things more whole – to integrate or combine them to flow more easily.  We want it to all come together.  With this, people, places, and things that are refined are highly attractive today.

As part of this, group or team efforts are heavily favored because this usually makes things better.  More eyes or minds or hearts on things gives an advantage.  This means we need to be ready to make our contribution or be ready when opportunity strikes!  Be bold.

Pay attention to what’s catching your fancy today.  We are getting glimpses and trying to grasp things that we don’t quite understand, but it all starts with what allures us.  Follow any impulses to read, investigate, or experience things.

It’s a great day for radiating harmony, so let’s get to work.

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report.  Blessings to all!

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