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It’s Day 3 of our Countdown to 2015 and I’m sharing articles from 2014 that I feel are relevant to beginning the new year with a clean slate, free of the past and ready to step forward with clarity, confidence, and a commitment to living in joy.  Today’s message is about choices and decisions.

Does the thought of choosing your life path and making decisions about your reality scare you? Would you rather just wait until the choice was obvious, instead of making the wrong choice? Are you afraid to choose something you’ll regret and then you will be stuck with it forever?

Those are some common fears around choices and decisions and when we have these fears, we don’t make any choices and we ‘sit on the fence’ hoping that everything will work out in the best way possible. Aside from denying ourselves the pleasure and pride that comes from knowing that we are in control of our reality, we delay our movement when we don’t make choices.

As you read today’s article, which was published on March 25, 2014, think about the choices you want to make for the new year. You can choose to be in joy, release fears, create prosperity, manifest a new relationship, or to have confidence in yourself and trust that you always make the best choices in each moment. Write down a few choices you are going to make in 2015 to begin your year being able to choose wisely and confidently.

-Jennifer Hoffman

5 Signs You’re On the Fence And How to Make the Best Choice
March 25, 2014 By Jennifer Hoffman

The expression ‘on the fence’ is used to describe a situation where we are undecided, unsure, confused, or simply overwhelmed by a situation and we’re paralyzed or stuck and can’t make a decision. So we sit on the fence, not making a choice for anything. It’s sometimes easier to be on the fence than it is to be in unknown (or known territory). We get into this type of situation when we

-definitely don’t want one choice but aren’t sure about another one
-believe that each choice is a ‘forever’ proposition and we can’t change our mind once we choose something
-are afraid to move either way because we don’t want to do something wrong
-we’re still upset, angry, or singed from a recent bad experience and don’t want to repeat it
-or we’re just plain angry and this is how we show the world that we’re not going to participate any more.

The good part of being on the fence is we are aware of all of the potential scenarios, at least from a distance. The bad part of being on the fence is that we are standing perfectly still, not making a choice in either direction and we feel stuck. We know we’re stuck and we feel bad about it but we just can’t make up our minds about which way to turn. Does this describe something in your life? How do you know if you are on the fence?

Here are five  signs that  may describe a ‘fence sitting’ situation in your life:

1. You feel really stuck and you know it, but you also feel powerless in the face of what you see are the limited potential choices in front of you. And what you don’t want anyone to know is that you are really afraid to make a choice, so you are pretending that you are taking your time while you assess all of your options.

2. You have already done your best and tried your hardest, and your life is still a mess. So you aren’t going to do anything for now and see what happens next. Since you aren’t able to make a positive difference in your life by trying hard, you’re going to not try at all and see if that works out better for you.

3. The most recent disappointment in your life is still fresh in your memory. You have tried to laugh it off but you are really feeling bad about it.  No one knows how much it has shaken your confidence, in yourself and in your abilities, and you don’t trust yourself any more.

4. None of the options you are seeing in front of you are appealing and they all require too much effort, won’t deliver the outcome you want, and you are having a hard time believing that any one of them could have a positive or desired outcome.

5. You want someone else to make the choice for you, or wait until you have to make a choice because you think that the situation will work itself out and then the best and most obvious choice will present itself to you and you won’t have to make a choice because only one choice will be available.

If any of these situations describe what you are feeling right now, don’t feel bad. We often find ourselves on the fence when we’re faced with an important choice or when we are afraid to make a decision. Being on the fence isn’t the problem, it’s the paralysis and fear that we suffer from when we’re on the fence, which lead to a lack of confidence and trust. Then when we finally have to make a choice, usually because we have waited so long that we can no longer avoid it, the choice is fear-based and powerless, and our results reflect that.

The best way to get off of the fence is to choose from the outcome, not from the choice. We usually don’t know what the outcome will be and since we’re scared, all choices are terrifying. But if we focus on the outcome we want, we’ll start attracting the energy that outcome requires and the choice which matches that outcome will become more clear. It’s possible too that the choice which matches the outcome we want isn’t even one of the choices we’re considering, so getting into the energy of our outcome helps create that energy in our choices. Then we raise the frequency of our perspective, shift the vibration and attract a higher potential outcome because we’re no longer in fear or afraid of making the wrong choice.

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Copyright (c) 2014 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, copy, translate and link to this article, in its entirety, on free, non-donation based websites only, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website. All other uses are strictly prohibited.

One thought on “5 Signs You’re On the Fence And How to Make the Best Choice By Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life

  1. It’s Day 4of our Countdown to 2015 and I’m sharing articles from 2014 that I feel are relevant to beginning the new year with a clean slate, free of the past and ready to step forward with clarity, confidence, and a commitment to living in joy. Today’s message is about signs — how to know you’re getting one, why you may not be seeing the signs, and reasons why they may not be showing up for you.

    When we make choices or need to make a decision we want a sign that we’re choosing the right path, doing the right thing, or not ignoring something important that will pop up for us later. So we ask for a sign and then we wait for a clear, obvious, and “impossible to miss” sign that we’re making the right choice. But sometimes our signs are not obvious and if we judge signs too much, we may miss them.Or if we ask in a less than powerful way, we may not be getting them.

    In this article I share one of my signs, exploding eggs, that I knew was the answer to a question I had about an upcoming business partnership. Now I’ve been cooking for over 30 years and I have never had eggs boil dry and explode in a pan. It was quite dramatic and just the sign I needed. But when I asked for the sign I had already made my decision about the situation and the sign merely served to support my choice.

    As you read this article, ask yourself whether you are too dependent on signs and use them because you don’t trust yourself. Sometimes it helps to make the decision and then ask for confirmation, rather than waiting for the sign to make the decision. You still have to trust yourself, whether or not the sign comes.

    It is useful see see signs as guideposts or markers on your path, rather than the permission you need to make powerful choices. Above all, trust in your own guidance, you are the creator in your life and signs are your partner, not your driver. Signs are everywhere, so decide, ask for a sign, and then watch for the clues that affirm your confidence, power, clarity, and wisdom.

    ~Jennifer Hoffman

    5 Signs You’re Getting a Sign
    April 7, 2014 By Jennifer Hoffman

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