The Energies of November 2014 ~ a message from Jamye Price

The Energies of November 2014
a message from Jamye Price

Saturday, 1 November, 2014  (posted 3 November, 2014)

October and November feel a bit similar, with a little less intensity in November.  Whew!  October had the energy of focusing on healthy boundaries and releasing what is no longer serving your empowerment.  The awesome astrology brought up some great energy for release as we compounded intense moon energy, powerful sun energy and a double whammy of eclipse energy in a mercury retrograde soup!  You may have noticed patterns, people or beliefs coming up for review and release in October.  Better out than in!

November will have a similar feel of boundaries, change and empowerment – though not quite as intense as October.  November will have less of a feeling of saying no (letting go) and more of a focus on, “Yes! This is what I want to create!”

Manifestation flows as an inspiration, then requires some choices and choices beget participation/action.  Inspiration is invisible, unmanifest and intangible – all very malleable and exciting!  November may have the energy of stirring inspiration while your actual life experience is choice that creates a foundation for your future creation.  Change is a constant and becoming well with change is important in these powerful, fast moving times!

Because of the focus on personal empowerment in 2014, there has been an intensification as we move toward the end of the year into winter (northern hemisphere), the time of internal rooting deeper into a stronger foundation for expansion or summer (southern hemisphere), the time of sustained growth and action.

2014 was a bit relentless, though purposeful and potent.  November is a final push of empowerment energies, so watch what is coming up for you.  Is it time to hold better boundaries so that you are freer and interacting with more Love?  Is it time to loosen your boundaries up a bit so that you can fly?

What is Life calling you toward?  It is always working to empower you, to build your strength so that Life is expanding through you.  It is the beauty of the fail-safe that Love is.  No matter how ‘dark’ the ‘darkness,’ there is Light within you.  All of it just a shade of Love, naturally entraining into a higher vibration.  Your focus, your courage and your Love speed that entrainment.  But all pace has a maximum velocity here on Earth.  Be well with your pace, for it is perfect.

In Summary

November will still be showing you how you are working with your personal empowerment through the lens of your boundaries yet again.  It will be so worth it!  It will be foreshadowing creation.  The energy that this is building into is magnificent – your magnificence that reflects the same to all others!  What are you allowing in your life that isn’t supporting you?  What are you not allowing that would support you?

Life wants you to thrive.  Challenge offers the opportunity to focus your powerful awareness into solution rather than repetition.  Isn’t it exciting when you look around and see how people are waking up?  It isn’t always a pretty process and they aren’t announcing it on the news.  But the old ways are slowly giving way to the new.  You are creating it in a co-creation with all of Life.  It’s time to SHINE, Lightworker!  You came here for this!  Happy November!

Copyright: © 2005-2014 Jamye Price, All Rights Reserved. You are free to share this work for non-commercial use in complete and unedited form with this copyright information displayed in its entirety.

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