Leaked Bilderberg Closing Remarks – 2014 . . . MUST READ !!!!! Closing Remarks by the Chairman of the meeting. Beyond capitalism. Crossing the new frontier.

It is almost unfathomable that people can have these attitudes towards other human beings. The Sociopathic Olligarchs do not value life, except for their own. They plot and contrive to create fear, separation and obedience in us. Personally I do not buy into the myth of overpopulation. Clearly, the world’s resources are very poorly managed, by the short-sighted and self-serving. We have enough resources for all to live with dignity and all basic needs met. We also have the creative ingenuity to solve all of our social and environmental problems. But we have been brainwashed to believe in limitation, and beaten down by the daily grind for survival, so we often don’t have time to relax and expand our consciousness and let creative solutions emerge. We are also pitted against one another instead of learning to work cooperatively. All these things that might seem natural are contrived to suppress. I used to think they just wanted us to make money for them, now it is clear they just want us dead. Thank God I have a spiritual discipline and realize that we have the Light on our side, and much support from the unseen spiritual realm, and galactic family. We CAN shift the direction that humanity seems to be heading in. But we have to believe that we can, we have to dream big, we have to work together, and trust in a higher power and benevolence that can help us to overcome even the darkest aspect of our own souls. We are so close to a major shift that can turn this planet around. We must persevere, and never give up. ~PB

2 thoughts on “Leaked Bilderberg Closing Remarks – 2014 . . . MUST READ !!!!! Closing Remarks by the Chairman of the meeting. Beyond capitalism. Crossing the new frontier.

  1. A most shocking and revealing statement:

    “…Blacks against whites in the USA, Muslim against Christians in Europe, these civil wars will have the immense advantage to destroy the people without confrontations between degenerate countries into nuclear power world war . Finally, when the wars will destroy countries, we shall take advantage of it to amplify the distribution of viruses such as our project of e-bola 2.0 modified genetically which we test at present with efficiency because we obtain invaluable epidemiological, sociological data (behavior of the individuals in front of the disease) but we also visualize our capacity to saturate systems of care which will be already considerably degraded, in every case, by the civil wars which we shall have created on the example of the war between the two Ukraines.

    All these elements, lack of preparation of the peoples, their dependence towards all the support systems will make them particularly vulnerable to our various actions. The economic collapse should quickly propagate to the whole planet. China will collapse under the weight of social unrests and Russia, which still raises us problems at the moment, should see its problem settled in 2015 as we hope for it, but lets say that for the moment it is the Russian-Chinese axis which sets the biggest resistance against our vision of future. We do not exclude, if we did not manage to convince, to use the weapon of the assassination targeted towards personalities refusing our program of depopulation and the support to our ideology of the eternal life…”

  2. Jean is very well-connected and has a plethora of articles and information about planetary change, shadow government and dark agendas, etc. that she re-posts (thus the name of her blog: 2012: What’s the Real Truth?). I don’t read it all or re-post most of what I read. It’s there as a great resource, though. I have to be in a strong frame of mind to read some of this stuff or it can evoke fear in me. What good are we to the world if we disempower ourselves? Some of the details of certain topics are a bit much for me, so I leave that to others. But she is a true Lightworker in that she seeks to bring information to Light. I do like to have a sense of what we are up against, a sense of the negative stuff that goes on, but most of the time I prefer to stay optimistic and focus on the Light, and the better world we seek to co-create.

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