October Energy Report 2014 ~ By Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life September 29, 2014

October Energy Report 2014
~ By Jennifer Hoffman | Enlightening Life
September 29, 2014

Welcome to October, which will be a welcome relief from September although it’s going to be busy, with a Mercury retrograde, two eclipses, all three personal planets changing signs (Mercury, Venus, and Mars), Pluto gaining forward motion, Saturn finally moving out of its retrograde shadow, and probably more solar flare activity. I hesitate to lean towards the positive or negative when talking about the potentials, although both sides are likely to some degree, as what that means is relative to each individual based on their own path. This is a time, though, where situations in which we have ‘run out of energy road’ are likely to be a strong focus and anything that is an energy drain will be even more so. If there’s any self sabotage happening, you will know it, and have opportunities to make course corrections.

We have had a lot of retrograde action this year, inviting us to dig deeply into our individual and collective energy baskets and remove what is no longer necessary or what no longer serves us. Mercury passes through much of the Mars retrograde degrees, including the all important 16 degree mark. What were you processing from March through July that may be coming up again for review? What didn’t change then that is taking its last gasps now? While we ‘say’ we want to let things go, we often go back and forth over the same issues,  and dragging them out as long as possible, hoping that they will change so we won’t have to let them go. It will now be clear that some situations are DOA (dead on arrival) and cannot be revived any longer. Anything that needs to be released is making room for something new. Are we willing to create space in our lives for it, by releasing anything that is now occupying that space?

But before we can know what is old or new, what brings us joy, what we are reluctant to release, what does or doesn’t serve us, we must have an outcome in mind to define what that means to us.  Whether that is love, peace, joy, and abundance, something we want to have or do, a goal or direction for our life, or an energy we want to embody, outcomes create the container for our energy flows. See my YouTube videos about energy containers by clicking here to create the new containers for your energy flows. Then, release becomes a process of moving into a new energy space, instead of reluctantly acknowledging that despite your best efforts, you failed at something you really wanted to succeed at.

Moving from healing to wholeness, becoming a 360 degree expression of our energetic potential, being in the highest aspects of our power, are all ways in which we can set intentions that define where we want energy to flow. And the right time to do that is personal and can range from our first twinge of mild discomfort to acute, chronic pain. Everyone has a different level of pain tolerance and what is bearable to one person could be intolerable to another. Too often we wait for the right moment to act, instead of taking one right action in each moment. We change when our pain becomes greater than our fear of change and sometimes it takes a while to hit our ‘pain ceiling’. Maybe this month will be the deciding point, it certainly has the potential for it.

With retrogrades we can release, review, reveal, remember, reconnect, revive, re-align, restart,  recalibrate, reconsider, and repeat, if we choose. If we don’t do anything, that is a choice as well. Eclipses are transformation and turning points, that offer glimpses into new potentials and possibilities, often by bringing up the past in new ways, and in October we have a repeat of the October 1995 eclipses. A repeating eclipse cycle plus a Mercury retrograde could bring some interesting revelations about relationships and connections, and what is ending, for the last time, and what is ready for a new beginning (new as in brand new, never been seen or used before, in the package with labels attached).

We’re also building to the December Uranus/Pluto square number 6 (one more to go after that) and that’s going to focus on the mind/spirit connection. This is where the material world and spiritual world connect, on all levels, individually and collectively. Who is the author of your reality, you, the past, the potential future, other people, or something else? Who do you give authority to, either consciously or unconsciously? While we believe that we are helpless when it comes to outside authority, it’s a reflection of who we give authority to in our lives. Being persecuted by ‘authorities’ is a powerful past life issue for many of us and it is often the root cause of our self sabotage. Be aware of this as you go through October, as it may come up multiple times.

In Libra, the Mercury retrograde repeats the Mars retrograde from December 2013 to July 2014 and this is also the sign of open enemies, which includes people who stand against you and your own self sabotage. Self limitation, self sabotage, and self judgment may be big themes for October as we’re being asked to reach into and dredge the bottom layers of our energy baskets and release what doesn’t serve our desire for peace, love, joy, and abundance in our lives and in the world. Or we can use this energy to see where we are blocking our own progress, limiting our fulfillment, and maintaining our pain levels because we are too afraid of change. We are individuals and are part of the collective, and our realities are interwoven with those of everyone in the planet. If you’re not sure how that works, post a cute video of your pet and see how long it takes to generate over a million views.

As we march onward through our journey of connection, ascension, and evolution into whole, fulfilling, 360 degree living, where we empower every aspect of ourselves and our lives, we become a united force for peace, love, and joy in the world. This is what creates heaven on earth. It begins with us. Where do you begin that process in your life?  Start today, the Universe always supports us in every way, give it something powerful to work with by creating powerful, life expanding, soul-ful intentions that will rock your life in extra-ordinary ways and change the world.

Have a wonderful month.


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