NorthPoint Journal Weekly astrological journal by Pam Younghans ~ September 29 to October 5, 2014

NorthPoint Journal
Weekly astrological journal by Pam Younghans
September 29 to October 5, 2014

Highlighted Aspects:

MON: Venus enters Libra; TUE: Jupiter semisquare Venus; FRI: Neptune quincunx Venus; SAT: Pluto square Sun, Saturn semisquare Venus, Chiron square Mars, Mercury stations retrograde 10:02am PDT, Uranus trine Mars; SUN: Saturn conjunct Ceres

I BELIEVE the phrase “comes in like a lion” usually is meant to describe the weather in March — but I think those words are going to apply equally to our experience of October’s energies this year. Starting on Wednesday, the very first day of the month, the First Quarter Moon sets off the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square, triggering another round of profound changes for many of us.

Since we are working with a waxing Moon, situations that come into our awareness midweek may build over the days that follow, as the Moon grows into fullness. Some issues may reach a crescendo during Saturday’s exact Pluto-Sun square, when we are challenged to come to a new level of self-awareness. With the Sun in relationship-oriented Libra, this aspect requires that we look more closely at the balance of power in our partnerships, both personal and professional.

An honest self-appraisal can help us see how we have contributed to any imbalance. As a result, we gain a more empowered self-concept. In so doing, we will be able let go of the power struggles that have been based in seeing ourselves as victims or less-than.

BREAKTHROUGHS — or breakdowns, depending on what each of us needs to open the doors to a more liberated future — are more likely to occur early next week when Uranus becomes more fully involved in the planetary interactions. On Tuesday, October 7, Uranus opposes the Sun; and on Wednesday, October 8, Uranus aligns with the Moon during the Total Lunar Eclipse.

More about that eclipse in next week’s Journal, of course. I mention it now because it may be helpful to observe this week’s events as part of a larger process in our development. We also will most likely not be able to separate this week from next week energetically, once we get rolling.

SATURDAY is the most highly-energized day of the coming week. Exact that day are the aforementioned Pluto-Sun square, a Chiron-Mars square, and a Uranus-Mars trine — not to mention that Saturday is also the day Mercury goes retrograde!

(By the way, taking all that into account, it would be a very good idea to back up computers sooner rather than later this week…)

It is always interesting to have one planet involved in two very different aspects on the same day. In this case, Mars forms a strong opportunistic trine with Uranus and a strong challenging square with Chiron, both on Saturday. The two aspects form bookends on the day, with the Chiron-Mars square at 7:16am PDT and the Uranus-Mars trine at 9:18pm PDT.

MARS represents the principles of Action and Desire. Whenever the red planet is involved in aspects, we can expect issues to be more energized and to raise stronger feelings than at other times.

With a square or other challenging aspect, Mars often prompts a “fight or flight” response. With the square with Chiron Saturday morning, attempts to display compassion or to rescue may be met with judgment or ridicule, resulting in hurt feelings or even igniting anger.

How we then utilize the positive potentials of the Uranus-Mars trine Saturday evening depends a lot on how we have chosen to react earlier in the day. The more we’ve dug in our heels and justified our actions (Mars in Sagittarius), the harder it will be to soften our stance just 12 hours later and take advantage of the inspired ideas that may present themselves as alternatives to going down the old rutted roads of discord.

GOING BACK to that old saying about March — you may be wondering if October will “go out like a lamb.” At first glance, the answer might be “no,” given that we have a Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Scorpio on October 23 and Mercury is retrograde until October 25.

But a closer look gives us a bit of hope — if not for a lamb, at least for a lion cub instead of a roaring lion.

The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 23rd occurs when the Sun and Moon are aligned with Venus and Pallas Athene, and all four are trine Neptune. This configuration represents heightened compassion, intuition, and imagination, and supports healing on deep levels, especially through the use of sound and color.

And, it is also helpful that the Lunar Eclipse comes first in our pair of October eclipses. This means we gain insights and do our release work first, which then clears the way for important new beginnings to unfold. Something to plan for and look forward to!

PS: A reader wrote to me asking for the complete consciousness scale I referenced in last week’s Journal. I’ve posted that list, taken from David R. Hawkins’ book Power vs. Force, on my blog for those who are interested:


Photo: Auroras over Whitehorse and Carcross Yukon, Canada on September 25, 2014 (credit: Joseph Bradley, posted on

One thought on “NorthPoint Journal Weekly astrological journal by Pam Younghans ~ September 29 to October 5, 2014

  1. Friday, September 26, 2014
    Vibrational scale of consciousness

    I received this email from a reader regarding my mention in last week’s NorthPoint Journal of David R. Hawkins’ vibrational scale of consciousness and the emotions associated with each:

    “Thank you for such an insightful explanation of Pluto and the scale of emotions. I wonder if you’d be able to add examples of how the positive emotions score on the scale — stepping stones towards resonating more love! I seem to remember hearing years about Shame being lowest and Gratitude being very high, which explains why things go so much better on a day when we feel and express appreciation than on a day when we complain about things!”

    In answer to this request, I’m posting the entire scale of consciousness here, which you will find explained more fully in Dr. Hawkins’ book Power vs. Force. The first word in each is the Level, followed by the Vibrational numeric equivalent in parentheses, then the Emotion, then the Process:

    Shame (20): Humiliation, Elimination
    Guilt (30): Blame, Destruction
    Apathy (50): Despair, Abdication
    Grief (75): Regret, Despondency
    Fear (100): Anxiety, Withdrawal
    Desire (125): Craving, Enslavement
    Anger (150): Hate, Aggression
    Pride (175): Scorn, Inflation
    Courage (200): Affirmation, Empowerment
    Neutrality (250): Trust, Release
    Willingness (310): Optimism, Intention
    Acceptance (350): Forgiveness, Transcendence
    Reason (400): Understanding, Abstraction
    Love (500): Reverence, Revelation
    Joy (540): Serenity, Transfiguration
    Peace (600): Bliss, Illumination
    Enlightenment (700-1,000): Ineffable, Pure Consciousness

    It’s been so long since I’ve read the book, I’m sorry to say I do not recall how Dr. Hawkins arrived at his numeric levels — but I do remember that the process was very scientific, which makes sense for an MD/PhD!

    Posted by at 7:11 PM

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