Please Send Your Love to the Homeless | HEALING AND LOVE – Andy Bojarski


Please Send Your Love to the Homeless

 HEALING AND LOVE – Andy Bojarski 

“Hi Everyone.  I was prompted by my I AM Presence to make a short video about the homeless.  Please see the video below (scroll down).  It is designed to do a few things.

This video, when watched, helps open up and expand your consciousness as it opens up your heart.

I am asking you to send all the love that you have to the homeless.  Send love from your heart to the homeless and their unfortunate circumstances.

They are all perfect children of God and they are your brothers and sisters and they all bleed red, like you and I.  Compassion and love is what they need and they need your loving and supporting energies.

See them happy, healthy, and no longer homeless and no longer on the streets.  See them no longer hungry or thirsty.  See them with a roof over their heads and not cold, or wet, or scared.

See them with their loved ones and in new clean clothes no longer feeling abandoned, depressed, ashamed and in despair.  See them filled with so much love, love from YOU!!

This video will open up your feeling body and allow compassion and love to flow from your heart to them which will accelerate your awakening.  Awakening is part of feeling the Oneness of all life.

If you have some spare change, please always give to a homeless person.  Better yet, become empowered, buy them a meal, give them some fresh clothes, or shoes, whatever you can do to help them.

BE the example to others and treat them the way you would like to be treated.  It is always in the giving that you receive blessings and so much more.

However, please do not become angry and blame the government or others for their conditions.  Do not judge the homeless or others for their condition.  Avoid negative, thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Just send love and embrace the homeless in your hearts.

Sending you all my love…”

Andrew – Love

Video at this link:


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4 thoughts on “Please Send Your Love to the Homeless | HEALING AND LOVE – Andy Bojarski

  1. Wow, that was powerful heart-opening energy!

    As one who has no guaranteed income or paycheck, I realize that sometimes seeing the homeless can stir up fear of our own potential fate, or perhaps we are approached by aggressive pandhandlers, who are often not homeless, but jobless, which can stir up anger, especially when one has several jobs and still struggles to make ends meet. I also suspect that many in the video are living on the streets because shelters do not allow pets, and they do not want to give up their loving companions. Every person on the planet deserves food, water, shelter, and love. We must see and act on addressing homelessness and the issues that foster it, such as housing costs and lack of jobs that offer sustainable income, if we are to truly live in community. ~PB

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