Akashic Transformations ~ Featured Topic Channeling (excerpt): Akashic Records on Physical and Metaphysical Laws by Jen Eramith

Akashic Transformations ~ Featured Topic Channeling (excerpt):
Akashic Records on Physical and Metaphysical Laws
by Jen Eramith

“It is not that the physical laws are changing – it is all of you who are changing.  Therefore you are able to operate outside of the physical laws.  There are a whole set of physical laws that have been articulated by your physicists.  These physical laws are true for this world.  For those of you limited to the thirds dimension, those laws are true, irrefutable and provable.  They do exist.  They are laws.  All of you, even as you exist in third dimension, also exist in higher dimensions.  All of you are multilayered.  Every single third dimensional human being exists in all of the higher dimensions at the very same time.  Therefore, there are parts of you that are not beholden to the physical laws; your soul or your spirit, those are the words that you typically use, are not beholden to physical laws.  When you pray or send a blessing to someone, the energy of your spirit actually travels through time and space or transcends the laws of time and space in order to deliver that blessing or connect with someone far away.

There is a sense that just about every human has encountered within themselves of transcending physical laws, of somehow being connected with someone outside of your time and space or somehow aware of something occurring outside of your time and space.  Some of you have had prophetic dreams, some have felt as if you have visited the past, and other such experiences.  Most of you have some experiential evidence for your existence outside of the physical laws that your scientists articulated.  In the larger universe, there are some laws that might be called metaphysical laws, but there are far  fewer of them than there are in this world of the physical laws.  For example, in this world, you have figured out that light energy can be transformed into matter; that energy waves can be transformed into matter or into atoms or subatomic particles.  You know there are physical laws governing light and matter.  One of which is in this world that energy/matter is finite.  That if some packet of energy is turned into matter, that energy no longer exists in energy form, it is in matter form and vice versa.  For instance there is a law that tells you energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transferred.  This is true in the third dimension…”

With much love and light to you,
Jen Eramith


Welcome to a magical conversation with Spirit!



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